Winning Costumes at the 2014 FIFA World Cup

Fans in blue body paint at 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil
Keepin’ it simple! Uruguay’s fans are cool blue at the 2014
FIFA World Cup in Brazil (photo by Jimmy Baikovicius)

How do you show your support for your favourite team? The attendees at the 2014 FIFA World Cup know that the biggest sports fans are the ones that go that extra mile to put together an extra-special costume to display their team colours, loud and proud! We’ve put together a few pics of some winning costumes we feel scored big at World Cup games and events so far.

British Football Fans in Brazil
British fans standing guard (photo by Jimmy Baikovicius)
Dutch Football Fan Wearing a Cow Costume
An interview with a Dutch fan/cow. Moo-oo! (Photo by Filipe Castilhos)
Kangaroo Costume
Go Socceroos! A kangaroo sports the yellow and green jersey
of Australia’s Socceroos (Photo by Filipe Castilhos)


Stand out in the crowd!: Our costume ideas for sporting events

Face, body and hair liquid makeup
Face, body and hair liquid makeup





Paint your face…and arms and hair and torso and…

Whatever outfit you decide to wear to the stadium, a little (or a lot!) of face paint or body makeup is the icing on the cake when it comes to displaying your team pride. Paint your team’s flag or logo on your cheeks for some ‘subtle’ flare, or go for all over body paint in your team’s colours to make a stronger statement. Go team!!


Beaver costume
Show your Canadian pride in this patriotic beaver costume





Be your team’s unofficial mascot

Lead your friends in cheering on your team in one of our crowd-pleasing mascot costumes! We’ve got a great selection of winning mascot costumes, like this patriotic, cheeky beaver costume (pictured on right), our adorable St. Bernard costume and our perky kangaroo costume.




Blue suit
Make a fun, yet mysterious,
statement in one of our skin suits





Turn heads in an skinsuit

A skinsuit, like the Blues Brothers kit featured at left, is a sure-fire way to make a captivating appearance in the stands. Also a great bet for a group costume idea for you and your friends!











Red Wig
Rock out in this cool red wig




Top off your fan outfit with an eye-catching wig!

Choose a wig in just the right colour to top off your winning ensemble! Our selection of wigs spans hundreds of options in an array of colours and styles to match your super sports fan persona!