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emily–By Emily S.

With our fun selection of Pet Costumes Halloween, you and your furry friend can find matching costumes! Be your dog’s sidekick for her Halloween party this year.

Pet Costumes Halloween Firefighters
Pet Costumes Halloween Firefighters


Do you hear the sirens roaring in the distance? Just because your four legged friend is not a Dalmatian, doesn’t mean his passion for putting out fires isn’t burning strong! Throw this sweet little Fireman’s jacket onto Sparky and add the adorable little hat, while you strut your stuff in a fabulous sexy firefighter’s mini dress. You two will be a perfect match!

Pet Costumes Halloween Mustard Dog Costume
Pet Costumes Halloween and Kids Ketchup Costume

Can you say picnic-ready? Barbecue-tastic? County-fair-fierce? Then this is the perfect Pet Costumes Halloween combo for you. Throw on these precious ketchup and mustard costumes, and your pup will be the hottest dog in the hood! Make sure to snap photos next to the barbecue, or of the two of you sitting on a red and white checkered tablecloth. You two are the tastiest twosome possible!

Pet Costumes Halloween Ghostbusters Dog Costume
Pet Costumes Halloween Kids Ghostbusters Costume

Be the team that everyone is counting on this Halloween. After all, there is no time of year when Ghostbusters are needed more than the holiday that celebrates those gosh darn creepy crawlies! Putting a pooch on your side is also giving you extra strength – it is a commonly known rumour that animals can see many things that people simply cannot…so suit up and start busting!

Pet Costumes Halloween Batman Dog Costume
Mens Robin Costume

No duo is as unstoppable as these fantastic superheroes! Keep your city safe in this stellar match-up. Batman and Robin are a timeless costume. Plus, your dog is extremely used to being your sidekick…why not switch things up and put him in the limelight for awhile? Let him be an eternal protecter of the innocent. He will keep away villains, robbers, and – of course – cats. What more could the citizens Gotham want in a superhero?

Pet Costumes Halloween Crayola Dog Costume
Pet Costumes Halloween Womens Crayola Costume

Suit up in these too-cute-to-be-true Crayola Crayon costumes alongside Fido and you two can paint the town red! Or pink! Or blue! Paint it whatever color you like. These hilarious little costumes come with cute matching hats to complete the authentic crayon look. This combo is potentially the cutest thing in the world.

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