It seems there’s no shortage of articles focused on Baby Boomers and Millennials these days. For Thanksgiving, we thought we’d send a special shout out to you Gen-X’ers instead. Hope you get some downtime from your McJobs and busy family lives this weekend – time to enjoy some turkey, get some well-deserved rest and relaxation…and maybe even get yourself a Gen-X-inspired Halloween costume.

Count Chocula

Remember polishing off an entire box of your favourite sugar cereal while watching Saturday morning cartoons?

Get the costume: Count Dracula Costume

Christmas Story Bunny

Some might say it’s an Easter costume, but you know it’s all about Christmas.

Get the costume: A Christmas Story Bunny Suit Adult

George Jetson Costume

More cartoon nostalgia…

Get the costume: George Jetson Costume


You say it’s Tim Burton’s best movie…

Get the costume: Beetlejuice Adult Costume

Edward Scissorhands

…but you own multiple copies of this one.

Get the costume: Edward Scissorhands Costume – Grand Heritage

So what Gen-X-inspired Halloween costumes did we miss? Let us know in the comments below!

No time to shop for costumes for yourself? Check out our kids costumes!

Have a happy Thanksgiving all!

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