Mission Purimpossible!

6 February 2014 Comments

Costume Trends


While many citizens of the world take to the streets wearing white, green and orange in the middle of March to celebrate Saint-Patrick’s Day, there is a very old, very festive tradition that has been celebrated in the Jewish faith since long ago: Purim! In fact, I would say it embodies many of the same values as Patrick’s Day: freedom, togetherness and indulging in true vices.

Royal Bride - Purim Costumes for girls



Every young girl dreams of dressing up as Queen Esther for Purim, and with this beautiful costume your little girl can. Queen Esther is the strong female hero of the Purim holiday, and is credited with helping to save the Jewish people from the evil henchman Haman. She is the beautiful wife of the Persian king Ahashverosh, and her strength and beauty is highlighted in this elegant dress. A ruffled dress with long sleeves and a beautiful white sheen will make any girl feel like a queen this Purim!


Traditional Kohen Gadol Purim Costume




Don’t forget to include this wonderful Kohen Gadol Costume for your next Purim celebration!  This ensemble depicts a high priest from the biblical days of the Jewish people. The costume consists of a priestly robe, tunic, sash, and turban. It also comes with a priestly breastplate that holds twelve gems, each symbolizing a different tribe of Israel. Dress you son in this lovely, detailed, and colorful costume and he will exude dignity just like the high priest did in biblical times!

Moses Adult Costume




Tired of dressing up as the same old king and queen every Purim? Then look no further, because now you can dress up as one of the Jewish people’s favorite prophet: Moses! Not only did Moses receive the 10 commandments, but he also sports a biblical stylish beard that is downright epic. This legendary costume includes a cream-colored plain robe under a shortleeved robe in stripes.




Mother Rivkah Costume for Girls




This costume is guaranteed to bring the spirit of the biblical matriarchs into your Purim party. Rivkah, the wife of Isaac, and father of Jacob and Esau, is credited with being one of the most cunning and kind of all the Jewish matriarchs. This serene crisp white dress comes detailed with camels and print, along with a beautiful headpiece. Perfect for any young lady to remember one of her very first Purims by!

Jewish Grand Rabbi Child



This Jewish grand Rabbi costume is one that captures the timeless essence of devout and pious Jewish Rabbis. A golden zip-up robe, with black trimmings, and a golden sash mimics the robes worn by influential Rabbis throughout the centuries. Let your son dress up as his favorite Rabbi this Purim, and watch as  he becomes the life of the party in this fun and respectful costume!



Silver Rabbi Robe





This stunning button-up Rabbinical robe is silver in color, and has black velvet lapels. The robe has a beautiful pattern, and will make any young man look smart, observant, and fun! This robe goes passed the knees, and will keep any man warm while trudging through the wintery streets looking for the closest Purim party.


Plush Lion Costume



This Purim, dress your son or daughter up as the king of the jungle! This lion costume is cute, cuddly, and will scare Haman and any bad spirits away from this year’s Purim party! A brown fringed mane and a cute fluffy tail highlight this very sweet and fuzzy costume. Your child will have a roaring good time at their next Purim party wearing this awesome costume.




Biblical King Costume



This biblical king costume will make any young man feel like a king at his party this Purim! A white robe with a purple vest, detailed with golden edges, really highlights the royal feeling of this costume. The costume includes a crown and golden belt to complete this biblically regal look. Don’t show up to this years Purim party looking like a peasant! Dress up in this costume and you are sure to be the most talked about king at the party.


King Robe Adult Crown Set




This adult king costume is regal, royal, and fantastically red! The long red robe is elegant, with a collar and edges that are white spotted fur. The spotted fur also appears on the rim of the royal hat, which is large and gold ribbed, just like a king’s hat should be! This is the perfect outfit to wear while you feast, and toast your royal subjects in this years Purim party.




