While many citizens of the world take to the streets wearing white, green and orange in the middle of March to celebrate Saint-Patrick’s Day, there is a very old, very festive tradition that has been celebrated in the Jewish faith since long ago: Purim! In fact, I would say it embodies many of the same values as Patrick’s Day: freedom, togetherness and indulging in true vices.

Royal Bride - Purim Costumes for girls



Every young girl dreams of dressing up as Queen Esther for Purim, and with this beautiful costume your little girl can. Queen Esther is the strong female hero of the Purim holiday, and is credited with helping to save the Jewish people from the evil henchman Haman. She is the beautiful wife of the Persian king Ahashverosh, and her strength and beauty is highlighted in this elegant dress. A ruffled dress with long sleeves and a beautiful white sheen will make any girl feel like a queen this Purim!


Traditional Kohen Gadol Purim Costume




Don’t forget to include this wonderful Kohen Gadol Costume for your next Purim celebration!  This ensemble depicts a high priest from the biblical days of the Jewish people. The costume consists of a priestly robe, tunic, sash, and turban. It also comes with a priestly breastplate that holds twelve gems, each symbolizing a different tribe of Israel. Dress you son in this lovely, detailed, and colorful costume and he will exude dignity just like the high priest did in biblical times!

Moses Adult Costume




Tired of dressing up as the same old king and queen every Purim? Then look no further, because now you can dress up as one of the Jewish people’s favorite prophet: Moses! Not only did Moses receive the 10 commandments, but he also sports a biblical stylish beard that is downright epic. This legendary costume includes a cream-colored plain robe under a short sleeved robe in stripes.




Mother Rivkah Costume for Girls




This costume is guaranteed to bring the spirit of the biblical matriarchs into your Purim party. Rivkah, the wife of Isaac, and father of Jacob and Esau, is credited with being one of the most cunning and kind of all the Jewish matriarchs. This serene crisp white dress comes detailed with camels and print, along with a beautiful headpiece. Perfect for any young lady to remember one of her very first Purims by!

Jewish Grand Rabbi Child



This Jewish grand Rabbi costume is one that captures the timeless essence of devout and pious Jewish Rabbis. A golden zip-up robe, with black trimmings, and a golden sash mimics the robes worn by influential Rabbis throughout the centuries. Let your son dress up as his favorite Rabbi this Purim, and watch as  he becomes the life of the party in this fun and respectful costume!











lionThis Purim, dress your son or daughter up as the king of the jungle! This lion costume is cute, cuddly, and will scare Haman and any bad spirits away from this year’s Purim party! A brown fringed mane and a cute fluffy tail highlight this very sweet and fuzzy costume. Your child will have a roaring good time at their next Purim party wearing this awesome costume.









King Robe Adult Crown Set




This adult king costume is regal, royal, and fantastically red! The long red robe is elegant, with a collar and edges that are white spotted fur. The spotted fur also appears on the rim of the royal hat, which is large and gold ribbed, just like a king’s hat should be! This is the perfect outfit to wear while you feast, and toast your royal subjects in this years Purim party.