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#MyAmazingCostume photo contest


Show us your costume and win Oya Costumes gift certificates!

From costume parties to music festivals to fan conventions, it seems there are plenty of opportunities to kick up your heels in a costume these days! We’d love to see photos of the costumes you’ve worn so far in 2014! Enter our Instagram photo contest for a chance to win one of 3 Oya Costumes gift certificates.

  • $100 for 1st prize
  • $75 for 2nd prize
  • $25 for 3rd prize

How to enter

Follow us on Instagram (@oya_costumes) and use one of our hashtags #myamazingcostume or #oyacostumes. Don’t have an Instagram account? No problem! Share your photos with us on our Facebook page.

Our staff of costume experts will choose the winning pics – we’ll also be paying attention to the amount of love your pics get from friends so don’t forget to ask your friends to like and love your posts. Contest ends October 21, 2014. Good luck!

Version Française:

Nous serions ravis de voir vos photos de costume! Participez à notre concours photo Instagram pour avoir une chance de gagner 1 des 3 Oya Costumes certificats-cadeaux de 100 $ pour le premier prix, 75 $ pour le deuxième prix et 25 $ pour le troisième prix. Suivez-nous sur Instagram (oya_costumes) et utilisez un de nos hashtags #myamazingcostume ou #oyacostumes. Que le meuilleur costume gagne!

The Horror-ific Sale!



Here at the Oya Costumes warehouse, we are positively jumping with joy – October is upon us! It’s our favorite time of year, and it’s easy to see why: around every corner, there are ghouls hanging from trees, goblins sitting on porches and zombies wandering around every neighbourhood.

How to save!

For us, nothing is more exciting than the autumn, and we want to share that excitement with you. Starting now, buy any one of our select horror costumes on sale, and receive one of our horror accessories free with your order! Use coupon code: HORROR. Deck yourself out in the creepiest duds – for way less!

Get excited about getting scared and being spooky this Halloween. We here at Oya Costumes firmly believe that a good scare is excellent for your health – and your Halloween spirit! Get shopping now!!

Happy Comiccon 2014, Montreal! Comiccon-Inspired Halloween Ideas for 2014

Film character favourites at Montreal Comiccon 2013

Film character favourites at Montreal Comiccon 2013, photo by Pikawil

There are so many reasons to be excited about Montreal Comiccon 2014. With George A. Romero, Hulk Hogan and Matt Smith topping the bill as guests of honour, the Ecto-1 Ectomobile from Ghostbusters on site and 3 fun-filled days of assorted other fandom awesomeness in store, the event promises plenty of extra-special thrills and chills.

Of course, the things we’re most excited about are the costumes! It could be argued that nobody does costumes like cosplay enthusiasts – especially cosplay enthusiasts looking to a score a photo op with their favourite celebrity.

Need some proof? Take a look through some of our favourite costume pics from previous years’ Comiccon Montreal events.

The Ghostbusters Team at Montreal Comiccon 2012, photo by  Pikawi

The Ghostbusters Team at Montreal Comiccon 2012, photo by Pikawil

Superheroes at Comiccon 2013

Superheroes at Comiccon 2013, photo by Pikawil

A little bit of this and that at Comiccon 2013

A little bit of this and that at Comiccon 2013, Pikawil

Due to the event’s timing, we often find Montreal Comiccon to be a preview of costumes we’ll see during the coming Halloween season. Check out our Comiccon Inspired Halloween ideas for 2014 below.

Comiccon-Inspired Halloween Ideas for 2014

Maleficent Costume

Maleficent Costume




Who can resist the drama of Maleficent? Arguably one of Disney’s all-time most popular villains, she’s a tragic and gorgeous anti-hero that cuts an undeniably iconic figure. Impress and terrify your friends and family members with our Maleficent Christening Black Gown Adult Deluxe Costume.






Captain America Movie Muscle Child Costume

Captain America Movie Muscle Child Costume


Hero of the hour, Captain America

Swoon! It seems we’ve fallen in love with this good ol’ fashioned hero who reminds us the simplicity and honesty of yesteryear is very much in need in today’s modern world. Be ready to save the planet in this Captain America Movie Muscle Child Costume






Deluxe Leonardo Child Costume

Deluxe Leonardo Child Costume



Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Cowabunga, Dude! The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are back and more popular than ever! Defeat your foes with your ninja prowess in this Deluxe Leonardo Child Costume.