Jumping On The Lucky Wagon

30 January 2014 Comments

Legendary Costumes


Most national holidays only get celebrated in their respective countries. My American friends definitely do not know when Canada Day is, or what traditions – barbecue, anyone? -  we have to celebrate it. Similarly, though I do know that the Journée de la Bastille in France is July 14th, I have zero idea how they celebrate. It is very normal for a national holiday to be an insular phenomenon. So why is Saint Patrick’s Day so widely celebrated? Why is it that, come March, people who have their own national pride all year long suddenly wear “Irish For The Day” badges and drink green beer and plaster shamrocks all over their windows? Obviously this holiday has some contagious element to it. In order for you to properly celebrate(no matter your heritage!) I have put together an excellent list of green costumes to help you adequately celebrate the luckiest day of the year. And if none of these outfits feel lucky enough, find way more on our St Patrick’s Day Feature page!     Gentleman's Kilt






Often asked what is underneath, gentlemen in kilts get wild amounts of attention from both ladies and guys. Truth is, no one ever really needs to know: but lifting up your hem will definitely get the Irish party going, that’s for sure. Don’t catch cold!








Sexy Leprechaun Costume





Become the leprechaun any group of college boys wishes to find at the end of a rainbow – and no, I do not think they will be disappointed by the lack of pot of gold. In this adorable green and white dress/jacket combo and hat, you’ll charm any shamrock-sporting lads right into your pocket.

        Kiss Me Cutie Irish Costume



Overwhelmed by the sea of green happening around you? Be the splash of white that everyone will happily welcome in this flirty little Kiss Me Cutie costume. With its off-the-shoulder sleeves and white gloves, you’ll be the talk of the town – and the belle of Belfast city.








Leprechaun Parade Pleaser Costume

I present you with the absolute sexiest of all St Paddy’s day costumes. This larger than life Leprechaun Parade Teaser comes with everything depicted, minus the pipe and buckle shoes. Throw it on and you will not be able to to keep the kiddies away. They’ll be scratching at your big ears in hopes that you may be hiding gold in them!

              Shamrock Sweetheart




Wanna be the cutest shamrock in the grass? In this Shamrock Sweetie outfit you will turn heads, steal hearts and make all the other ladies in the room green with envy! You can rock it for any St Patrick’s day celebration – but maybe you’ll wanna select a different outfit for the parade…











Green Skinsuit






 Okay, so he doesn’t necessarily look all that irish…or does he? We don’t actually know WHAT is hiding underneath this ridiculous green costume. Putting skin suits, or morph suits as some call them, on the right partygoer is the most sure fire way to make a totally tame party into a madhouse!

        Mr. Leprechaun Costume Leprechaun Pet Costume









Staring at these two dudes, I couldn’t help but notice an uncanny resemblance between them…perhaps they’re related? In all honesty though, this could be the cutest couple costume of the year. The beard gets me every time. #smitten

We Wish You A Merry Disco

16 December 2013 Comments

Costume Trends


Oh, the holidays… always busy, usually stressful, and never dull. Between the office party, dinner with the in-laws, visiting aunt Myrtle’s organic farm in Vermont, and Christmas…well, needless to say, it is totally likely that you will be pooped by New Year’s Eve. That, my friend, is preposterous! You mustn’t start off your year on a tired foot! We here at Oya are firm believers in The PNYTP: that is to say, The Perfect New Year’s Theme Party. It remedies any and all holiday fatigue. Quick, grab one of these costumes and head over to your neighbours’ Disco themed cocktail party! Trust us, you will make the whole block wanna boogie!

Disco Diva Costume







Brave the cold in your biggest parka so that you can peel it off at the party to reveal this cute, simple Disco Diva dress! With its mesmerizing swirls and cute matching headband, this little number is sure to win the hearts of many a Beegee!







Ho! Ho! Ho!

16 November 2013 Comments

Costume Trends


Hey folks! We here at Oya have switched gears. We have launched ourselves fully and completely into the holiday season, and we truly believe that Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year! To prove it, we compiled a small sample of our vast array of jolly ole Saint Nick costumes. We want YOU to love the holidays as much as we do. Have a peak! And don’t forget to check out the rest of our fun Christmas supplies!

Santa Baby Costume



Welcome to Christmas, small one! In this adorable Santa Baby Costume, your little bundle of joy will undoubtedly chuckle his whole day away. You’ll be lucky if you can get him out of it long enough to clean it!





Jolly Santa with mid length coat


In this imitation crushed velvet Jolly Ole St Nick Costume, you will swank up even the fanciest parties. The jacket with attached cape has a long, old-fashioned feel and beautiful embroidery on the front, along with the classic faux fur trim. Add a little bell and you will be ho-ho-ho-ing all through December!







