Matching Couples Halloween Costumes

Matching Halloween Couple Costumes
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Halloween – a time to scare, a time to dress up, and a time to create the most haunted house possible! However, if you choose to make it so, Halloween can also be romantic – a non-sequitur kind of romantic. But we here at Oya Costumes think that normal is boring, and weirdos are much more fun to party with! Dress up with your sweetheart as your favorite creepy crawler, or as a famous couple – the sky is the limit with couples halloween costumes ! Just remember to have fun!


A classic tale of insatiable romance between two…er…creepy looking creatures? Oh well, love comes in all shapes and sizes. You and your “boo”, so to speak, can have a terrifying time in these two poetically lean and hauntingly pale costumes. Fit right in at couples halloween costumes…or stick out like a couple of sore thumbs at Christmas time…


DALMATIANS Couple Costumes

Follow your animal instincts and disguise yourself as a couple of sweet little pooches in matching Dalmatian costumes. Your black and white fur will ensure you both stand out amidst the rainbow of couples halloween costumes at any party. You two will definitely be the easiest couple to spot!




Do you dream of running off to join the circus with your significant other? This costume is perfect for you! Dominate your partner and live out your wildest fantasies with this Ringmaster and lion duo. We have ringmasters for him and for her too…so there is something for every lion-tamer and not only fun for couples halloween costumes.



Turn your home into an enchanted ice castle and turn your hubby into the nicest snowman since Frosty. Elsa and Olaf are a positively perfect match, and the couples halloween costumes are usable all winter long! We have a multitude of different Elsa dresses so you can properly express your true inner ice queen. Come on, what are you waiting for? Let it go! Let it go!



The world’s cutest creatures alive are also some of the funnest couples halloween costumes. Become a banana-hungry, squeaky-voiced jibberish-shooting, smooth talking twosome. The overalls with integrated yellow sleeves come with cute character goggles. All you need to do is dress up, put the kids to bed, thank the babysitter and walk out the door.



Two of the most notorious villains of all time make a positively terrifying couple – but what on earth else is Halloween for? Suit up in these fabulous costumes and tear through any party like it is yours for the taking – because if that isn’t how you go about it, you just aren’t being faithful to the legacy of these two wild villains!



An unlikely couples  isn’t always a bad thing! Look at how well these two go together – like peas and carrots. Throw these two cats into the same room and the conversation can only be interesting. Get carried away to Wonderland and paint roses red at the wildest tea party of all time…then watch things get curiouser and curiouser…

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