Photo Contest Update: Your Amazing Costumes! #MyAmazingCostume

Alice & The Queen of Hearts

Alice & The Queen of Hearts submitted by @jessicaodermatt

We’ve been blown away by some of the fabulous entries in our #MyAmazingCostume contest. Here’s a sample of some of the photos you’ve shared with us. If you haven’t had time to get your photos in yet, there’s still time to win! First prize is a $100 gift certificate, second prize is a $75 gift certificate and third prize is a $50 gift certificate. To enter, follow us on Instagram (@oya_costumes) or Facebook  and share your photos with us with the hashtag #myamazingcostume. Get more details here.

Wolverine, Willy Wonka, Aladdin and Woody submitted by kmessan16

Wolverine, Willy Wonka, Aladdin and Woody submitted by kmessan16

Zombie Groom submitted by Lori

Zombie Groom submitted by Lori

Little Red Riding Hood (and friend!) submitted by Lisa

Little Red Riding Hood and her date submitted by Lisa

#MyAmazingCostume photo contest

Share your photos now to win! Good luck, everyone!

10 Tech-Inspired Halloween Costume Ideas


Being a geek doesn’t mean you have to wear a geeky tech costume at Halloween – but you know you’re going to anyway! Embrace your nerd-iness and wave your geek-flag for everyone to see when you hit the town this Halloween! Here’s some tech-inspired Halloween costume ideas for you to consider.

Future Friendly Web

Future Friendly Web Costume

Show your support for a future-friendly web!
Get the costume: Space Helmet for Adult

USB Plug and Socket

USB Plug and Socket Costume

Be nerdy AND risque!
Get the costume: USB Port & Stick Couples Costume


Zelda Elf Warrior Adult Costume

A nod to the hours and hours of your life you’ve spent looking for Heart Containers in Hyrule
Get the costume: Zelda Elf Warrior Adult Costume

Robot Costume

Robot Adult Costume

For the no-name tech set: Robot Adult Costume
Get the costume: Robot Adult Costume

Future Friendly Web, Astronaut Suit

Astronaut Orange Costume

To go with your future friendly helmet: Astronaut Orange Costume
Get the costume: Astronaut Orange Costume

Plug and Socket Couples Costume

Plug & Socket Costume

We think it looks like a iPhone plug.
Get the costume: Plug & Socket Costume

AT-AT Walker

Star Wars AT-AT Imperial Walker Dog Costume

Because nothing says, “I still love playing with my Star Wars figurines” like dressing your dog as
a Star Wars AT-AT Walker
Get the costume: Star Wars AT-AT Imperial Walker Dog Costume

Tetris Costume

Tetris Green Tetrimino Costume

Your old nemesis!
Get the costume: Tetris Green Tetrimino Costume

Propeller Hat

Propeller Beanie Blue Hat

For sentimental tech-lovers: Propeller Beanie Blue Hat
Get the costume: Propeller Beanie Blue Hat

"Too busy" t-shirt

“Too busy” t-shirt

Too busy with your startup to put a costume together?
Get the costume: T-Shirt Costume at the Cleaners

What costumes would you add to the list? Let us know in the comments below!

Tag your costume photos with #MyAmazingCostume for your chance to win a
$100 Oya Costumes gift certificate! Click here for details!

#MyAmazingCostume photo contest

#MyAmazingCostume Photo Contest ends October 21st!

2014 Halloween Parties in Toronto: The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air 90s Halloween Party

5th Annual Back in the Day The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air 90s Halloween Party

Check out the 5th Annual Back in the Day The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air 90s Halloween Party at Sound Academy on October 31st!

We’ve super excited to be involved with this year’s 5th annual Back In The Day “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air 90′s Halloween” inside Toronto’s legendary Sound Academy! The party will take place on Halloween night (of course!) and is a tribute to old school Hip Hop, R&B, Dance, House, Reggae, and Pop from the 90′s. The event is presented by Marquee Media and has sold out 4 years straight with thousands in attendance. See you there, Toronto!

Get the event details: 5th annual Back In The Day “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air 90′s Halloween”

2014 Halloween Parties in Montreal: Rise of the Super Villains at BLVD44

Rise of the Super Villains at BLVD 44

Montreal’s BLVD44 will host Rise of the Super Villains on Halloween night 2014!

Montreal loves to celebrate Halloween! As usual there will be no shortage of amazing Halloween parties happening in the city this year. We’re very proud to have the opportunity to be involved with some of the city’s best Halloween offerings, like BLVD44‘s, “Rise of the Super Villains”. Hope to see you there!

Get the event details: Rise of the Super Villains

Unleash Your Wild Side: 14 Fun and Ferocious Animal Costumes

Unicorns (photo by Stacie on flickr)

Unicorn Funsies! (photo by Stacie on flickr)

Halloween provides a rare opportunity for people to let their imaginations run wild – literally wild! And what better way to explore your wild side, than to pull on a cute and cuddly or frighteningly fur-rocious animal costume?