Halloween – in HOLLYWOOD!

31 October 2013 Comments

Halloween 2014


Hurray! The day has finally arrived! Happy Halloween everyone. Here at the Oya warehouse, we are wiping our brows and counting our inventory now that our positively gigantic Halloween rush is calming down. In fact, we even had time to do a little of research into what celebrities are wearing this year. The paparazzi has spoken: the stars seem to be loving the same costumes as us…check it out!



Bacon and Eggs

Egg Costume!














Oh, Gwen Stefani. What a total fashion icon she is: of the 90′s, early 2000′s and today. So much so that she can pull off virtually anything and make it look absolutely fashionable. Take this egg, for example. Not exactly the most form-fitting item we have, but on Gwen, it looks positively fantastic!












Clownin Around

Pink Clown Costume



















No need to be scared of this clown kids! She is positively sweet-looking. Pink is another lady of song whose totally unique style sticks in the mind, and evolves fluidly over the years. True to her name, she has chosen our bright and colorful Clownin Around Costume, and she makes it look friendly, funny and cute!











Toy Story Jessie

Sandra Bullock as Jessie!
















Round ‘em up, supermom! Sandra Bullock is a pro at many things: acting, mommying…and dressing up! In this sweet Jessie costume, she makes a perfect sidekick to her sweet little Buzz Lightyear: her son, Louis!








Yo Gabb Gabba DJ Lance







Brad Pitt Gabba Gabba














Hey there, Brad, looking…er…orange? In his fuzzy orange Yo Gabba Gabba DJ Lance COstume, Brad Pitt certainly left a lasting image in our minds. Though we couldn’t help but notice that he added his own finishing touch with the black speedo on top of his pants. To each his own, we suppose…






Incredibles Family




Mrs Incredible Costume















Ladies and gentlemen may I present to you, The Incredibles!…otherwise known as Jessica Alba and her adorable family. With these super fun matching bright red costumes, they’ll be able to pick each other out in any trick-or-treating crowd – no magic powers needed!







Kardashian Cougar

Cougar Costume














Last, but certainly not least, we have what some would consider the new celebrity queen of Halloween. Every year, Kim Kardashian has a multitude of Halloween costumes for what seems to be her favorite holiday. We chose one of her more modest ones for our blog: a cute, simple cougar onesie that hugs Kim’s fantastic curves!


Ladies and Gentlemen: Prepare to Blush

24 October 2013 Comments

Halloween 2014


The time has come. The kids have gone to bed, the babysitter has arrived. You are officially off the clock and you are heading to the real party. Sure, you can dress as a witch, a zombie, a pirate, a princess…but if everyone is doing something tame like that, why not stand out? Why not make everyone around you laugh until they’re out of breath? We have compiled a short selection of some of our most ridiculous costumes, our most scandalous costumes – heck, these are some of the most daring costumes on our website. And if these don’t make you blush til the roots of your hair, we are most certain that we can find something else that will





Tassle Twirling Tessie Costume




Oh Tessie, you tassle twirling tease. What in the world were you thinking, coming to the party dressed like that? It’s October, you will freeze! You simply cannot keep forfeiting practicality for fashion! Though, we must admit, red is truly your color…








Petting Zoo Adult Costume




Oh no! Someone has let Larry the Loopy Llama out of his pen! We don’t mean to alarm you …but Larry got his nickname because he spits like crazy. What a mess! So watch out ladies, he’s a wild one.









Wet T-Shirt Winner Adult






On your marks, get set, SPLASH! The lady(or, in this case it could easily be a gentleman, as per this photograph) with the most outrageous wet t-shirt, wins! Whoever earns the title will get this fabulous blue ribbon, prestigious pride and glory(what an achievement!) and…uh…respect from your peers?







Harry Banana Hammock







Hey there, ladies. My name is Harry, and I am here to show you how to have a good time. I like long walks around the trailer park, my mom’s tanning bed, my spandex socks and cold beers with hot sauce in ‘em. Gives my life a little extra spice. Interested? I thought so. Call me, my mom won’t mind. She may even cook us dinner.















Banana Flasher







Okay. This guy may look innocent among all these other clearly loopy individuals. He would be…except his name is Banana Flasher. Gentlemen, keep him away from your ladies, or he will snatch them up…and, in true form, make like a banana and SPLIT!

