A Wonder Woman Costume for the Superheroine in you

If you’re excited to see the new Wonder Woman movie, you’re not the only one. Ever since the trailer’s release, the film has created a buzz that just keeps on growing. Between the controversy surrounding the sold-out, women-only screenings of the film, and the overwhelmingly positive reviews (the film scored a 96% on Rotten Tomatoes so far, making it the current highest rated live-action superhero movie on the site), Wonder Woman sparked a global discussion. Why is this such a big deal? Well, not only is it the first Wonder Woman movie, it’s also the first superhero movie with a female lead (Gal Gadot) and the first major superhero movie to have a female director (Patty Jenkins). Can’t wait for the movie? Show your love for Wonder Woman with one of our Women Wonder Woman Costumes or Girls Wonder Woman Costumes! Or try our kits for the perfect Wonder Woman Costume!

Similar, but not identical to Wonder Woman’s outfit in the comics, the Wonder Woman costume in the movie also sparked controversy. Director Patty Jenkins explained her choices by saying: “When people get super critical about her outfit, who’s the one getting crazy about what a woman wears? That’s who she is; that’s Wonder Woman. I want her to look like my childhood fantasy (…) So let her be the every glorious thing that she is. Including hot and beautiful and sexy and loving and great and kind”.

Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman costume consists of a metallic version of the traditional red corset and blue skirt, with the Wonder Woman tiara and armbands; while some have complained that her costume is “skimpy”, variety.com points out that “As skimpy as Gadot’s outfits may get, for example, Jenkins’ camera never leers or lingers gratuitously — Diana is always framed as an agent of power, rather than its object.” Inspired by the movie’s costumes? Scroll down to look at our picks of Women Wonder Woman costumes & Girls Wonder Woman Costumes and find one that’s right for you!

Deluxe Women Wonder Woman Costumes




This stunning Deluxe Wonder Woman costume is a must for Wonder Woman fans. You can incarnate the fierce and beautiful super heroine and member of the Justice
League with this detailed costume! Fun Wonder Woman fact: Did you know that the UN named the super heroine a temporary UN Ambassador for the Empowerment of Women and Girls?


Comic Book Women Wonder Woman Costumes


Pay tribute to the Wonder Woman comics with this Comic Book Wonder Woman costume! Also known as “Princess Diana of Themyscira” or “Diana Prince”, the character first appeared in All Stars Comics #8 in 1941. Diana, princess of the Amazonian island of Themyscira, is a demigoddess trained in combat by the Amazons. She lives under the civilian identity of Diana Prince, and fights her enemies as Wonder Woman.



Wonder Woman Costume Accessory Kit


Wonder Woman fights with love, but also with her wrist cuffs and Lasso of truth. This accessory kit will be great to complete your Wonder Woman costume! If you loved the movie, you can also add the shield and sword she wields in the 2017 adaptation.

Girls Wonder Woman Costumes


There’s no such thing as too much girl power! Your little girl can become one of the world’s most beloved super heroines with this Girl Wonder Woman costume! She’ll have wonderful adventures and save the world alongside you in this beautiful costume.

Plus Size Women Wonder Woman Costumes


This is another great, detailed Wonder Woman costume. Don this stunning costume and you’ll be ready to fight Ares, Circe and all of Wonder Woman’s other enemies. You’ll also be the hit of any costume party or Wonder Woman screening!