10 Gen-X-Inspired Halloween Costume Ideas

It seems there’s no shortage of articles focused on Baby Boomers and Millennials these days. For Thanksgiving, we thought we’d send a special shout out to you Gen-X’ers instead. Hope you get some downtime from your McJobs and busy family lives this weekend – time to enjoy some turkey, get some well-deserved rest and relaxation…and maybe even get yourself a Gen-X-inspired Halloween costume.

Count Chocula
Remember polishing off an entire box of your favourite sugar cereal while watching Saturday morning cartoons?

Get the costume: Count Dracula Costume

Christmas Story Bunny
Some might say it’s an Easter costume, but you know it’s all about Christmas.

Get the costume: A Christmas Story Bunny Suit Adult

George Jetson Costume
More cartoon nostalgia…

Get the costume: George Jetson Costume

Jane Jetson
…for couples!

Get the costume: Jane Jetson Costume

Wembley Fraggle
For the ‘younger’ Gen-X set.

Get the costume: Fraggle Rock Wembly Adult Costume

You say it’s Tim Burton’s best movie…

Get the costume: Beetlejuice Adult Costume

Edward Scissorhands
…but you own multiple copies of this one.

Get the costume: Edward Scissorhands Costume – Grand Heritage

Remember that time everyone at your school skipped class to go to the Kiss concert?

Get the costume: Kiss Costume, Gene Simmons Costume

Cyndi Lauper
Or maybe you listened to Cyndi Lauper on your walkman.

Get the costume: 80’s Pop Star Cyndi Lauper Costume

A Clockwork Orange
The Clockwork Orange costume you had in high school was probably an old pair of long johns and your granddad’s black cane. Check out the grown-up version!

Get the costume: Clockwork Orange Costume

So what Gen-X-inspired Halloween costumes did we miss? Let us know in the comments below!

No time to shop for costumes for yourself? Check out our kids costumes and don’t forget to pick up a free treat bag (when you spend $30 or more on kids costumes).

Have a happy Thanksgiving all!

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