Frozen Elsa Deluxe Child Costume

Frozen Elsa Deluxe Child Costume


Hot for Frozen!

Frozen costumes are flying off the shelves this year and we expect we may see at least one or two Frozen princesses at Comiccon this year…and during the Halloween season, too! Dazzle and enchant in our Frozen Elsa Deluxe Child Costume.







#myamazingphoto Photo Contest!

By the way, if you’re in the Montreal area and planning to attend Comiccon 2014, We’d love to see your photos! Enter our Instagram photo contest for a chance to win one of 3 Oya gift certificates. $100 for 1st prize, $75 for 2nd and $25 for 3rd. Follow us on Instagram (@oya_costumes) and use the hashtag #oyabucks (or #myamazingcostume)

Don’t have an Instagram account? No problem! Share your photos with us on our Facebook page. Not attending Comiccon? If you wore a costume to another event in 2014 you can enter our contest, too!

Our staff of costume experts will choose the winning pics – we’ll also be paying attention to the amount of love your pics get from friends so don’t forget to ask your friends to like and love your posts. Contest ends October 21, 2014. Good luck!

Hurray for Summer Convention Season!: A Look at Some of Our Favourite Cosplay Moments

The Super Kiss

The Super Kiss by Alex Erde

We’ve got cosplay fever these days! With Toronto’s Fan Expo on the horizon for next month and Montreal’s Comiccon coming up in September, we’re having fun speculating about popular heroes (and villains!) we’ll cross paths with this summer. One thing we know from past experience, no matter what the film of the moment is, or which character the latest buzz is about, cosplay often has little to do with being predictable and everything to do with deliciously unexpected surprises. If you don’t know what we mean, take a look at some of our favourite cosplay moments captured in the photos below:

Red Shirt Massacre by Alex Erde

Red Shirt Massacre by Alex Erde

Gender Bent Justice League! by Pat Loika

Gender Bent Justice League! by Pat Loika

The Avengers

The Avengers by Pat Loika

Comic-Con 2013 by Pat Loika

Comic-Con 2013 by Pat Loika


Our 2014 Summer Cosplay Recommendations

Captain America Women's Costume

American Dream Classic Costume



Captain America

After the resounding success of the 2014 spring release of Captain America: Winter Soldier, is it any wonder that the all-American superhero has inspired one of this summer’s hottest cosplay outfits? Keep it interesting – and stay cool in the summer heat – with this gender-bending version of Cap’s red, white & blue costume for women.












Amazing Spider-man 2 Muscle Adult Costume

Amazing Spider-man 2 Muscle Adult Costume




Perennial favourite, Spider-man, continues to put in a strong showing at fan conventions and special events. Go for a beefed-up, muscle-bound version of Spidey’s outfit, like the one pictured at right, or choose a sleeker bodysuit option (coming soon). We even have a Spider-man tank dress for all you web-slinging Spider-women out there!








Justice League The Flash Costume

Justice League Flash Costume



The Flash

No need to bother with getting a babysitter! Many Comic-con events and fan conventions offer free registration to children accompanied by a paying adult. If you’re bringing your favourite little superhero to the convention this year why not dress them up as well? After all, costumes aren’t just for adults! We’ve got tons of great children’s costumes to choose from. We especially love this Flash costume for little guys and gals that we think would make an excellent half of a father-child or mother-child matching costume ensemble.











Spock Costume

Live long and prosper!


All aboard the USS Enterprise!

When it comes to fan convention attire, somehow nothing says, “I’m an ultimate geek” like wearing a Star Trek costume. After all, what better outfit is there to wear when meeting your favourite Star Trek celebrity? As an added bonus, it’s a easy choice for group attendees – every group of friends has a serious and analytical Mr. Spock, a plucky and dependable Scotty, and a devil-may-care James Tiberius Kirk.