Woopie Cushion







He who smelt it, dealt it? No, that can’t be it. Last one there is a rotten egg? No, that’s not it either…Oh wait!

Woops, I sat there again, I played with your farts, got lost in the couch, oh baby, baby…


(thanks Britney)












Tough S#!t







Ah, voilà. The one we have all been waiting for. Allow us to introduce to you Tough S#!t. This is the turd who knows the good word, the poo who knows what to do, the manure who’s cool for sure…this is one tough poop. That’s all.

Make ‘em Laugh!

10 October 2013 Comments

Halloween 2014




Alright, that’s it. The leaves have almost all fallen, you can see your breath in the air, and you are starting to think about heading to the garage to put on those dreaded, heavy winter tires. Nobody really wants to think about winter, we all just do. So before you let the crisp fall air drag you down, remember that laughter cures all woes. If we are going to face winter, we will do it with a gigantic, stubborn smile. Here at Oya, we want to make your winter as palatable as possible. This means starting it off with a big smile! And what better way to do that than to find the most hilarious, cackle-inducing costume you possibly could! Here are some pretty silly ideas. Don’t like ‘em? Check out our web page for other hilarious costume ideas!


Wolf Granny Costume






“My, Grandma, what big hands you have!” We all remember the big bad wolf, with his flowered nightgown, nightcap, and downright selfish attitude. With this costume, you can spook little and big kids alike and make them all chuckle at the same time. While you’re at it, why not stop off in the kitchen and see what Grandma is cooking today…






Gorilla In The Midst



EEP! Help, I have mysteriously gotten myself caught inside the hand of a gigantic Gorilla and I can’t get out! In this silly, outrageous and expertly designed costume, you can look flirty and feminine while making people giggle. It isn’t every day that people see a maiden in captivity…at a party…but in captivity. Confused? Us too.

Bowling Pin Costume

“Alrighty, son, knock ‘em dead!” In this blatantly ridiculous costume, you will positively *bowl* over every party-goer you meet tonight! Perhaps you’ll bring some sweet party snacks with you, if you have any to *spare*. Nobody will be able to *pin* anything but jokes on you!  Hopefully you will(or will not?) *strike* out with the ladies…




Hot Dog Adult Costume





Hot diggidy dog! You may be a wiener to some, darling, but you’re a winner to me. In this totally ridiculous Hot Dog costume, you will be the hot topic of the main course at any dinner party. Who knows, maybe you’ll be a nice reminder of summer barbecues and poolside afternoons for all the folks clowning around in costumes. You’ll be the most inspirational hot dog that ever walked!

…or the only hot dog that ever walked.










Tequila Costume







“José! You have arrived! Vamos a empezar la fiesta!” In this knee-slappingly ludicrous Tequila costume, you will turn heads and ignite the most memorable parties. Whether you choose to bartend, shmooze or just stand silently next to a pile of limes, you are going to be the talk of the town(and the liquor cabinet).








Rasta Mon Parade Pleaser







Embrace the sweet summer waves and let the sun shine down on this larger than life Rasta Mon Parade Pleaser Costume. With his hilariously oversized beanie and his big chunky black dreadlocks, it is virtually impossible to avoid loving this big friendly dude, mon!










Cry Baby Adult Costume





“Who the heck do you think you’re calling a cry baby? Not me, that’s for sure!” Wine, kick, scream, yell, do whatever you want in this zany oversized adult baby costume! Be as wacky as you like this Halloween, let your inner baby shine through. It is your party, you cry if you want to!










Flamingo Costume






We can’t guarantee that you will look as graceful as a real-life flamingo in this bright pink costume. We can, however, guarantee that people will be asking you to stand on one leg all night! What an addition to the party you will make, you wild, beautiful, sassy, tall pink creature! Go get ‘em!









Barrel Of Monkeys Costume





Alright, no more monkeying around. This costume calls for some SERIOUS partying! With these two soft little monkey puppets as your wing men tonight, everyone will be cuddling up to you. Forget Barrel of Monkeys, you’re a veritable barrel of laughs!

Costumes Wanted: Dead or Undead!

