Top 5 Baby Halloween Costumes

Top Halloween Choices – Baby Costumes

emily–By Emily S.

Baby costumes might be the most fun parents have at Halloween – a baby is happy with anything so long as they are warm. You have the freedom to choose pretty much any costume you like!

Pick #1 :
Snow White

Dressing your daughter up in a classic Snow White costume is fun! Did you know she is Disney’s first princess? Take that, Elsa! This sweet little dress will make your little lady shine just as bright as she should. Something tells me a Sleepy, a Sneezy and a Dopey would be easy to come by at the local playgroup too… Snow White Infant Costume

Pick #2 :

Check out this little hustler! This prisoner outfit is an impossibly cute option for your little tyke. With its matching cap and wildly realistic tattoo sleeves, who could possibly say no to this miniature convict? “Give me all your money or I’ll poop!” Check out the Time Out Prisoner Baby Costume.


Pick #3:


Did you know that the word “gladiator” is latin for the word “swordsman”? Neither does this guy! He looks pretty happy either way. Complete with a headpiece and wrist cuffs, this little jumper will have your miniature gentleman melting hearts from Rome to Rio! Shop Gladiator baby costumes at Oya!

Pick #4 :


Transform your miniature lady into the world’s cutest miniature poodle! This sweet little pink romper comes complete with a matching headpiece and booties. Plus it’s super warm, in case your little tyke is interested in going trick-or-treating for poodles and poodles of fun! Find the Poodles of Fun baby costume here.

Pick #5 :


This piece is just udder-ly adorable! The one-piece with feet comes with a cute hat, bedecked with ears and horns. Cozy Cow is perfect for any tyke to fall asleep in on your shoulder while you trundle along from door to door with your little ones. And when this little cow gets grouchy and is no longer a-moosed, you can carry them up to bed and tell them “Darling, it is pasture bedtime.” Check out the Cozy Cow baby costume here.