We’ve all seen the videos and photos of people in T-Rex Costumes:  Inflatable T-Rexes dancing ballet, T-Rexes at bridal photoshoots, T-Rexes in obstacle courses, at the library… It’s hard to say who came up with the idea of playing pranks in a giant inflatable T-Rex costume first, but, last year, these inflatable dinosaur costumes were absolutely everywhere. The videos went viral, and the T-Rex costume became a meme. In fact, it was so viral that it contributed to the popularity of dinosaur costumes and inflatable costumes in general. The Inflatable T-Rex Costume eventually ended up winning an award for Innovative Toy of the Year in 2017!

A year later, what happened to these T-Rex Costumes? Well, they’re still quite popular, and you’ll spot them at parties and in YouTube videos. Originally from the movie Jurassic Park, this T-Rex Costume went from inflatable toy to popular culture sensation, and it doesn’t look like it’s going out of fashion anytime soon.


So…how does the Inflatable T-Rex Costume Work?

Some dinosaur costumes require body paint, face paint, contact lenses, and padding to look more realistic. This T-Rex costume makes everything easier: the inflatable suit simply works with a battery operated fan. As long as the fan is running, you’re good to go! It’s not the easiest costume to manoeuvre, but that’s what makes it funny: it’s hard to not look silly walking around in this huge T-Rex costume. Some versions of the costume even include a sound box for more effect!

Here at Oya Costumes, we’ve got Inflatable T-Rex Costumes for children and adults:

Children’s Inflatable T-Rex Costume

Child Inflatable T-Rex costume

Hear him roar! Your child is absolutely going to love this Inflatable T-Rex costume. Even though it was the adult version that originally went viral, the Children’s Inflatable T-Rex Costume was also used for gags and pranks. Just like the adult costume, it works with a fan. With this giant costume, your child is guaranteed to be the star of the party!

Adult Inflatable T-Rex costume

Adult Inflatable T-Rex costumeHere it is in the flesh, or rather, in the inflatable plastic. Be a part of the trend with this now world-famous inflatable T-Rex costume! Think these inflatable T-Rex stories are passé? Think again! The meme may be from last year, but people dressed as T-Rexes are still making the news, like this man, who proposed to his girlfriend in an inflatable T-Rex costume during the 2018 London Marathon, or this gang of inflatable dinos who got up bright and early for their first yoga class in Newcastle, Australia. Just a couple weeks ago, a man wearing a T-Rex costume was spotted driving a motorboat. Whether you use it to play pranks on people or film a humoristic video, or simply to make your friends laugh at your next costume party, you’re sure to have a roaring good time in this costume!

It doesn’t have to be a T-Rex costume!

Since the Inflatable T-Rex costume was such a hit, new dinosaur costumes have recently hit the market. At Oya, we like to keep up with the newest costume trends, and we now carry even more inflatable dinosaur costumes so you and your friends can have an inflatable dino party! You’ll take over the town with these cool Jurassic Park costumes, featuring familiar characters such as Blue, the leader of the velociraptor pack, the flying pteranodons, or the loveable triceratops. Pick your favourite dinosaur costume!

Velociraptor Blue Inflatable Costume (with sound box!)

Inflatable dinosaur costume velociraptor blueIn terms of stature, this Velociraptor Blue Costume is somewhat similar to the Inflatable T-Rex costume. Both feature the dinosaur in an upright position, with a clear plastic part located in the neck of the costume that allows the wearer to see out. The Blue dinosaur costume, however, features a sound box, meaning that you will not only look like a dino, but also roar like a dino when you wear it! We can only imagine the kind of shenanigans people will be able to get up to with this fun costume.

Triceratops Inflatable CostumeTriceratops Jurassic World dinosaur inflatable costume


This inflatable dinosaur costume is just as silly and fun as its predecessors! If you like the herbivorous triceratops more than the terrifying T-Rex, you’ll love this Jurassic World Costume. Like with the Pteranodon, some were skeptical about the wearability, realism, and practicality of the costume, particularly pointing out the arms that seem to stick out from behind its head, but once again, it’s worth pointing out that these costumes are more about having fun and being a bit goofy than about dressing up as a realistic dinosaur.

What about other dinosaur costumes?

Dinosaur costumes don’t have to be inflatable to be cool! They may have not gone viral, but we also carry plenty of non-inflatable dinosaur costumes. From dinosaur skeletons to Jurassic Park costumes, they’re the perfect choice if you’re looking for a costume that’s easier to manoeuvre!

Fossil T-Rex Costume for Toddlers

Fossil jumpsuit t-rex costume toddlerThis adorable dinosaur costume is a fun choice for little Jurassic fans ! Rather than a live dinosaur, it depicts a fossil, adding a spooky (yet cute!) touch to a classic costume. The costume might even get your little one interested in archaeology! It features s a black jumpsuit with attached feet and a tail, depicting a dinosaur skeleton, and a soft black hood depicting a dinosaur skull, as well as dinosaur mitts. Hear him roar in this cute costume!

Cozy T-Rex Jumpsuit

T-Rex Costume jumpsuitT-Rex costumes don’t have to be impractical. This T-Rex jumpsuit is great for more-laid back parties, or for those who don’t feel like dealing with a huge inflatable costume! It features a comfortable jumpsuit with plush spikes, and will be perfect for dinosaur enthusiasts.

The latest trend: ride-on dinosaur costumes

The fossil dinosaur costumes are cool, the inflatable T-rex costume is imposing, but, to truly make an entrance, ride-on dinosaur costumes are the way to go! These costumes, available for adults, toddlers and children, make it seem like the person wearing them is “riding” a plush dinosaur. A cute idea for any young dino enthusiast!

Toddler Ride-on Dinosaur Costume

Ride-on dinosaur costume toddlerYour little Neanderthal will get a big kick out of this amazing dino-rider costume. The jumpsuit features an animal pelt shirt with 3D legs that sit a top the plush dinosaur body. The attached pants double as T-Rex’s “legs”. This adorable getup is perfect for parties or playtime!

Child Ride-on Dinosaur Costume

Child ride-on dinosaur costumeThis adorable ride-on dinosaur costume will transport your child back to the Jurassic era and let him “ride” a plush dinosaur! Fun and right on trend, this costume will be great for kids who love dinosaur or just kids with a sense of humor.

Mario Riding Yoshi Adult Costume

Mario Riding Yoshi dinosaur costumes“I know! We should team up! Come on! Hop on my back!” (Yoshi, Super Mario Galaxy 2) The Mario Riding Yoshi costume is inflatable and will make it look like you’re riding a dinosaur! This costume is for the Nintendo fans who want to jump onto the inflatable dinosaur costume train. After all, what’s better than riding a dinosaur? Riding one of the world’s most famous dinosaurs! For people who love video games, this is simply the perfect costume.

We’re constantly updating our selection of dinosaur costumes, so whether you’re looking for an inflatable T-Rex Costume, a ride-on dinosaur costume, or any other kind of dinosaur costumes, you’ve come to the right place! Shop online now at Oya Costumes Canada.