Santa Suits and Christmas Fun with Oya Costumes!

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    Christmas is Coming!

    We hope you all had an awesome Halloween! But just because trick-or-treat time is over doesn’t mean the fun stops here! Christmas is just around the corner, and we have stocking stuffers, costumes for all your favorite Christmas icons, and more. Spice up your holidays with a visit from the gingerbread man, a workshop elf, or Santa himself!

    Santa Costumes
    Santa Costumes

    Ho-ho-ho! You’ll be sure to get all the milk and cookies this year with one of our many Santa costumes. Whether you’re looking to get your little one started young with the holiday spirit, or dress yourself up in a deluxe professional Santa suit, we have just the thing for you! We’re even offering free glasses with your purchase!


    Elf Costumes
    Elf Costumes

    Santa works hard to bring toys to all the good children, but Christmas wouldn’t be possible without his little helpers! Turn your home into Santa’s workshop this year with an elf costume from Oya costumes. While supplies last, get a free Santa hat with any children’s costume purchase of $59 or more.


    Stocking Stuffers
    Stocking Stuffers

    Our huge selection of accessories make great stocking stuffers! When you’re looking for that something extra for your aspiring superhero, fashionista, or makeup artist, we’ve got you covered.


    Christmas Accessories
    Christmas Accessories

    Put the finishing touches on your holiday season with our Christmas accessories. We have stockings, Santa sacks, ornaments and more. Your Christmas will be sure to be full of cheer!


    Breast Cancer Awareness Month


    Breast Cancer Awareness Month

    emily–By Emily S.

    Most of us associate October with the wild and wacky fun of Halloween – we know here at Oya we sure do! But for some, October is a meaningful time of year: it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This is a time to stop and remember everyone around us who is affected by this very scary and very real disease. So this October, we are participating in a beautiful campaign: this month, for each of the products below that is purchased, $10 will be donated to the Cedars Cancer Foundation.
    For more information on the CCF, click here.


    Pink Afro Wig
    Pick #1 :
    Pink Afro Wig

    This fabulous afro will make you feel positively perfect on any given day! The sweet little curls are springy and vivacious. You’re a star, darling!


    Pink Bob Wig
    Pick #2 :
    Pink Bob Wig

    Why not try a totally classic haircut, with a totally wild color? Show the true you in this sweet and sleek Pink Bob Wig. The curved-in ends makes for a distinguished lady look!


    Pink and Feathered Curly Wig
    Pick #3 :
    Pink and Feathered Curly Wig

    Give yourself a real throwback in this adorable, voluminous Frenchie Wig! You’ll be the most stylish Pink Lady in the house – nothing says sweet 60’s style like feathered curls!


    Pink Pop Star Wig
    Pick #4 :
    Pink Pop Star Wig

    It is your time to shine in this sexy, stylish Pink Pop Star wig. Sing your heart out and steal the spotlight with this flashy little number. The square bangs are a classy touch!


    Pink Ribbon Hoodie Pet Costume
    Pick #5 :
    Pink Ribbon Hoodie Pet Costume

    Put your poochie in this sweet and soft little pink hoodie! Humans aren’t the only ones who can be aware! Let your little lady rock this fabulous pink number and be warm and toasty while doing it.


    Breast Cancer Research Hero Pet Costume
    Pick #6:
    Breast Cancer Research Hero Pet Costume

    Who is here to save the day? Why, it’s none other than the cutest little Research Hero you have ever laid eyes on, we guarantee it! She is impossibly cute with her bright pink cape and her BCRF detail. Sparky saves the day!


    Group Halloween Costumes


    Group Halloween Costumes

    emily–By Emily S.

    We all have that group of ladies that we absolutely do not know what we would do without. The girls that are with us through thick and thin – these ladies are available to take your call and come over at any time of day or night when you need them! Celebrate that friendship this Halloween. There is no better way to party than with your best girlfriends. Why not bust into the hippest Halloween party in a gaggle of matching costumes – and hope to bump into another group of ladies doing the same thing. That party just might turn into the weirdest-looking rumble of all time. 


