Alice in Wonderland is one of the most popular stories of all time. Its original creation was back in 1865 by Lewis Carroll. Yet, even to this day the book, Alice in wonderland costumes, Alice Costumes, Mad Hatter Costumes and Queen of Hearts Costumes are extremely popular.

The book itself is a psychedelic trip to a fantasy world filled with human-like creatures. As you read it, it takes you into a colorful enormous world where everything is turned upside down. Animals and plants talk. You can grow and shrink with drinks or food and everyone is mad in wonderland.

The book is literary beauty. It opened kid’s imaginations and brought adults back into childhood. Plus with a book so mad and bent on crazy costumes, it’s impossible not to find something you’d enjoy wearing. Especially since Alice in Wonderland Costumes have so much variety in design, size, characters and colors. It’s also a beautiful example of literary nonsense. Lewis uses random words and ideas for kids to enjoy imagining while playing with the logic of reality and imagination for adults.

Alice is also a highly relatable character as she tries to differentiate reality from imaginary. She shows a range of different stages and emotions that many people relate to as they age. Alice is also a great example of internal struggle. As she constantly changes her attitude from polite to impatient, bold to timid. She seems to be fighting her Wonderland self and her Real self throughout the book. A lot of adults and teenagers relate to her struggles and love her character for this.

She also showed people that logic could trump brawn. That brains were more important than strength and can win over any situation. This was great for many people who were fighting against authority. As throughout the 20th century, authority was the only thing that mattered. If you were lower you couldn’t do anything about it and Alice showed everyone otherwise.

Alice is just a little girl whose curiosity continues to move her ahead of all obstacles and onto new adventures. Her courage and resilience is what many of us strive for in ourselves. That’s why this Halloween you should wear Alice in Wonderland Costumes. Whether they be Mad Hatter Costumes, Queen of Hearts Costumes or Alice Costumes, you should wear them all. Let yourself free and be a little Mad like the rest of us. Check out our costumes below for a great selection of Alice in Wonderland Costumes!

Queen of Hearts Costume


Meet me behind the looking glass! No one will dare beat you at cards, or paint your roses red, when you wear this regal Queen of Hearts Costume. This is a stunning look that will command respect and admiration. The Queen of Hearts Costume includes a gorgeous, colourful dress with red glitter heart accents and an oversized card print skirt, a beautifully decorated neckpiece, and a matching crown with red glitter hear detail. Rule over Wonderland in this costume: it’s sure to make you travel down the rabbit hole!

Dark Mad Hatter Costumes


How about a darker themed tea party courtesy of your darkened mad hatter? The Dark Mad Hatter costume features a marvelous black jacket, with attached striped purple and black velvet vest with lace sleeve detail. The grey gauze dicky and the fantastic over-sized hat with ribbons complete the look. Add an over-sized wig and some shoes to complete your Mad Hatter Costumes look. Then you can have a delightfully dark tea party.

Classic Tim Burton Mad Hatter Costumes


Host a delightfully mad tea party with an assortment of Alice in Wonderland Costumes! Straight out of Wonderland, this Mad Hatter costume brings to life this famously eccentric character. The brown crushed velvet jacket includes an attached mock vest, mismatched satin cravat, and printed “spools of thread” sash. The blue pants and oversized top hat are also included! So go out and host a tea party with a wonderful land of treats.

Womens Mad Hatter Costumes


You’ll be ready to host the maddest of tea parties in this vibrantly colorful Mad Hatter Costume. Included is a tank dress and a high low jacket both with an intriguing mixture of bold patterns and trim. As well a belt with a lavish buckle and the whimsical oversized hat top off the costume. Just add some sexy stockings, shoes, gloves and a wig and you’re good to explore your wonderland!

Dark Alice Costumes


Dress up with the Dark Alice Costume and bring an edge to the story book image of Alice in Wonderland. The lovely peasant style apron dress with Alice in Wonderland motif prints is crafted with puff sleeves and a defined bodice. It comes with pretty lace trims and accessorized by a white gloveletes with black ribbon hemline and thigh highs with black ribbon detail. Just add shoes, a wig and headband and show the dark side of Alice.

Red Court Alice Costumes


The Red Queen’s court is a great and unforgettable experience when she doesn’t hate you! The lovely Alice Red Court Dress Costume will make every girl and woman feel welcome to Wonderland. The fabulous unforgettable design from the Tim Burton’s Alice features a red dress with heart printed organza details and attached petticoat. The outfit is further embellished by the black organza armband and the red rope tie belt. A one of kind design. Just add a wig, some shoes and stockings and you will stun wonderland.

Classic Alice Costumes


Wander around in your own wonderland and start making your own adventure in this Classic Alice Costume. This iconic outfit features a blue knee-length dress with sheer puffed short sleeves, shimmering skirt overlay, and Alice’s signature white apron. The dress also comes with a black bow accent at the chest, a zipper closure at the back, and a matching oversized back bow. A black bow headband is also included. This Classic Alice Costume is great for Halloween, school plays, family occasions, and parades.

Sexy Alice Costumes


In Wonderland, everyone will be looking for your in this Alice Costume. This hot and charming Miss Wonderland costume features an apron dress designed with heart prints with a white ruffled back and a multi-tiered ruffle skirt. The blue headpiece with white lace is also included. Just add a pair of matching stockings and shoes and you will look gorgeous.