Go Japanese with a Geisha Costumes

Geisha Halloween Costumes

It is the dream of every young girl to get dressed up in those elegant Japanese Geisha costumes. There’s no other better time to fulfill this desire than at a costume party. Geisha costumes add elegance and class to any girl who wears them.

Geisha and Oriental Costumes

Wrapping themselves up in elegant Geisha costumes is a common trend among women attending costume parties. There are many ways to wear Geisha costumes/a>.

If you are a single woman who wants to appear hot and trendy, a modified Geisha costume which is shortened up to 2-3 inches above the knees would be a perfect choice.

Although the Geisha costume itself is great, essential accessories can make them even better. Try using two chopsticks to tie your hair, wear wooden clogs or carry a hand fan.

An integral part of the Geisha look is the full face make up. So start off by painting your face and neck white. Powder will wear off during a party, so make sure that the make up you buy includes a lot of white face make up, just like the ones that are used by clowns.

Next, highlight your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil and add enough mascara to make your eyes look dark and sharp. Finally, add red lipstick to complete the exotic Geisha look! Complete the look with a black wig.




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