    Cassidy the Cat Adult Hoodie      
    Taylor the Tiger Adult Onesie
    Lee The Lion Adult Funsie


    Cats can be cozy, crazy and seductive. If you are looking for a simple, classic costume to wear with a bunch of buds, look no further than the big ball of fur that is sprawled on your couch. Be a lounging, slinky, sexy black cat – pull together a simple black outfit and add cute ears and a tail! Or you can take a walk on the wild side and become a kitty of the jungle as a leopard, a tiger or lion! No matter what cat speaks to you most, your Funky Feline Fam will totally steal the show!


    Sunny Blossom Flower Child Costume      
    Daisy Boppers
    Fantasy Butterfly Costume
    Ms. Gnome Costume
    Papa Gnome Costume
    Lady Bug Cutie Adult Costume


    Whether you are a cute little insect, or a sweet and playful garden gnome – heading to a party dressed as a garden can only brighten the rest of the guest’s days! Proving your green thumb is necessary, even as winter approaches – in fact it becomes more vital in order to keep spirits high! So tumble into the party like a weed but spread smile like a swarm of butterflies.


    Pretty Plumber Mario Adult Costume      
    Pretty Plumber Luigi Adult Costume
    Super Mario Bowser Deluxe Adult Costume
    Super Mario Yoshi Women Costume
    Pink Princess Peach Costume


    Watch out for that banana peel! Dressing your crew up as cute versions of all the different SuperMario characters is fun – Luigi and Yoshi have never been so popular at parties before! Whether you are venturing out as Yoshi, Bowser, Princess Peach or just plain old classic Mario, you know you’re going to have a *super* good time!


    Sleeping Beauty Aurora Adult Prestige Costume
    Snow White Adult Disney Princess Costume
    Aladdin's Jasmine Deluxe Adult Costume
    Pow Wow! Indian Adult Costume
    Enchanting Princess
    Deep Sea Siren Ariel Costume
    Princess Belle Costume


    Not many people know this, but there is an actual group of 9 original Disney princesses! Though ladies like Merida, Tiana, Rapunzel and Elsa have added themselves throughout there years, there is something extremely classy about princesses like Belle, Cinderella, Ariel, Snow White, Aurora…these gals are just classic, and they are super fun to throw together as a team! Make sure to let your princes know that this Halloween, these princesses are having a night on the town!


    Baby Spice Costume
    Posh Spice Catsuit Costume
    Ready for Duty Army Costume
    Cougar Costume
    British Sequin Ginger Spice Girl Dress


    The sheer presence of these five powerful women at a party will definitely add flavour to the night…extra spice, some may say? Grab five girly pals and dress up as Scary, Baby, Ginger, Posh and Sporty. These ladies are always a blast, and it gives everyone a reason to Stop Right Now and do a choreographed dance – can someone say “photo op”?


    Matching Couples Costumes


    Matching Halloween Couples Costumes

    emily–By Emily S.

    Halloween – a time to scare, a time to dress up, and a time to create the most haunted house possible! However, if you choose to make it so, Halloween can also be romantic – a non-sequitur kind of romantic. But we here at Oya Costumes think that normal is boring, and weirdos are much more fun to party with! Dress up with your sweetheart as your favorite creepy crawler, or as a famous couple – the sky is the limit with couple costumes! Just remember to have fun! 


    Jack Skellington      
    Sally Costume


    A classic tale of insatiable romance between two…er…creepy looking creatures? Oh well, love comes in all shapes and sizes. You and your “boo”, so to speak, can have a terrifying time in these two poetically lean and hauntingly pale costumes. Fit right in at Halloween…or stick out like a couple of sore thumbs at Christmas time…


    Spot the Dalmatian Dog Funsie Adult      


    Follow your animal instincts and disguise yourself as a couple of sweet little pooches in matching Dalmatian costumes. Your black and white fur will ensure you both stand out amidst the rainbow of Halloween costumes at any party. You two will definitely be the easiest couple to spot!


