Beauty and the Beast is a beautiful fairy tale that continues to inspire young girls everywhere. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, or if you want to rewatch it, now’s the time to find Beauty and the Beast costumeor Girls Belle costumes & Womens Belle Costumes and dive into the magical world of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.

The 2017 live-action remake of the Disney classic is a poignant tale that made both children and adults laugh and cry. We all know the story of the unexpected romance that blooms between bookish Belle and the rugged Beast. Yet the cast and film-makers really succeeded in bringing this new movie to life. In other words, no matter how many times you’ve seen the Disney cartoon, there was nothing boring about this adaptation. The characters both look and act quite a lot like the animated originals, but, to quote one of the movie’s most famous songs, “there’s something there that wasn’t there before”.

The costume design, by the Oscar-winning costume designer Jacqueline Durran, was praised for being both true to the character designs we all know and love, but also, in a way, more modern and more suited to a 2017 audience. To quote Jacqueline Durran, “you end up with something that references the animation, but has moved on from the animation and is particular to this film.” Belle’s splendid yellow ball gown, which took 12, 000 hours to create, certainly made a splash, but as Durran herself explained, the accessories were also a huge part of what made the costumes so stunning. If you too loved Jacqueline Durran’s beautiful costumes, you can scroll down to find our picks of Belle costumes and other costumes from the movie.

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Golden Princess – Girls Belle Costumes



Many little girls will tell you that Belle is their favourite Disney princess. Beautiful, resourceful, and smart, the young village girl is certainly a role model. This Golden Belle Princess costume will make all of your little princess’s dreams come true. Features: Belle’s classic yellow gown decorated with golden flowers.

Classic Womens Belle Costume – Beauty and the Beast costumes


You can’t go wrong with the classics. If all this talk about Beauty and the Beast has made you nostalgic, then this Belle costume, straight out of the animated Disney movie, is sure to bring back memories. The Belle Ball Gown costume features an intricate, poofy yellow ball gown decorated with roses which you can pair with yellow gloves and a yellow headband.

Womens Belle Costumes – Two Piece Dress


Belle isn’t very fond of being traditional, and she certainly doesn’t like to do things like everyone else. If you feel like that’s also your case, you might like this Disney-inspired Belle Two Piece Dress. This dress is much shorter than the original ball gown, and decorated with gold accents.  In short, it’s reminiscent of what Belle wears in the Disney classic, without being identical to it.

Womens Belle Costumes – Village Beauty Dress


Bonjour, Belle! At the beginning of the movie, Belle is living in a “quiet village” with her father, reading books and going about daily tasks. Her blue village dress is just as iconic as her yellow ball gown. Put on this Belle Village Beauty Dress featuring a white apron and a blue laced-up bodice, put your hair in a ponytail, and make sure to carry a book wherever you go to imagine yourself in Belle’s “little town” in the heart of France.

Beauty and the Beast costumes For Men


The Beast really is Prince Adam, a young nobleman cursed to look like a fearsome creature. The only way he can break the spell that was cast on himself and his servants is by learning to love, and earning another’s love. Despite seeming cruel and selfish at first, he turns out to have a good heart and ultimately breaks the curse thanks to Belle’s love. If you love his story, then the Beast Brute costume might be perfect for you!

Beauty and the Beast costumes: Beasty Beauty


Do you see yourself more in the Beast? You might like this fierce Beauty and the Beast costume. Fiery, loyal, and misunderstood by the villagers, the fearsome looking prince really has a heart of gold. You too can unleash your inner Beast with the Beasty Beauty costume. It features horns and the Beast’s blue and gold jacket.

Girls Belle Costumes – Ball Gown Deluxe


Belle looks absolutely stunning in her ball gown when she dances with the Beast. Because of this, fans couldn’t wait to see what Belle’s yellow ball gown would look like in the 2017 movie. The beautiful gown created by Jacqueline Durran, which seems to “float” as Emma Watson dances, certainly did not disappoint. With its sheer petticoats and golden ornaments, the Belle Ball Gown Deluxe costume will be the  perfect Belle costume for you or your little princess-to-be.