10 October 2013 Comments

Halloween 2014


We here at Oya Costumes love the autumn. We love the feeling of crisp fall air on our faces…we love being alive! But something else that we are pretty big fans of is kinda the opposite. We love love LOVE of our Undead. Specifically, our zombies and our vampires hold a very special, very warm(or cold?) place in our hearts. Whether you are a rotting, bloody schoolgirl, or a regal medieval vampire in tux and tails, Oya loves you.

Here is a small sampling of the incredible variety of vampires and zombies that we have locked up in our warehouse! And if you don’t find a costume that you think will make bats squeak and heads roll, come check out the rest of the creepy gang and their buds!






Royal Vampire Costume





Velcome to my home, everyvun! Happy Halloveen! In this dashing ensemble, you can be the most regal and imposing host. The two toned cape comes with detachable broaches and chains for added versatility and flair. Dress up or dress down, O Royal Undead One. The Adams family has nothing on this guy!







Gothic Vamp Costume




Win the heart of every young maiden…and then, when no one is looking, sink your teeth into their necks. The dashing tailcoat comes with an attached deep red vest and a black sheer cravat. All the ladies will jump to you, and, if you play your cards right, they’ll stick around. If your charm wears down…they may run away fast.


Zombie Priest



Zombie Bloody Sister Costume






The power of Christ compels you…to dress as the coolest couple at the party! With the bloodstained white on top of black garb, these two costumes will make you stand out and be a centrepiece of conversation! But don’t get used to it…we can’t go making this a “habit”!






Gothica Vampira Prestige






The most sultry, bloodthirsty vampire we have; she ruthlessly strikes and quickly leaves her victims drained dry. The long, beautiful dress has a rouched skirt and messy black sleeves to give a real, genuine feeling of Undead. This Vampira costume also comes with a sexy little choker…may as well protect your own neck, though something tells me no one is interested in your blood tonight!








Zombie Football Player Costume



You probably won’t be scoring any touchdowns in this Zombie Football player costume, but you will cover a lot of ground…if there are any warm bodies to pursue. The matching trousers and jersey come with a bloody helmet…which you will need, as you are a bit of a klutz(don’t worry, it’s in your nature).






Fang Bangin' Fun Female Vampire Costume






Ever wanted to know how it feels to Fang-Bangingly beautiful? Tonight is your chance! With this fun, flirty vampire costume, it will be impossible to escape the attention of on-lookers…or, as some may prefer to call them, dinner.

Dr. Graves Zombie Doctor Costume


Doctor, is something wrong? You’re looking a little pale…or grey. Hunt down your prey in disguise in this creepy Zombie Doctor costume. The headlamp is perfect to see in the dark…so you can catch them wherever they are. And you have a doctor’s bag…perfect for if your hand falls off unexpectedly.


Unleash Your Inner Royalty!

27 September 2013 Comments

Halloween 2014


Let’s face it: most little girls, at one point or another, idolized a princess. When asked, they could instantly tell you why Snow White was the most beautiful or why Belle was the smartest. There are so many stunning princess costumes here in our Oya warehouse, and staring at boxes overflowing with crinolines, sparkly shoes, magic wands, tiaras, and oodles of sparkles…well, we figured we could share our love for princesses with you. After all, Halloween doesn’t have to be scary. It can also be magical! And for all the royally infatuated gentlemen out there, we have a couple of Prince Charming Costumes that may tickle your fancy. Enjoy luxuriously!

Not seeing any princesses or princes that make you feel ready to rule a kingdom? Fret not, we have many more beautiful royal disguises!




Prince Charming Costume



Ladies, pick your fairytale before OR after selecting your man’s costume. Next to almost any princess, this handsome costume just makes sense. With his crisp and oh-so-regal white blazer, tassled shoulder pads and golden sash, who could say no this dashing Prince Charming?





Seductive Gypsy Costume





Entrance passersby and romance even the coldest of hearts with this beautiful gypsy princess outfit. The rich purple and blue fabrics are lined with gold and the free flowing belly top is lined with silky blue. Dance the night away to any rhythm, and don’t forget to twirl a bunch to show off that great skirt!





Harem Hottie Costume





Mesmerize everyone in this stunning Jasmine number. The sweet little baby doll top has LED lights in it for purposes of hypnotism, naturally. Not that you will need help getting attention – in this costume, no one will be able to look away!