Winning Costumes at the 2014 FIFA World Cup

Fans in blue body paint at 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil

Keepin’ it simple! Uruguay’s fans are cool blue at the 2014
FIFA World Cup in Brazil (photo by Jimmy Baikovicius)

How do you show your support for your favourite team? The attendees at the 2014 FIFA World Cup know that the biggest sports fans are the ones that go that extra mile to put together an extra-special costume to display their team colours, loud and proud! We’ve put together a few pics of some winning costumes we feel scored big at World Cup games and events so far.

British Football Fans in Brazil

British fans standing guard (photo by Jimmy Baikovicius)

Dutch Football Fan Wearing a Cow Costume

An interview with a Dutch fan/cow. Moo-oo! (Photo by Filipe Castilhos)

Kangaroo Costume

Go Socceroos! A kangaroo sports the yellow and green jersey
of Australia’s Socceroos (Photo by Filipe Castilhos)


Stand out in the crowd!: Our costume ideas for sporting events

Face, body and hair liquid makeup

Face, body and hair liquid makeup





Paint your face…and arms and hair and torso and…

Whatever outfit you decide to wear to the stadium, a little (or a lot!) of face paint or body makeup is the icing on the cake when it comes to displaying your team pride. Paint your team’s flag or logo on your cheeks for some ‘subtle’ flare, or go for all over body paint in your team’s colours to make a stronger statement. Go team!!


Beaver costume

Show your Canadian pride in this patriotic beaver costume





Be your team’s unofficial mascot

Lead your friends in cheering on your team in one of our crowd-pleasing mascot costumes! We’ve got a great selection of winning mascot costumes, like this patriotic, cheeky beaver costume (pictured on right), our adorable St. Bernard costume and our perky kangaroo costume.




Blue suit

Make a fun, yet mysterious,
statement in one of our skin suits





Turn heads in an skinsuit

A skinsuit, like the Blues Brothers kit featured at left, is a sure-fire way to make a captivating appearance in the stands. Also a great bet for a group costume idea for you and your friends!











Red Wig

Rock out in this cool red wig




Top off your fan outfit with an eye-catching wig!

Choose a wig in just the right colour to top off your winning ensemble! Our selection of wigs spans hundreds of options in an array of colours and styles to match your super sports fan persona!









Summer Music Festival Costume Ideas

Festival goers at Coachella 2014

Festival goers at Coachella 2014 (photo by Thomas Hawk)

If you’re looking for that perfect costume to show off your personal flare at an upcoming summer music festival, we’ve got plenty of ideas for you! Iconic festivals like Coachella and Sasquatch have already happened, but there are plenty more on the horizon, like Pickathon and Montreal’s very own Osheaga Festival. For starters, we thought we’d take a look at some of the costumes spotted at a few of the festivals that have already taken place this season. Here’s a few winning favorites that we’ve come across:

Hippie-inspired stylings at the Coachella 2014

60′s-inspired style at Coachella 2014 (photo by Samatha Saturday)

Character costumes at Bonnaroo 2014

All our favourite characters at Bonnaroo 2014 (photo by Shannon)

Polar bears at Coachella 2014 (photo by Global Inheritance)

Polar bears at Coachella 2014 (photo by Global Inheritance)

As always, popular costumes at this year’s festivals are bright, colourful and super playful! Check out our suggestions below for making a splash in a great costume at the next summer music festival you attend this summer. Happy festival going!!

Our 2014 Summer Music Festival Costume Suggestions!


Looking for a group costume idea? You and your besties will look cool
and stay cool in these superhero tank dresses!


Monkey Costume






Animal costumes are another perennial favourite at music festivals. If you’re game to brave the heat in one of these costumes, we’ve got a great selection to choose from. Think of how much fun it would be to tear up the dance floor in this cheeky monkey costume!








70s-Inspired Costumes




You can never go wrong with 70s dance outfits! We’re talking about music festivals afterall! You’ll set the mood for a night of dancing to your favourite bands with this Disco Boogie Babe costume. We’ve also got over 160 other polyester-inspired, stylish ensembles for you to choose from, perfect for getting down until the wee hours of the morning!












Mission Purimpossible!


