Comedic Costumes at Oya Costumes

Have you seen the newest addition to National Lampoon’s vacation series? We have & we loved it which is why we’ve brought you the costume to wear for Halloween! Check out our Griswold Family Vacation hoodie with antlers available now at Oya Costumes. It’s the perfect costume to wear with a group of friends who want to dress up as the Griswold family with you. Also it’s a SUPER comfortable hoodie that you will feel great wearing. This costume hoodie has the Wally World logo on the front with attached plush moose antlers in a bright yellow hue with a red hood. If you’re a fan of National Lampoon’s vacation series, you can also check out our National Lampoon’s Christmas vacation costume. This costume includes a classic Santa suit with a beard and Santa hat but also has attached faux Christmas lights all over. This costume is a great twist on the Classic Santa Suit and the perfect costume for Halloween humor. Shop it now:

National Lampoon Costumes

We also have new animal trophy head costumes which are also PERFECT for a group of friends who want a easy, low maintenance costume with a big comedic impact. Pair our Oh Deer trophy headpiece with your favorite flannel shirt & jeans for an amazingly hilarious costume that’s also easy to wear & doesn’t require a lot of effort or additional pieces. Browse our trophy head costumes now. You’ll be sure to receive lots of laughs on Halloween night.

Deer & Moose Antler Costume

We also have an amazing new costume called the Tacky Traveler. This is a great costume for a group of friends or for a couple that wants to dress up together & collect laughs. Pair it with our straw hat & multicolored wayfarer sunglasses, dab some sunscreen on your nose & ask to be pointed in the direction of the buffet. Halloween is about fun & laughter so why not choose a costume that will make everyone fall into a fit of laughter when they see you. Shop our tacky traveler costume here & if this is the direction you are going in with your friends for Halloween, you should also check out our “funny costumes” section here & then go over to our accessories section to finish off your look.

 Tacky Tourist Costumes