Calling All Moms!



Calling all new moms! Halloween is fast approaching; only 53 days until our favourite holiday here at Oya Costumes! Our drawers are overflowing with bright, exciting and downright adorable costume possibilities for you and your kids. But don’t wait to order: every day, tons of costumes are shipped out to happy and satisfied customers. Why not avoid the stress of last minute shopping and get your orders in now! And don’t forget to check out our website for other exciting baby costumes!


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Lil' Garden Gnome




Don’t let his big white beard fool you! This little garden gnome isn’t weathered or tired. He wants to travel; trick or treat!



Wonder Woman Infant






She may be small, but boy is she strong! Wonder Woman is ready to take on anything you throw her way, especially if it is sweet!



Pumpkin Costume





This little Jack-o-lantern is lit up and ready to boogy! His warm romper is perfect for any trick-or-treating excursion!


Wizard of Oz Scarecrow






We can personally guarantee that this scarecrow has a big heart. His desire to conquer the yellow brick road – or your block – is totally undeniable!



The Smurfette Costume





Papa Smurf Romper


Why not smurf your kids into these costumes? Every other smurf in pre-school will be smurfing to get their cool threads!







Eeyore Winnie the Pooh Costume






This little donkey ain’t got time for moping! Eeyore is smiling and ready for adventure in this warm, cozy romper!







Tiny Tentacles




This little guy is all arms and legs! The better to festoon about the neighborhood and show off his brightly colored scales!