While many citizens of the world take to the streets wearing white, green and orange in the middle of March to celebrate Saint-Patrick’s Day, there is a very old, very festive tradition that has been celebrated in the Jewish faith since long ago: Purim! In fact, I would say it embodies many of the same values as Patrick’s Day: freedom, togetherness and indulging in true vices.

Royal Bride - Purim Costumes for girls



Every young girl dreams of dressing up as Queen Esther for Purim, and with this beautiful costume your little girl can. Queen Esther is the strong female hero of the Purim holiday, and is credited with helping to save the Jewish people from the evil henchman Haman. She is the beautiful wife of the Persian king Ahashverosh, and her strength and beauty is highlighted in this elegant dress. A ruffled dress with long sleeves and a beautiful white sheen will make any girl feel like a queen this Purim!


Traditional Kohen Gadol Purim Costume




Don’t forget to include this wonderful Kohen Gadol Costume for your next Purim celebration!  This ensemble depicts a high priest from the biblical days of the Jewish people. The costume consists of a priestly robe, tunic, sash, and turban. It also comes with a priestly breastplate that holds twelve gems, each symbolizing a different tribe of Israel. Dress you son in this lovely, detailed, and colorful costume and he will exude dignity just like the high priest did in biblical times!

Moses Adult Costume




Tired of dressing up as the same old king and queen every Purim? Then look no further, because now you can dress up as one of the Jewish people’s favorite prophet: Moses! Not only did Moses receive the 10 commandments, but he also sports a biblical stylish beard that is downright epic. This legendary costume includes a cream-colored plain robe under a shortleeved robe in stripes.




Mother Rivkah Costume for Girls




This costume is guaranteed to bring the spirit of the biblical matriarchs into your Purim party. Rivkah, the wife of Isaac, and father of Jacob and Esau, is credited with being one of the most cunning and kind of all the Jewish matriarchs. This serene crisp white dress comes detailed with camels and print, along with a beautiful headpiece. Perfect for any young lady to remember one of her very first Purims by!

Jewish Grand Rabbi Child



This Jewish grand Rabbi costume is one that captures the timeless essence of devout and pious Jewish Rabbis. A golden zip-up robe, with black trimmings, and a golden sash mimics the robes worn by influential Rabbis throughout the centuries. Let your son dress up as his favorite Rabbi this Purim, and watch as  he becomes the life of the party in this fun and respectful costume!



Silver Rabbi Robe





This stunning button-up Rabbinical robe is silver in color, and has black velvet lapels. The robe has a beautiful pattern, and will make any young man look smart, observant, and fun! This robe goes passed the knees, and will keep any man warm while trudging through the wintery streets looking for the closest Purim party.


Plush Lion Costume



This Purim, dress your son or daughter up as the king of the jungle! This lion costume is cute, cuddly, and will scare Haman and any bad spirits away from this year’s Purim party! A brown fringed mane and a cute fluffy tail highlight this very sweet and fuzzy costume. Your child will have a roaring good time at their next Purim party wearing this awesome costume.




Biblical King Costume



This biblical king costume will make any young man feel like a king at his party this Purim! A white robe with a purple vest, detailed with golden edges, really highlights the royal feeling of this costume. The costume includes a crown and golden belt to complete this biblically regal look. Don’t show up to this years Purim party looking like a peasant! Dress up in this costume and you are sure to be the most talked about king at the party.


King Robe Adult Crown Set




This adult king costume is regal, royal, and fantastically red! The long red robe is elegant, with a collar and edges that are white spotted fur. The spotted fur also appears on the rim of the royal hat, which is large and gold ribbed, just like a king’s hat should be! This is the perfect outfit to wear while you feast, and toast your royal subjects in this years Purim party.




