SUM Picks: Pink Afro Wig, Pink Bob Wig, Pink and Feathered Curly Wig, Pink Pop Star Wig and Hero Pet Costume.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

emily–By Emily S.

Most of us associate October with the wild and wacky fun of Halloween – we know here at Oya we sure do! But for some, October is a meaningful time of year: it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This is a time to stop and remember everyone around us who is affected by this very scary and very real disease. So this October, we are participating in a beautiful campaign: this month, for each of the products below that is purchased, $10 will be donated to the Cedars Cancer Foundation.
For more information on the CCF, click here.


Pick #1 :
Pink Afro Wig

This fabulous afro will make you feel positively perfect on any given day! The sweet little curls are springy and vivacious. You’re a star, darling!

Pick #2 :
Pink Bob Wig

Why not try a totally classic haircut, with a totally wild color? Show the true you in this sweet and sleek Pink Bob Wig. The curved-in ends makes for a distinguished lady look!

Pick #3 :
Pink and Feathered Curly Wig

Give yourself a real throwback in this adorable, voluminous Frenchie Wig! You’ll be the most stylish Pink Lady in the house – nothing says sweet 60’s style like feathered curls!

Pick #4 :
Pink Ribbon Hoodie Pet Costume

Put your poochie in this sweet and soft little pink hoodie! Humans aren’t the only ones who can be aware! Let your little lady rock this fabulous pink number and be warm and toasty while doing it.

Pick #5:
Breast Cancer Research Hero Pet Costume


Who is here to save the day? Why, it’s none other than the cutest little Research Hero you have ever laid eyes on, we guarantee it! She is impossibly cute with her bright pink cape and her BCRF detail. Sparky saves the day!