Iron Man Halloween Costumes

Iron Man has long been an exceptionally popular figure in comics and the character’s transition to film has been just as successful. Earlier this year, Robert Downey starred in the summer blockbuster Iron Man 2 (which is a sequel to its hit 2008 predecessor). With the Iron Man taking over all the cinemas around us, we thought this was a great time to roll out our special line of amazing Iron Man costumes.

Oya Costumes Iron Man Costume collection

While kids these days know the ‘Iron Man 2010’, all of us adults also grew up on this immensely well-liked Comics character. And that’s why we decided that our Iron Man costumes will include options for both children and male adults. So whether you like the classic Iron Man Mark IV Halloween costumes or the one-of-a-kind War Machine costume, you can get one in exactly your size. In fact, you can get either one of those for yourself and one of our kids’ choices for your son and have some great father-son time at Halloween- Iron Man style!

Among the popular choices for kids, the Iron Man Light Up Deluxe costume is becoming a favorite. The costume lights up at the center of the chest and it all looks very ‘robotic’ which makes it the perfect Iron Man Halloween costume. If you want a simpler option, try the Iron Man T-shirt and Mask costume which doubles as a snazzy costume and a great T-shirt.