    Ringmaster Lady Adult Costume      
    Lee The Lion Adult Funsie


    Do you dream of running off to join the circus with your significant other? This costume is perfect for you! Dominate your partner and live out your wildest fantasies with this Ringmaster and lion duo. We have ringmasters for him and for her too…so there is something for every lion-tamer.


    Frozen Ice Queen Elsa Costume      
    Frozen Olaf Deluxe Adult Costume


    Turn your home into an enchanted ice castle and turn your hubby into the nicest snowman since Frosty. Elsa and Olaf are a positively perfect match, and the costumes are usable all winter long! We have a multitude of different Elsa dresses so you can properly express your true inner ice queen. Come on, what are you waiting for? Let it go! Let it go!


    Despicable Me Female Minion Adult      
    Despicable Me Minion Dave Adult Costume


    The world’s cutest creatures alive are also some of the funnest Halloween costumes. Become a banana-hungry, squeaky-voiced jibberish-shooting, smooth talking twosome. The overalls with integrated yellow sleeves come with cute character goggles. All you need to do is dress up, put the kids to bed, thank the babysitter and walk out the door.


    Lethal Beauty Poison Ivy Costume      
    The Joker Deluxe Batman Villain Adult Costume


    Two of the most notorious villains of all time make a positively terrifying couple – but what on earth else is Halloween for? Suit up in these fabulous costumes and tear through any party like it is yours for the taking – because if that isn’t how you go about it, you just aren’t being faithful to the legacy of these two wild villains!


    Classic Alice Costume      
    Dark Mad Hatter Costume


    An unlikely couple isn’t always a bad thing! Look at how well these two go together – like peas and carrots. Throw these two cats into the same room and the conversation can only be interesting. Get carried away to Wonderland and paint roses red at the wildest tea party of all time…then watch things get curiouser and curiouser…


    Top Pet Costumes

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    Halloween 2015


    Top Halloween Choices – Pet Costumes

    emily–By Emily S.

    With our fun selection of pet costumes, you and your furry friend can find matching costumes! Be your dog’s sidekick for her Halloween party this year. 



    Do you hear the sirens roaring in the distance? Just because your four legged friend is not a Dalmatian, doesn’t mean his passion for putting out fires isn’t burning strong! Throw this sweet little Fireman’s jacket onto Sparky and add the adorable little hat, while you strut your stuff in a fabulous sexy firefighter’s mini dress. You two will be a perfect match!


    Mustard Dog Costume      
    Kids Ketchup Costume

    Can you say picnic-ready? Barbecue-tastic? County-fair-fierce? Then this is the perfect costume combo for you. Throw on these precious ketchup and mustard costumes, and your pup will be the hottest dog in the hood! Make sure to snap photos next to the barbecue, or of the two of you sitting on a red and white checkered tablecloth. You two are the tastiest twosome possible!


    Ghostbusters Dog Costume      
    Kids Ghostbusters Costume

    Be the team that everyone is counting on this Halloween. After all, there is no time of year when Ghostbusters are needed more than the holiday that celebrates those gosh darn creepy crawlies! Putting a pooch on your side is also giving you extra strength – it is a commonly known rumour that animals can see many things that people simply cannot…so suit up and start busting!


    Batman Dog Costume      
    Mens Robin Costume

    No duo is as unstoppable as these fantastic superheroes! Keep your city safe in this stellar match-up. Batman and Robin are a timeless costume. Plus, your dog is extremely used to being your sidekick…why not switch things up and put him in the limelight for awhile? Let him be an eternal protecter of the innocent. He will keep away villains, robbers, and – of course – cats. What more could the citizens Gotham want in a superhero?


