Costumes Wanted: Dead or Undead!

We here at Oya Costumes love the autumn. We love the feeling of crisp fall air on our faces…we love being alive! But something else that we are pretty big fans of is kinda the opposite. We love love LOVE of our Undead. Specifically, our zombies and our vampires hold a very special, very warm(or cold?) place in our hearts. Whether you are a rotting, bloody schoolgirl, or a regal medieval vampire in tux and tails, Oya loves you.

Here is a small sampling of the incredible variety of vampires and zombies that we have locked up in our warehouse! And if you don’t find a costume that you think will make bats squeak and heads roll, come check out the rest of the creepy gang and their buds!






Royal Vampire Costume





Velcome to my home, everyvun! Happy Halloveen! In this dashing ensemble, you can be the most regal and imposing host. The two toned cape comes with detachable broaches and chains for added versatility and flair. Dress up or dress down, O Royal Undead One. The Adams family has nothing on this guy!







Gothic Vamp Costume




Win the heart of every young maiden…and then, when no one is looking, sink your teeth into their necks. The dashing tailcoat comes with an attached deep red vest and a black sheer cravat. All the ladies will jump to you, and, if you play your cards right, they’ll stick around. If your charm wears down…they may run away fast.


Zombie Priest



Zombie Bloody Sister Costume






The power of Christ compels you…to dress as the coolest couple at the party! With the bloodstained white on top of black garb, these two costumes will make you stand out and be a centrepiece of conversation! But don’t get used to it…we can’t go making this a “habit”!






Gothica Vampira Prestige






The most sultry, bloodthirsty vampire we have; she ruthlessly strikes and quickly leaves her victims drained dry. The long, beautiful dress has a rouched skirt and messy black sleeves to give a real, genuine feeling of Undead. This Vampira costume also comes with a sexy little choker…may as well protect your own neck, though something tells me no one is interested in your blood tonight!








Zombie Football Player Costume



You probably won’t be scoring any touchdowns in this Zombie Football player costume, but you will cover a lot of ground…if there are any warm bodies to pursue. The matching trousers and jersey come with a bloody helmet…which you will need, as you are a bit of a klutz(don’t worry, it’s in your nature).






Fang Bangin' Fun Female Vampire Costume






Ever wanted to know how it feels to Fang-Bangingly beautiful? Tonight is your chance! With this fun, flirty vampire costume, it will be impossible to escape the attention of on-lookers…or, as some may prefer to call them, dinner.

Dr. Graves Zombie Doctor Costume


Doctor, is something wrong? You’re looking a little pale…or grey. Hunt down your prey in disguise in this creepy Zombie Doctor costume. The headlamp is perfect to see in the dark…so you can catch them wherever they are. And you have a doctor’s bag…perfect for if your hand falls off unexpectedly.