Jumping On The Lucky Wagon


Most national holidays only get celebrated in their respective countries. My American friends definitely do not know when Canada Day is, or what traditions – barbecue, anyone? -  we have to celebrate it. Similarly, though I do know that the Journée de la Bastille in France is July 14th, I have zero idea how they celebrate. It is very normal for a national holiday to be an insular phenomenon. So why is Saint Patrick’s Day so widely celebrated? Why is it that, come March, people who have their own national pride all year long suddenly wear “Irish For The Day” badges and drink green beer and plaster shamrocks all over their windows? Obviously this holiday has some contagious element to it. In order for you to properly celebrate(no matter your heritage!) I have put together an excellent list of green costumes to help you adequately celebrate the luckiest day of the year. And if none of these outfits feel lucky enough, find way more on our St Patrick’s Day Feature page!     Gentleman's Kilt






Often asked what is underneath, gentlemen in kilts get wild amounts of attention from both ladies and guys. Truth is, no one ever really needs to know: but lifting up your hem will definitely get the Irish party going, that’s for sure. Don’t catch cold!








Sexy Leprechaun Costume





Become the leprechaun any group of college boys wishes to find at the end of a rainbow – and no, I do not think they will be disappointed by the lack of pot of gold. In this adorable green and white dress/jacket combo and hat, you’ll charm any shamrock-sporting lads right into your pocket.

        Kiss Me Cutie Irish Costume



Overwhelmed by the sea of green happening around you? Be the splash of white that everyone will happily welcome in this flirty little Kiss Me Cutie costume. With its off-the-shoulder sleeves and white gloves, you’ll be the talk of the town – and the belle of Belfast city.








Leprechaun Parade Pleaser Costume

I present you with the absolute sexiest of all St Paddy’s day costumes. This larger than life Leprechaun Parade Teaser comes with everything depicted, minus the pipe and buckle shoes. Throw it on and you will not be able to to keep the kiddies away. They’ll be scratching at your big ears in hopes that you may be hiding gold in them!

              Shamrock Sweetheart




Wanna be the cutest shamrock in the grass? In this Shamrock Sweetie outfit you will turn heads, steal hearts and make all the other ladies in the room green with envy! You can rock it for any St Patrick’s day celebration – but maybe you’ll wanna select a different outfit for the parade…











Green Skinsuit






 Okay, so he doesn’t necessarily look all that irish…or does he? We don’t actually know WHAT is hiding underneath this ridiculous green costume. Putting skin suits, or morph suits as some call them, on the right partygoer is the most sure fire way to make a totally tame party into a madhouse!

        Mr. Leprechaun Costume Leprechaun Pet Costume









Staring at these two dudes, I couldn’t help but notice an uncanny resemblance between them…perhaps they’re related? In all honesty though, this could be the cutest couple costume of the year. The beard gets me every time. #smitten

We Wish You A Merry Disco

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Costume Trends


Oh, the holidays… always busy, usually stressful, and never dull. Between the office party, dinner with the in-laws, visiting aunt Myrtle’s organic farm in Vermont, and Christmas…well, needless to say, it is totally likely that you will be pooped by New Year’s Eve. That, my friend, is preposterous! You mustn’t start off your year on a tired foot! We here at Oya are firm believers in The PNYTP: that is to say, The Perfect New Year’s Theme Party. It remedies any and all holiday fatigue. Quick, grab one of these costumes and head over to your neighbours’ Disco themed cocktail party! Trust us, you will make the whole block wanna boogie!

Disco Diva Costume







Brave the cold in your biggest parka so that you can peel it off at the party to reveal this cute, simple Disco Diva dress! With its mesmerizing swirls and cute matching headband, this little number is sure to win the hearts of many a Beegee!







Ho! Ho! Ho!

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Costume Trends


Hey folks! We here at Oya have switched gears. We have launched ourselves fully and completely into the holiday season, and we truly believe that Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year! To prove it, we compiled a small sample of our vast array of jolly ole Saint Nick costumes. We want YOU to love the holidays as much as we do. Have a peak! And don’t forget to check out the rest of our fun Christmas supplies!

Santa Baby Costume



Welcome to Christmas, small one! In this adorable Santa Baby Costume, your little bundle of joy will undoubtedly chuckle his whole day away. You’ll be lucky if you can get him out of it long enough to clean it!





Jolly Santa with mid length coat


In this imitation crushed velvet Jolly Ole St Nick Costume, you will swank up even the fanciest parties. The jacket with attached cape has a long, old-fashioned feel and beautiful embroidery on the front, along with the classic faux fur trim. Add a little bell and you will be ho-ho-ho-ing all through December!