    Crayola Dog Costume      
    Womens Crayola Costume

    Suit up in these too-cute-to-be-true Crayola Crayon costumes alongside Fido and you two can paint the town red! Or pink! Or blue! Paint it whatever color you like. These hilarious little costumes come with cute matching hats to complete the authentic crayon look. This combo is potentially the cutest thing in the world.


    Top 5 Baby Halloween Costumes

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    Halloween 2015


    Top Halloween Choices – Baby Costumes

    emily–By Emily S.

    Baby costumes might be the most fun parents have at Halloween – a baby is happy with anything so long as they are warm. You have the freedom to choose pretty much any costume you like!

    Snow White Infant Costume
    Pick #1 :
    Snow White

    Dressing your daughter up in a classic Snow White costume is fun! Did you know she is Disney’s first princess? Take that, Elsa! This sweet little dress will make your little lady shine just as bright as she should. Something tells me a Sleepy, a Sneezy and a Dopey would be easy to come by at the local playgroup too… Snow White Infant Costume


    Pick #2 :

    Check out this little hustler! This prisoner outfit is an impossibly cute option for your little tyke. With its matching cap and wildly realistic tattoo sleeves, who could possibly say no to this miniature convict? “Give me all your money or I’ll poop!” Check out the Time Out Prisoner Baby Costume.


    Pick #3:

    Did you know that the word “gladiator” is latin for the word “swordsman”? Neither does this guy! He looks pretty happy either way. Complete with a headpiece and wrist cuffs, this little jumper will have your miniature gentleman melting hearts from Rome to Rio! Shop Gladiator baby costumes at Oya!


    Pick #4 :

    Transform your miniature lady into the world’s cutest miniature poodle! This sweet little pink romper comes complete with a matching headpiece and booties. Plus it’s super warm, in case your little tyke is interested in going trick-or-treating for poodles and poodles of fun! Find the Poodles of Fun baby costume here.


    Pick #5 :

    This piece is just udder-ly adorable! The one-piece with feet comes with a cute hat, bedecked with ears and horns. Cozy Cow is perfect for any tyke to fall asleep in on your shoulder while you trundle along from door to door with your little ones. And when this little cow gets grouchy and is no longer a-moosed, you can carry them up to bed and tell them “Darling, it is pasture bedtime.” Check out the Cozy Cow baby costume here.

    Top 5 Children’s Halloween Costumes

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    Halloween 2015


    My Top Halloween Choices – Childrens Costumes

    yas–By Yasmina A.

    With only 80 days until Halloween, choosing the perfect costume is already creeping on everyone’s mind, and rightfully so. The only thing more complicated and meticulous than finding an outfit for a night out is finding the perfect costume for October 31st. We’ve gone through all of our inventory for you to handpick some of our favourites for this season.

    Lil Monster Costume
    Pick #1 :
    Lil Monster

    Choosing one costume for infants may have been one of the toughest selections ever. Here at Oya Costumes, we have tons of costumes for little ones that are so adorable. When it comes to babies, you can only make them cuter. This costume is especially fluffy and cute, which is why it’s my first choice. Check out the Lil Monster costume.

    Batman Blue Muscle Chest
    Pick #2 :
    Batman Blue
    Muscle Chest

    Any young boy is bound to, at some point, go through a superhero phase. Men in capes, saving the world with their incredible powers, what’s not to love? Batman, an generational icon, is one of the more mysterious yet humane super heros and this costume is the creme de la creme of batman costumes. In other words, its the best of the best when its comes to boys’ costumes. Find Batman costumes at Oya Costumes.

    Monarch Butterfly
    Pick #3:

    This costume is utterly enchanting and will sweep any girl off her feet. I remember as a young girl wanting to own just about every costume I came across, so this was a difficult selection as well. Butterflies are unanimously loved for their delicacy, which makes it a popular choice for costumes as well. The lush flowerhead piece and butterfly wings are included which is why this costume is on my list! Shop Butterfly costumes at Oya!

