Unleash Your Inner Royalty!

Let’s face it: most little girls, at one point or another, idolized a princess. When asked, they could instantly tell you why Snow White was the most beautiful or why Belle was the smartest. There are so many stunning princess costumes here in our Oya warehouse, and staring at boxes overflowing with crinolines, sparkly shoes, magic wands, tiaras, and oodles of sparkles…well, we figured we could share our love for princesses with you. After all, Halloween doesn’t have to be scary. It can also be magical! And for all the royally infatuated gentlemen out there, we have a couple of Prince Charming Costumes that may tickle your fancy. Enjoy luxuriously!

Not seeing any princesses or princes that make you feel ready to rule a kingdom? Fret not, we have many more beautiful royal disguises!




Prince Charming Costume



Ladies, pick your fairytale before OR after selecting your man’s costume. Next to almost any princess, this handsome costume just makes sense. With his crisp and oh-so-regal white blazer, tassled shoulder pads and golden sash, who could say no this dashing Prince Charming?





Seductive Gypsy Costume





Entrance passersby and romance even the coldest of hearts with this beautiful gypsy princess outfit. The rich purple and blue fabrics are lined with gold and the free flowing belly top is lined with silky blue. Dance the night away to any rhythm, and don’t forget to twirl a bunch to show off that great skirt!





Harem Hottie Costume





Mesmerize everyone in this stunning Jasmine number. The sweet little baby doll top has LED lights in it for purposes of hypnotism, naturally. Not that you will need help getting attention – in this costume, no one will be able to look away!




Enchanting Belle Costume


Do you come from a little town, a quiet village, where every day is like the one before? Why not spice things up a bit with this sassy little Belle costume? The yellow skirt has a flirty short cut in the front and an elegant long back, and the corset top has a cute pink flower in the center. You’ll be schooling every other little lady in this sweet number!

Pocahontas Costume

Ever wanted to sing with all the colors of the wind? In this seductive Pocahontas dress, everyone around YOU will be singing your praises. They’ll all be begging for your fringed self to walk their way. Don’t let anyone tame your wild heart, Pocahontas!

Pink Princess Peach Costume






Not all princesses are versatile. Some, in fact, are quite stuffy and close-minded. This costume, however, is perfectly versatile. Why? Not because it can shape shift, but because of you decide to bring to the party with you: if you have Prince Charming on your arm, then you are the ever-famous and always beautiful Aurora from Sleeping Beauty. However, if you decide to link up arms with Supermario, then you are the sweeter-than-candy Princess Peach. How’s that for versatility?

 Princess Snow White Adult Disney





Careful, don’t bite that positively delicious looking apple! Don’t let anybody trick you into that! In spectacular floor length dress, we wouldn’t be surprised if seven little men started following you around asking for pie. To be noted: we do not sell pies or the ability to sing high notes with our Snow White costumes – we would if we could!






Storybook Cinderella Costume



Sashay the night away in this sexy a d rather revealing version of Cinderella. You can go out, party, have a great time and then go home. The best part about not ACTUALLY being Cinderella? We can’t decide whether it’s the lack of a midnight curfew, or the fact that you will probably go home with both shoes…or maybe simply that nothing will turn into a pumpkin.





Prince Heir Costume





Finally. Last but definitely not least is the Prince Heir costume. Slightly more conservative than our aforementioned prince in this article, this one is happy to deck out in a simple, regal red jacket and a baby blue sash. A perfect date for a perfect lady? Yes please.