Not surprisingly, there’s a veritable, stampede of animal costumes available to choose from. We’ve corralled up a herd of 15 of our favourites for you to view. So, what does your inner-animal look like?

Lion mask





Deluxe Lion Latex Mask
Deluxe animals masks have been a popular pick with the fashion set for a few years. Look regally hip in this impressive lion mask.
Get the costume: Deluxe Lion Latex Mask







Gorilla costume




Gorilla Costume
Because no Halloween party is complete without a guy or gal in a gorilla suit.
Get the costume: Gorilla Costume













Teddy Bear costume



Teddy Bear Girl Costume
A ferociously cuddly Halloween pick.
Get the costume: Teddy Bear Girl Costume













Leonardo costume




Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Deluxe Leonardo
Cowabunga, dude! TMNT costumes are flying off the shelves this year.
Get the costume: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Deluxe Leonardo













White Tiger kit




White Tiger Kit
Nice n’ easy and works with any outfit!
Get the costume: White Tiger Kit









Big Bad Wolf costume




Big Bad Wolf
The charmingly devious Big Bad Wolf is a perfect disguise for engaging in Halloween antics!
Get the costume: Big Bad Wolf









Peacock costume




Peacock Deluxe Costume
Strut your stuff in this eye-catching costume!
Get the costume: Peacock Deluxe Costume











Sock Monkey costume


Sock Monkey Adult Costume
Be your favourite childhood toy!
Get the costume: Sock Monkey Adult Costume









Inflatable Ostrich costume





Inflatable Ostrich Adult Costume
Like putting smiles on peoples’ faces? Ride an ostrich for Halloween!
Get the costume: Inflatable Ostrich Adult Costume











Leopard costume




Cougar Costume
RAWR! Show everyone how fierce you can be in this sassy cougar costume.
Get the costume: Cougar Costume











Diva the Pink Unicorn costume







Diva the Pink Unicorn Adult Funsie
Look mythically awesome in the Diva the Pink Unicorn Adult Funsie.
Get the costume: Diva the Pink Unicorn Adult Funsie








Gene Simmons costume




Kiss Costume, Gene Simmons Costume
Not an animal but definitely WILD!
Get the costume: Kiss Costume, Gene Simmons Costume








Gene Simmons costume for women





Kiss Racy Rocker Costume
Looking for a WILD couples costume idea?
Get the costume: Kiss Racy Rocker Costume








Zelda Dog costume



Zelda Canine King Dog costume
Don’t forget to include your four-legged friend in the Halloween fun!
Get the costume: Zelda Canine King Dog costume










Didn’t see your favourite animal costume in the list? Let us know what it is in the comments below!

#MyAmazingCostume photo contest

Tag your costume photos with #MyAmazingCostume for your chance to win a $100 Oya Costumes gift certificate! Click here for details!



10 Gen-X-Inspired Halloween Costume Ideas


It seems there’s no shortage of articles focused on Baby Boomers and Millennials these days. For Thanksgiving, we thought we’d send a special shout out to you Gen-X’ers instead. Hope you get some downtime from your McJobs and busy family lives this weekend – time to enjoy some turkey, get some well-deserved rest and relaxation…and maybe even get yourself a Gen-X-inspired Halloween costume.

Count Chocula

Remember polishing off an entire box of your favourite sugar cereal while watching Saturday morning cartoons?

Get the costume: Count Dracula Costume

Christmas Story Bunny

Some might say it’s an Easter costume, but you know it’s all about Christmas.

Get the costume: A Christmas Story Bunny Suit Adult

George Jetson Costume

More cartoon nostalgia…

Get the costume: George Jetson Costume

Jane Jetson

…for couples!

Get the costume: Jane Jetson Costume

Wembley Fraggle

For the ‘younger’ Gen-X set.

Get the costume: Fraggle Rock Wembly Adult Costume


You say it’s Tim Burton’s best movie…

Get the costume: Beetlejuice Adult Costume

Edward Scissorhands

…but you own multiple copies of this one.

Get the costume: Edward Scissorhands Costume – Grand Heritage


Remember that time everyone at your school skipped class to go to the Kiss concert?

Get the costume: Kiss Costume, Gene Simmons Costume

Cyndi Lauper

Or maybe you listened to Cyndi Lauper on your walkman.

Get the costume: 80′s Pop Star Cyndi Lauper Costume

A Clockwork Orange

The Clockwork Orange costume you had in high school was probably an old pair of long johns and your granddad’s black cane. Check out the grown-up version!

Get the costume: Clockwork Orange Costume

So what Gen-X-inspired Halloween costumes did we miss? Let us know in the comments below!

No time to shop for costumes for yourself? Check out our kids costumes and don’t forget to pick up a free treat bag (when you spend $30 or more on kids costumes).

Have a happy Thanksgiving all!

Trick-or-Treat Giveaway

Trick-or-Treat Bag Givewaway

Happy Howlin’-een! 10 clever Halloween costume ideas for you and your pet

Cave Man & Dinosaur

Cave Man & Dinosaur

Looking to include your pet in the dress-up fun this Halloween? No worries! We’re stocking a selection of Halloween costumes for four-legged friends this year! Here’s 10 couples costume ideas for you and Fido.