    Pirate Babe Costume
    Pick #4 :
    Pirate Babe

    In my experience, it can be really tricky for teenage girls to find the perfect costume. Trying to not look conservative or too revealing, while finding a costume that’s not too simple but doesn’t look like you’ve tried too hard is a challenge we all know too well. This Pirate babe is a Halloween staple, but this one has an added flare with the golden details. It is also not too revealing for the average teenage, while not being overly conservative. In other words, this costume solves all of the dilemmas that come with Halloween costumes. Find the Pirate Babe costume here.

    Top 4 Mens Halloween Costumes

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    Halloween 2015


    My Top Halloween Choices – Mens Costumes

    yas–By Yasmina A.

    With only 80 days until Halloween, choosing the perfect costume is already creeping on everyone’s mind, and rightfully so. The only thing more complicated and meticulous than finding an outfit for a night out is finding the perfect costume for October 31st. We’ve gone through all of our inventory for you to handpick some of our favourites for this season.


    Man Eating Shark
    Pick #1 :

    If anyone is as obsessed as I am with all things sharks, then this is the perfect costume for you. Whether you’re trying to channel Sharknado or the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week it’s a good choice. Looking at it, I’m still trying to figure out how exactly the costume works… Regardless, it definitely stands out and is perfect for anyone seeking some attention or trying to get a few laughs. Find the Man Eating Shark here.

    Austin Powers Dr Evil
    Pick #2 :
    Austin Powers
    Dr. Evil

    Austin Powers will always be one of my favourite movies. Mike Meyers, standing proof of Canadian talent, makes everyone laugh with both silly gags and brilliant puns. Dr. Evil, who spent years in med school so that he could be called Dr. Evil, not Mr. Evil is an iconic choice for Halloween. Shop for Dr. Evil costumes here.

    Dragon Warrior King
    Pick #3:
    Warrior King

    With its record number of viewers, Game of Thrones has maintained an active international fanbase since its very first episode. In other words, if you haven’t watched it, you’re missing out. This Dragon Warrior King Costume is inspired by the characters found in Westeros and Essos. This is definitely on my list this Halloween! Shop here for the Dragon Warrior King costume.

    Captain Jack Sparrow Prestige Costume
    Pick #4 :
    Captain Jack Sparrow
    Prestige Costume

    No matter how many years pass, Pirates of the Caribbean and particularly Jack Sparrow have been a popular reference point for pirates. This costume, whether you want to be Captain Jack Sparrow or a regular pirate, is the best pirate costume I’ve come across. Don’t settle for a subpar costume this Halloween. Shop for Pirates of the Caribbean costumes at Oya Costumes!

    Top 4 Halloween Accessories


    My Top Halloween Choices – Accessories

    yas–By Yasmina A.

    Whether it’s the finishing touch to your costume or even the centre piece of the look, I cannot stress enough the importance of accessories in Halloween. These items are often overlooked, despite stepping up your costume game from a 7 to a 10. On top of that, your accessories will never ‘not fit’ or ‘look weird on me’. In other words, you can never fail. With pages on end of options, here are only a handful of accessories that stood out for me.

    Yeti Hat
    Pick #1 :

    This Yeti Hat may be the cutest accessory I’ve ever encountered. It really speaks for itself. The furry hat is comfortable and unbelievably adorable. It can even be worn alone for a cute yet understated look this Halloween. Out of all the accessories listed below, this one is by far my personal favourite. Shop for Yeti Hat.

    Blank Black Eyes Doll Mask
    Pick #2 :
    Blank Black Eyes
    Doll Mask

    If there’s one thing to know about me is that I hate scary movies. I’m what a six year might call, a scaredy cat. This Blank Black Eyes Doll mask is probably one of the most terrifying masks out there. For pranksters and thrill-seekers, this accessory is a must-have. Blank Black Eyes Doll Mask at Oya Costumes.

