Spotlight on Spiderman Costumes through the years

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In our ongoing feature on Superhero costumes through the years, this week we feature one of the most fun and complex superhero characters. Born in 1962, our friendly neighbourhood Spider- Man has been evolving ever since to become one of our spine-tingling favorites.

As you can see from the collage, the earliest comic book and animated versions of Spiderman, the first live action Spiderman had very rounded eyes.  Curiously there was a Japanese Spiderman during the same decade with a more oriental looking eyes and a bracelet from where his spider webs where being shot. The short-lived animated series Spiderman Unlimited 1999 presented us a very different costume with a black and red costume which thankfully did not last.

Beginning in 2002 with the release of “Spiderman” the movie, the Spiderman costume acquired a darkness in the colors, with more texture and details but remained true to the original version. The classic Spiderman costume that are generally available is based on the 2002,  and this costume is still highly popular. This classic Spiderman’s costume is one of the few that has not really changed much since its first appearance. The bright red and blue have always been kept very similar throughout the years with few changes in the mask design.

The 2012 film introduced a darker, stylized version of Spiderman’s costume including a variation in the spider logo in his chest. The colors went even darker and the use of texture material gave the costume a more realistic look and more powerful. The upcoming 2014 film will add few changes to this last costume going back to brighter colors similar to the 2002 film; bigger eyes on the mask that echo the Ultimate Spider-Man comics much more.

Being only a teenager is arguably one of the most unusual characteristic of this superhero. While there are other characteristics (like his cool web-shooters, buggy eyes and what not) that are absolutely unique about Spiderman, it perhaps Peter Parker’s youth that explains his enormous popularity of Spider-man costumes with kids. Take a look at some of our Spiderman costumes and see if you can find something for you and/or your child!