Finding Nemo Halloween Costumes

Just Keep Swimming

emily–By Emily S.
The new Disney Pixar movie Finding Dory came in with a splash leaving kids and parents everywhere excited to reunite with their favorite clown fish, Dory the blue tang, and a slew of new fun-loving characters in the highly anticipated sequel to Finding Nemo. Enter Hank the grumpy on the outside, but soft on the inside (literally) octopus who gives Dory a lift when she needs one. This film has quickly made its way into the hearts of children and parents everywhere leaving nothing but courage to just keep swimming, even when the going gets rough. If you are a parent that had Finding Nemo as a constant in the DVD player add another layer of fun and memories with adorable dory costumes or nemo costumes that will encourage your little fishes to use their imaginations while exploring their very own ocean.

Nemo Halloween Costumes

For the little Nemo’s within, the Nemo costume can be a fun addition to any dress up chest. For those who just can’t get enough of the sweet, yet forgetful Dory a costume is the perfect way to share in the underwater adventures while your little ones explore the open ocean! Wear together for costume parties, or just for fun costumes can make a rainy day fun again.

Dress Up Fun That Transcends Holidays

Dory Costumes

Halloween is a given, but who needs a special holiday to dress up in your favorite costumes? Kids can find enjoyment by exploring with their favorite characters Nemo, Dory and even Hank the octopus too. Give your children a reason to use their imaginations while encouraging the meaning that the film portrays, to always look on the bright side even when life seems impossible.

Make a Splash with Dory Costumes or Nemo Costumes!


Dressing up as Nemo and Dory, and even Hank the Octopus can be a fun way to teach your children to never give up while encouraging their imaginations while playing under the sea with Mr. Ray. It can show your little ones that dress up is meant for every day, not just a holiday! Overcoming adversities, while finding the strength to persevere can provide the perfect learning opportunities to achieve greatness and adding costumes that they will love never hurt either.

Hank Costume


Why don’t you join them in the fun and have your own family underwater adventure with these adult costume or hats just like Dory, Nemo and Marlin!

Nemo Costumes AdutD10083Z

Dory Hat


Hank Hat