    Ghost Contact Eyes
    Pick #3 :
    White/Grey Ghost
    Contact Lenses

    They say eyes are the window to the soul, so why not dress up them up this Halloween? You could be wearing a potato sac and people will be captured with these White/Grey Ghost contact lenses. Here at Oya Costumes, we have a wide selection of coloured contact lenses, but these ones really caught my eye. The grey colour contrasting the black pupil is definitely something I want to try out this Halloween. Check out these Ghost Contact Lenses.

    Jurassic World T-Rex Vinyl Mask Adult
    Pick #4 :
    Jurassic World
    T-Rex Vinyl Mask

    This year, Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic World hit the box office and was a massive success. With it’s state of the art graphic design it’s easy to see why the fourth installment set the record for the biggest opening weekend in North America. This high quality mask too brings the dinosaurs of Isla Nublar back to life while waiting impatiently for the sequel in 2018. Shop at Oya Costumes for the T-Rex Vinyl Adult Mask.

    Top 5 Womens Halloween Costumes


    My Top Costume Choices – Women

    yas–By Yasmina A.

    With less than 80 days until Halloween, choosing the perfect costume is already creeping on everyone’s mind, and rightfully so. The only thing more complicated and meticulous than finding an outfit for a night out is finding the perfect costume for October 31st. Add one of the largest costume collections in Canada, and the process becomes even more difficult. So I hand picked some of my favourites for this season.



    cinderella picture
    Pick #1 :

    After Disney’s retelling of the beloved story of Cinderella in march this year, princesses have been re-enchanting women and girls of all ages all over again. The modern take on the iconic film has made the charming princess of the 50s a relatable woman of the 21st century. Beautiful gowns as well as regal dresses will no doubt be a popular pick this season. This costume in particular looks like it stepped right out of a fairytale that only Walt Disney could imagine. Shop for Princess costumes at Oya Costumes.

    kangaroo onesie
    Pick 2 : Kittle Kangaroo Adult Onesie

    Three years ago, the onesie exploded on the scene and has become a lasting staple ever since.  At this point, not owning a onesie is downright absurd. Unlike many other trends, it has continued to be the costume of choice because of its comfort and flamboyant silliness. Its polar fleece fabric also makes it a practical choice to deal with the harsh reality that is October weather. The Kangaroo is my personal favourite, but when it comes to an animal onesie, you really can’t go wrong. Find this other animal onesies at Oya.



    Pick 3 : Midnight Vampiress

    Elegance is the first thing that comes to mind when looking at this costume. The floor-length dress is a show-stopper without being too revealing, striking a perfect balance. Also available in plus size, the Midnight Vampiress is your classic costume pick this season. This choice will be one you will never regret. After all, isn’t Halloween supposed to be about monstors, ghouls and vampires? Find the Midnight Vampiress costume here.



    Pick 4 : ‘Dames Like Us’ Flapper Dress

    For those of you who are looking to be a little cheeky this Halloween, this flapper dress is your go-to. With almost a century since Fitzgerald’s novels changed American literature, channelling the 1920s will always be tasteful and a little naughty. Here at Oya Costumes, we have a vast selection of flapper dresses, but this recent addition to our collection really caught my eye. The deep red sequins and details at the hem of the dress really sets it apart. If ever the sequins become too overwhelming, the costume is also reversible, meaning that it is also accident proof. If ever someone spills a drink on your dress, you don’t need to worry about it ruining your night. Be sure to add a boa, a head piece and a drink to complete your look. In Fitzgerald’s words, too much of anything is bad, but too much champagne is just right. Shop here.



    breakfast at tiffanys

    Pick 5 :
    Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tifanny’s

    Does this choice require further explanation? In my absolute favourite movie, Truman Capote’s short-story comes to life in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. This classic movie is centred around Audrey Hepburn’s take on Holly Golightly, carrying herself with such poise and style. This movie is such a staple in Hollywood’s Golden Age, I don’t know a single girl who wouldn’t want to emulate Audrey’s class all year long. The costume includes the iconic black dress that has since become every girl’s closet necessity. It also includes a replica of her tasteful accessories, including her famous tiara and necklace. Breakfast at Tifanny’s Costumes