Guardians of the Galaxy Costume For Your Party

Guardians of the Galaxy is a one of a kind movie for superhero lovers and skeptics alike – with a cast of lesser-known Marvel characters and a relatively unexplored universe; Guardians of the Galaxy Costumes feel refreshingly unique compared with other, much-repeated storylines. And while the plot itself is well-written and plenty of fun, the movie’s greatest selling point by far is the cast of mismatched, cheeky and outlandish characters. An audacious space adventurer, an extraordinarily powerful, literal-to-a-fault alien, a fiercely independent ex-assassin, a linguistically-challenged, sentient tree, and a brash but clever raccoon – what more could you ask for in a group of friends? Grab your own set of ragtag pals (don’t forget your Guardians of the Galaxy costume!) for the upcoming sequel, and set out to save the galaxy once again. 

Haven’t seen the trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. II yet? Check it out here.

Star-Lord Costume

starlord costume 

Star-Lord conveys strength and determination as he finds his place in outer space after being abducted by a starship. While he maintains a connection to Earth, his focus remains on a mission to stop the destruction of planets by evil galactic powers. He also proves that space apparel isn’t all about one-piece silver jumpsuits by sporting a sleek maroon overcoat and a high-tech, futuristic mask, both included in the Star-Lord costume. Plus, if you have an old Walkman lying around, you could add the perfect final touch to this ensemble. The Star-Lord costume is available for both adults and children, and can be outfitted with matching gloves (available in adult and child size) as well as a Starlord gun so you can defend the galaxy!


Rocket Raccoon Costume

rocket raccoon costume

Rocket Raccoon is a rebel and a fighter, who also just happens to be a raccoon (but seriously, don’t call him a rodent – it will not go over well.) If your child has a knack for being a little cheeky, the furry jumpsuit and detailed mask will aid in their temporary transition to weapon-wielding, whiskered renegade. The Rocket Raccoon costume for children comes complete with a backpack, perfect for toting your everyday space orbs (or maybe just some Halloween candy – whichever you prefer!). Pair up with a buddy with the Groot costume, and don’t forget the gloves to keep those little paws warm.


Drax the Destroyer Costume

drax the destroyer costume
Drax the Destroyer may not understand metaphors, but that doesn’t stop him from understanding how to destroy his enemies. While this grey-skinned, tattooed beast of a creature may seem intimidating at first, there’s more to him than meets the eye. In fact, Drax turns out to be perhaps the most sensitive of the Guardians of the Galaxy gang. Unleash your inner vengeful beast with the Drax the Destroyer costume – whether you’re a child or an adult, this might be the Guardians of the Galaxy costume for you! And don’t forget – nothing goes over Drax’s head, his reflexes are too fast.

Gamora Costume

gamora costume
Flying solo as the only girl in this male-dominated gang, Gamora holds her own as an invaluable member of the Guardians gang. Though she’s a ruthless assassin by trade, this green goddess softens up when it comes to her new group of galaxy-defending friends. Fearless and alluring, Gamora makes a great costume for any woman looking to turn heads. Don’t forget to cap off this killer Guardians of the Galaxy costume with the very on-trend ombré red wig.


Groot Costume

groot costume
An instant fan-favourite, Groot captures hearts without needing to say more than three words. Despite his limited vocabulary, Groot manages to communicate easily with his pal Rocket Raccoon using different intonations and gestures. Actions truly speak louder than words with this selfless and unique character. Don this detailed Groot mask, repeat “I am Groot!” throughout the night, and you’re good to go!

Fun fact: Vin Diesel recorded the phrase “I am Groot!” over 1,000 times for the first movie. Click here for more tidbits you probably didn’t know about Guardians of the Galaxy!