Enchanting Belle Costume


Do you come from a little town, a quiet village, where every day is like the one before? Why not spice things up a bit with this sassy little Belle costume? The yellow skirt has a flirty short cut in the front and an elegant long back, and the corset top has a cute pink flower in the center. You’ll be schooling every other little lady in this sweet number!

Pocahontas Costume

Ever wanted to sing with all the colors of the wind? In this seductive Pocahontas dress, everyone around YOU will be singing your praises. They’ll all be begging for your fringed self to walk their way. Don’t let anyone tame your wild heart, Pocahontas!

Pink Princess Peach Costume






Not all princesses are versatile. Some, in fact, are quite stuffy and close-minded. This costume, however, is perfectly versatile. Why? Not because it can shape shift, but because of you decide to bring to the party with you: if you have Prince Charming on your arm, then you are the ever-famous and always beautiful Aurora from Sleeping Beauty. However, if you decide to link up arms with Supermario, then you are the sweeter-than-candy Princess Peach. How’s that for versatility?

 Princess Snow White Adult Disney





Careful, don’t bite that positively delicious looking apple! Don’t let anybody trick you into that! In spectacular floor length dress, we wouldn’t be surprised if seven little men started following you around asking for pie. To be noted: we do not sell pies or the ability to sing high notes with our Snow White costumes – we would if we could!






Storybook Cinderella Costume



Sashay the night away in this sexy a d rather revealing version of Cinderella. You can go out, party, have a great time and then go home. The best part about not ACTUALLY being Cinderella? We can’t decide whether it’s the lack of a midnight curfew, or the fact that you will probably go home with both shoes…or maybe simply that nothing will turn into a pumpkin.





Prince Heir Costume





Finally. Last but definitely not least is the Prince Heir costume. Slightly more conservative than our aforementioned prince in this article, this one is happy to deck out in a simple, regal red jacket and a baby blue sash. A perfect date for a perfect lady? Yes please.

A Witchy Storm Is Brewing!

26 September 2013 Comments

Halloween 2014


Brrr! Do you feel that cold chill? Here at Oya Costumes, we sure do! It is the feeling of autumn, whipping around the corner and sending people inside. They are warming up next to fires, or with big cups of cocoa. While there, why not sit down at your computer and check out some of our oh-so-scary, oh-so-H.alloweeny witchy delights! The witch is the most classic Halloween number, alongside the cat, the ghost and the pumpkin. All of these witches have a unique little feature to make you cackle – in style, of course. And if none of these witchy ladies tickle your fancy, never fear! We have TONS of other amazing witch costumes.

Glamour Witch Costume





There is one fantastic, psychedelic and kinda silly way to stay alive this Halloween: opt for the disco witch, the zaniest of the bunch. What would her special powers be? The ability to boogie until the break of dawn? Casting spells that make any unsuspecting trick-or-treater’s hair turn into a perma-afro? Charms that make you only speak in Beegees lyrics for the rest of your life? The possibilities are endless…




Oz the Great and Powerful Glinda Costume

Deluxe Wicked Witch of the West Costume





Did you see the new Oz movie this spring? We did, and we loved it! The original Wizard of Oz is an inspiration for hundreds of Halloween costumes every year. We offer adorable Glinda the Good Witch costumes, as well as The Wicked Witch Of The West. Do I sense a best friend pair of witches costume in your future?






Hocus Pocus Witch




Witches can’t just walk around in broad daylight – they’d get burned, just like in the middle ages! They need to be able to disguise themselves and walk among us, unseen and unheard. This witch is multi-purpose and can be worn multiple ways – perfect for going to several parties, no two nights will be exactly the same! Now how is THAT for magical powers?




Kandy Korn Witch Costume

Kandy Korn: Not all witches are bad. In fact, some of them only exist to bring waves of sugary sweetness to their unsuspecting victims. This cute little witchy gal just wants to bring you kooky amounts of Kandy Korn. Now tell me, is that a Krime?




Wicked Witch





Classic: “Enough of these done up witches!” is what you may be saying after looking through all these different and wild witchy ideas. Do you want something that is practical, scary, recognizable and most of all, witchier than a cauldron? This is the witch for you! Straight witching, no joking around! (Well okay, maybe some joking is allowed.)