Dolls: they come in many different shapes, sizes and materials. Most of them are made to look innocent and beautiful, often being made for kids. Yet, to grownups dolls somehow give off a menacing feel. They watch your every move, follow your every action, and do things behind your back that shouldn’t be possible. They make you believe you’re going crazy without ever actually doing anything. This irrational fear is exactly what Annabelle 2: Creation preys upon.


The true story of Annabelle is that of an old ghost story about a possessed Raggedy Ann doll. Wan must have loved this story as he included a sneak peek of it back in 2013 in the widely acclaimed movie The Conjuring. Then Annabelle got her own movie, which unfortunately did not do well with the critics. Now James Wan is back with a prequel that looks at Annabelle’s Creation and guarantees to be better and scarier than the first.

Wan takes us back a decade before the events of Annabelle to a new family called the Mullins who work as doll makers. The Mullins were once a happy family until their daughter, Annabelle, died in a car crash 12 years earlier. After her death, the family kept to themselves. They locked away Annabelle’s room with the doll inside and Esther Mullins became bedridden with an unknown illness. Hoping to bring some joy back to their lives, they took in a group of orphaned girls and their caretaker. The story starts off a little slow focusing on the orphans, specifically Janice and Linda and the Mullins earlier life. The movie really starts going when Janice, discovers Annabelle’s locked room. Once Janice manages to open the room, Annabelle comes to life and all bets are off. The fun and horror begins and intensifies quickly guaranteeing to shock you with how gruesome and terrifying the demon is.

Now any horror fan knows most horror movies nowadays are full of clichés. Of course this is also true of Annabelle Creation except this time those clichés are taken to a gruesome and terrifying level. Prepare to be shocked at how intense, suspenseful, relentlessly frightening and gruesome Annabelle 2: Creation is. If you want to see a horror movie this year that will have all of your favorite horror clichés and gore on the same level as Final Destination, then watch Annabelle 2: Creation. Coming out August 11th, 2017.

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Rag Doll Women’s Costume


Look like a creepy version of the original Annabelle doll with this Rag Doll Women’s Costume! If you want to look creepier just add some makeup, a wig, a petticoat and some blood!

Couples Costume – Raggedy Ann

Relive the Annabelle story as a couple with your very own Ann costume and Andy costume! Just add some makeup to give yourself the real experience!

Want to join in the fun but worried they don’t have your size? Don’t worry, be the Annabelle and Andy you want to be as it also comes in Plus Sizes!

Children’s Raggedy Ann Costume


Bring your daughter to join in on the fun with her own Annabelle costume! She will be the cutest doll this Halloween, or add some makeup and blood to make her truly terrifying!


Haunted Doll Child Costume


You know what scares adults the most? Haunted Dolls. So why not dress up your child as one to spook the neighbors and the town! She’ll be frighteningly adorable.