SuperGirl | An Iconic Superhero Costume for Women

When the trailer of Super Girl was released this may, every feminist (myself included) jumped out of their seats in anticipation. While traditional superhero movies will always have a place in our hearts here at Oya Costumes, this spin on the iconic film Superman has all of us intrigued. In the past decades, despite trying the modernize the plot lines, superhero movies tend to fall into the repetitive pattern of a masculine, inhumanly buff guy saving the world as well as his gorgeous love interest. While the female characters have become smarter and more independent over the years, they has never taken centre stage in major heroic films. This new series by CBS on the other hand has all the traditional superhero elements while dealing with real feminist questions.


Shouldn’t she be called superwoman?

What do you think is so bad about girl? I’m a girl and your boss and powerful and rich and hot and smart. So if you perceive SuperGirl as anything else than excellent then isn’t the real problem you?

R15553ZThe level of girl power is through the roof with the trailer alone. Its a good reminder to the general audience that women are too often unjustly categorized and stereotyped. The series is going to bring a breath of fresh air to a often male dominated genre. Debuting this October, this series has given us even more reason to look forward to this Halloween season. Be sure to check out our Super Girl costumes to be ahead of the pack. Available in multiple versions for every age group, any girl of any age can channel their girl power this Halloween.