Cleopatra Costumes: Dress Like You’re the Last Queen of Egypt

From Shakespeare to Elizabeth Taylor, the reign of Cleopatra continues to fascinate and inspire men and women of all ages. Finding Cleopatra costumes that live up to her name is no easy task! The alluring Queen was the last of the Ptolemaic dynasty and the last active ruler of Ancient Egypt before it was subsumed by the Roman Empire. To many, she symbolizes the end of an era; peopled with Pharaohs, priests and pyramids. However, she was much more of a pioneer. She centralized all power away from her Pharaoh brother and was thus the first to rebel against the tradition of female rulers being subordinate to male co-rulers. Perhaps no Cleopatra costume needs to be escorted by Pharaoh costumes after all… If you’re as captivated by her story as I am, here are 10 lesser known facts about her.  

If you’re looking for a costume with a fun yet substantive story, Cleopatra costumes are ideal! The Queen solidified her grip on the throne by seducing the most powerful man of his day, Julius Caesar, who then abandoned any plans of conquering Egypt. Her incomparable beauty and sharp intellect also entranced Mark Anthony. When his attempts to succeed Caesar failed, the couple tragically committed suicide and Egypt became a Roman province.

Her intriguing legacy continues to live through operas, Shakespearean plays, films, themed parties and of course, costumes! This Halloween, channel your seductive shrewdness with the best selection of Cleopatra costumes. No choice is too opulent for this queen. Fittingly, the Cleopatra movie was the most expensive movie ever made in its day! To learn more facts about this iconic movie check this fun article. If you want to achieve the full effect and immerse yourself in Cleopatra’s world, consider these Pharaoh costumes costumes as well. With these and other Ancient Egyptian costumes, you can easily transport yourself to the majestic land of Egypt.   

Women Cleopatra Costumes

Cleopatra Costume

There’s no other way to start than with this Black Cleopatra Costume. It epitomizes Cleopatra’s beguiling majesty. Poised and entrancing, this look includes the floor-length dress, cape, embellished collar and belt. Be sure to add a wig and staff to truly feel like the Queen you are. 

Girl Cleopatra Costumes    

Cleopatra Costume Girl

A Cleopatra costume is by no means a look reserved for adults! Girls too can feel like the greatest Queen of Egypt with this Child Cleopatra Costume. Grace the Nile River with this floor-length dress, cape, headband,  neckpiece, arm bands and belt.

Pharaoh Costumes

Pharaoh Costumes

Follow in the footsteps of great Pharaohs with this majestic King of Egypt Pharaoh Costume. This powerful ensemble features a sleeveless black tank top, an Egyptian collar with an attached gold cape, a black skirt, a pair of golden gauntlets, a medallion necklace and a headdress. All of these items are made with quality in mind and would even make King Tutankhamun envious.