Get the costumes:
Zelda Cave Dog Costume
Adult Dinosaur Costume

Curious George & The Man in the Big Yellow Hat

Curious George & The Man in the Big Yellow Hat

Get the costumes:
Hound Hoodie Monkey Pet Costume
Curious George Man in the Yellow Hat Costume

Mr Stay Puff & Ghost Buster

Mr Stay Puff & Ghost Buster

Get the costumes:
Ghostbusters Inflatable Marshmallow Man
Ghostbusters Dog Costume

King & Queen

King & Queen

Get the costumes:
Zelda Canine King Dog Costume
Renaissance Queen Costume

Deckhand and Pirate King

Deckhand and Pirate King

Get the costumes:
Deckland Darlin’ Pirate Costume
Zelda Pirate

Superman & Supergirl

Superman & Supergirl

Get the costumes:
Superman Pet Costume
SUPERGIRL Plus Costume

Where's Waldo?

Where’s Waldo?

Get the costumes:
Woof Dog Waldo
Waldo Costume

Wicked Witch, Dorothy & Flying Monkey

Wicked Witch, Dorothy & Flying Monkey

Get the costumes:
Wicked Witch Costume
Wizard of Oz Dorothy Pet Costume
Wizard of Oz Deluxe Flying Monkey Costume

Yoda & Luke Skywalker

Yoda & Luke Skywalker

Get the costumes:
Yoda Pet Costume
Luke Skywalker Star Wars Costume

Batman & Robin

Batman & Robin

Get the costumes:
Batman Pet Costume
Robin T-shirt for Men

Whatever costume you choose for you and your furry friend this year, hope you’ll share a photo with us! Post your photo on our Facebook page, tweet it to us on Twitter or use the hashtag, #oyacostumes to get some costume love!

Giveaway: Tweet to win a costume for your four-legged friend!


We’re super excited to announce our latest Halloween giveaway that we’ve put together with one of our favourite funny men, Stephen Kramer Glickman!

Win a pet costume for your four-legged friend!

How to Win:

  1. Follow us on Twitter, @Oya_Costumes
  2. Tweet this:
    Retweet and follow @Oya_Costumes to WIN an adorable PET #COSTUME! Deets at:
  3. Winner will be contacted via direct message on Twitter

The Prize

The winner will get to pick one costume of her or his choice from our collection of pet costumes (maximum value, $40). Good luck, everyone!

Wondering what kind of costume you’ll pick if you happen to win? Check out this blog post packed with cute and clever costume ideas for you and your pet!

Costume ideas for you and your pet


Halloween Decorating 101: Have the Most Boo-tiful Yard in the Neighbourhood!



Looking to do some outdoor decorating for Halloween but don’t know where to start? There are so many fabulously frightening lawn ornaments available these days,  it might be easy to get overwhelmed. Never fear (not yet anyway!)  Here’s a quick run down of some of our favourite Halloween decorating ideas that will help get your yard in spook-tacular shape for the season.


Halloween Decorating Tips for a Drop-Dead Amazing Lawn




Nothing says spine-tinglingly scary like ghostly phantoms floating in the trees. This 20 inch Wing Reaper is a worthy addition to any collection of ghoulish apparitions!






Don’t lose your head this Halloween! Your zombie head that is! Include a Zombie Head or two amoungst the tombstones on your front lawn for an extra grim grave yard!







…and replace those pink flamingos with a pair of Zombie Arm Lawn Stakes while you’re at it!








If you’re keen on having flamingos on your front lawn during Halloween, our Zombie Flamingo Prop will be sure to put a ghoulish grin on the faces of passersby.









For the petrifying pièce de résistance nothing startles unsuspecting trick-or-treaters like a mechanical moving skeleton! Muah-ha-ha!






Any of these ideas strike your fearful-fancy? Well, there are plenty more where that came from! Our new Halloween Decor collection is chock-full of a fantastic phantoms, gorgeous ghouls and other awesomely creepy decorations that will make your lawn the envy of the neighbourhood this Halloween! Visit our site to view our wondrously wicked wares!

Halloween Lawn


The Horror-ific Costume Sale!



Here at the Oya Costumes warehouse, we are positively jumping with joy – October is upon us! It’s our favorite time of year, and it’s easy to see why: around every corner, there are ghouls hanging from trees, goblins sitting on porches and zombies wandering around every neighbourhood.

How to save!

For us, nothing is more exciting than the autumn, and we want to share that excitement with you. Starting now, buy any one of our select horror costumes on sale, and receive one of our horror accessories free with your order! Use coupon code: HORROR. Deck yourself out in the creepiest duds – for way less!

Get excited about getting scared and being spooky this Halloween. We here at Oya Costumes firmly believe that a good scare is excellent for your health – and your Halloween spirit!

Get shopping in our Horror-ific Costume Sale!!