Batman Costumes – Superhero costumes over the years


BATMAN Costumes have gone through possibly more re-incarnations than any other superhero demonstrating he is one super-hero that moves with the times! That’s not too surprising though when you consider that Batman has been around since 1939 (about the same length of time as Superman). Unlike Superman, the Batman costume has gone through the quite a lot of changes (some good and unfortunately some bad) through the decades.

Batman’s costume has evolved from a light-weight spandex suit into an armor clad and fully accessorized kit. In terms of colors, he has also changed with hues varying from light and dark greys, blues and more recently pure black. Curiously even the traditional Batman logo on his chest has also been changed drastically.

Batman is a very particular Superhero, being the only one that doesn’t have superpowers and hasn’t been into some kind of radioactive incident. His strength comes mainly from the gadgets and weapons he carries with him. From his Bat-car, Bat-boat to whatnot, this superhero has ALL the accessories.

Going back to his costume, one of Batman’s signature pieces has been his mask. The classic Batman mask has always been a rigid shape and actors have complained that it reduces the movements especially those that played in the Dark Knight. In the latest two films the mask design was modified to have a more articulated shaped neck that allowed better movement. No more stiff neck then I guess.

Of course for any retrospective on Batman, you have to also look at the TV (both cartoon and live action) series which were tremendously popular. From the start Batman had always used a costume with greys and blues. In 1989 a black costume that emphasized the body shape was introduced and by 1997 it had become a very cartoonish costume with the silver details that were not very well received. With the return of the Dark Knight the last 5 years, Batman costume has gone through a major resurgence in popularity. Batman is an icon and symbol of power and justice with his articulated costume design, he is surely equipped to save Gotham City from all its villains.

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