Oh Canada! July 1st is around the corner: celebrate Canada Day in style with Oya Costumes Canada’s collection of Canada Day costumes. Dress up in red and white for July first and happy Canada Day to you! On Sunday, July First, Canadians will get together to celebrate our beautiful country. Whether you’re watching the Canada Day Parade in Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary, Halifax, Edmonton, or any other Canadian city, you’ll want to have a Canada Day Costume to show your true colours! Even if you live in Vancouver, where the Canada Day Parade was unfortunately cancelled, you can still show your pride in Canada by  putting on a Canada Day Outfit or Canada Day Makeup.

Not sure what to wear for Canada Day? That’s why we’re here! Here are our top picks for Canada Day Costumes and Canada Day Makeup. All united!

Canada Day Outfit #1: Canada Flag Costume

What better way to show how much you love Canada than by wearing an actual Canada flag? This cool outfit will be perfect for any July 1st Parade! Be sure to pair it with some makeup for the full  effect. Your friends won’t believe their eyes when you show up to the party dressed in this Canada Day Costume. It’s also available as a dress, so you can be patriotic and stylish this Canada Day.

Canaday Outfit Flag

Canada Day Costume Flag Dress

These patriotic outfits feature red and white satin-looking flag tunic with red maple leaf print on the center. This Canada Flag Tunic Costume and this Canada Flag Dress are great outfits to wear for many occasions, including Halloween, Canada Day, and costume parties!


Canada Day Costume #2: Canadian Flag Wings

If you’re not feeling the full flag outfit, these Canadian Flag Wings are another great Canada Day outfit idea! Celebrate Canada Day in style with these amazing, red and white, maple leaf printed Canadian Flag Wings! These wings feature a maple leaf print on one side and a Canadian flag on the other. These great wings are exclusive to Oya Costumes: order now for you and your friends so you can celebrate Canadian values all united!

Canada Day Costume Canada Flag Wings


Canada Day costume #3: Canada Day Makeup

Perhaps the easiest way to celebrate Canada in style is to wear some Canada Day makeup this July first. All you really need is some red and white makeup! Whether you go all out and paint a Canadian flag on your face or just use red makeup pencils to draw maple leaves on your cheeks on on your hands, you know you’re going to need some Canada Day Makeup this Sunday.

Red Foundation Canada Day Makeup


Canada Day Costume #5: Child Mountie Costume

Let your child be the symbol of the Canadian justice with this Canadian Mountie Child Costume! It’s hard to get more iconic than a Canadian Mountie. This stunning costume will be perfect for your child if you’re taking him or her to the Canada Day Parade! It’ll also be a great Halloween costume: after all, why wait for July First to show how proud you are to be Canadian?

Canada Day Costume Mountie ChildFrom all of us at Oya Costumes Canada, have a happy Canada Day, and enjoy the parades and fireworks this July 1st!