Trivia: Did you know…that the 1963 Cleopatra film was one of the most expensive movies of all time?

From Shakespeare to Elizabeth Taylor, the reign of Cleopatra continues to fascinate and inspire men and women of all ages. Finding Cleopatra costumes that live up to her name is no easy task! The alluring Queen was the last of the Ptolemaic dynasty and the last active ruler of Ancient Egypt before it was subsumed by the Roman Empire. To many, she symbolizes the end of an era; peopled with Pharaohs, priests and pyramids. However, she was much more of a pioneer. She centralized all power away from her Pharaoh brother and was thus the first to rebel against the tradition of female rulers being subordinate to male co-rulers. Perhaps no Cleopatra costume needs to be escorted by Pharaoh costumes after all… If you’re as captivated by her story as I am, here are 10 lesser known facts about her.  


If you’re looking for a costume with a fun yet substantive story, Cleopatra costumes are ideal! The Queen solidified her grip on the throne by seducing the most powerful man of his day, Julius Caesar, who then abandoned any plans of conquering Egypt. Her incomparable beauty and sharp intellect also entranced Mark Anthony. When his attempts to succeed Caesar failed, the couple tragically committed suicide and Egypt became a Roman province.



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Her intriguing legacy continues to live through operas, Shakespearean plays, films, themed parties and of course, costumes! This Halloween, channel your seductive shrewdness with the best selection of Cleopatra costumes. No choice is too opulent for this queen.  If you want to achieve the full effect and immerse yourself in Cleopatra’s world, consider Pharaoh costumes costumes as well. With these and other Ancient Egyptian costumes, you can easily transport yourself to the majestic land of Egypt.   


Cleopatra Costumes and Cosplays


Need ideas for your very own Cleopatra costume? Celebrities and cosplayers alike have been dressing like this reportedly stunning queen for years. She’s an inspiration and a role model to many, and Cleopatra costumes are always popular at costume parties, as you can see from this image. Live it up and party like a queen with your Cleopatra Costume!

Source: Infrogmation of New Orleans – Flickr on Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 2.0

Trivia: Did you know…that Cleopatra claimed to be an incarnation of the Goddess Isis?

Anne Hathaway’s Cleopatra Costume

Cleopatra costumes are so iconic, even your favourite celebrities are wearing them! Anne Hathaway, star of The Princess Diaries, The Devil Wears Prada, Les Misérables, Ocean’s 8, and many other famous productions, donned the regal costume. She opted for a classic white dress with a golden belt and an intricate crown.


Melbourne Comic Con Cleopatra Costume

Some cosplayers go all out with their Cleopatra costumes, like this Melbourne Woman who donned a stunning floor-length golden gown and completed the look with a braided wig and an incredibly elaborate headpiece. A cosplay fit for a queen!

Source: – SONY DSC


Trivia: Did you know… that Cleopatra inspired fashion trends in Rome?

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Cleopatra’s ancient perfume recreated

Two University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa professors have recreated Cleopatra’s ancient perfume, which will be showcased in a National Geographic exhibit. The UH Tell Timai Project is a decade-long excavation in the ancient Egyptian city Thmuis (Tell Timai) in the Nile Delta launched by College of Languages, Linguistics and Literatures Professor Robert Littman and adjunct professor Jay Silverstein.

Rehabilitating Cleopatra

Cleopatra VII ruled Egypt for 21 years a generation before the birth of Christ. She lost her kingdom once; regained it; nearly lost it again; amassed an empire; lost it all. A goddess as a child, a queen at 18, at the height of her power she controlled virtually the entire eastern Mediterranean coast, the last great kingdom of any Egyptian ruler. For a fleeting moment she held the fate of the Western world in her hands. She had a child with a married man, three more with another. She died at 39. Catastrophe reliably cements a reputation, and Cleopatra’s end was sudden and sensational. 

The truth about Cleopatra

When Shakespeare wrote about how “age cannot wither” the “infinite variety” of Cleopatra VII, the last queen of Egypt, he meant to invoke the fascination she exerted over all who met her, but he could as easily been describing her enduring afterlife. For 2,000 years the Western world has loved, or at least loved to hate, its Eastern beauty, whether as doomed lover or immoral seductress. Dante put her in the second circle of Hell with the other “carnal sinners,” while Chaucer thought her a virtuous woman steadfast in love. Pascal believed her beauty was one of the accidental details upon which the axis of history turns: “Had Cleopatra’s nose been shorter, the face of the world would have changed.’’