What could be trendier than a Fortnite costume? The Fortnite mania is taking the world by storm, and gamers everywhere are dressing up in Fortnite Halloween costumes! With a total of 125 million players, 3.4 million players playing it concurrently, the Fortnite game has become a global sensation. The fans of this much popular game love the “skins” of the in-game characters and are looking at ways to dress up like them with real life Fortnite costumes! If you have no idea what a “skin” is, it is an item you can obtain via rewards or purchases in-game to change your character’s appearance. The chance to dress as one of your favorite Fortnite characters has finally become a reality. Thanks to Oya Costumes’ collection of costumes, you can create your own DIY Fortnite costume!

Here are some of our favorite DIY Fortnite Halloween costumes ideas:

Wear The Reaper Fortnite Halloween Costume in real life

Fortnite 1-01

Formalities Tuxedo Costume                  Honest Abe Beard                   Superman Black Wig

The Reaper is a skin in Fortnite Battle Royale that could be obtained as a reward from Tier-100 of Battle Pass Season 3. The players of this skin also refer it to as the ‘John Wick’ skin inspired by the movie of the same name. This look is fairly simple to pull-off. We recommend you pair the Black Tuxedo with the John Wick style beard & this beautiful hair wig to complete your Reaper DIY Fortnite costume!

Wear a Bunny Brawler real life Fortnite costume 

Fortnite Bunny Brawler Costume - Oya Costumes

Easter Bunny Adult Costume                                                               Liquid Make Up

To look like your favourite Bunny Brawler from Fortnite, you should buy an open face Easter Bunny costume from our Adults’ section. Additionally, pair it with a few accessories to be its exact real-life replica. After that, get some liquid makeup to paint your nose in the pink colour of the Brawler and to grow some whiskers above your lips. A pair of comfy bunny slippers will complete your real life Fortnite costume!

Wear a Scoundrel Real Life Fortnite Costume

Fortnite Scoundrel Oya Costumes

Jailbird Prisoner Costume                  Anakin Gloves Adult            Gotham Hero Mens Boots

Scoundrel is the name of an epic male Fortnite costume. His outfit is a criminal-themed outfit that features a long-sleeve shirt with a black and white stripe pattern that represents the costumes of jail prisoners.

To pull this look off you’ll need to purchase a Prisoner Costume which includes top, pants & a hat. Pair it with a gangster moustache, a pair of black gloves & high boots as shown. There you have it, the ultimate Scoundrel Fortnite costume.

Wear Rapscallion Fortnite Halloween Costumes in Real Life

Rapscallion Costume - Oya Costumes

Jailhouse Honey Adult Costume                            Captain America Child Gloves                              Arena Black Boots

Rapscallion is the similar but female version of Scoundrel in Fortnite. Just like Scoundrel, the Rapscallion costume is a criminal-themed outfit representing that of a jail prisoner.

You can start by wearing this women’s prisoner costume. Pair it with the high-heel women’s boots & a pair of fingerless hand gloves for amazing Rapscallion Fortnite Halloween costumes!

Make a Skull Trooper DIY Fortnite Costume

Skull Trooper Costume - Oya Costumes

Inspired by classic skeleton costumes, the Skull Trooper skin is one of the epic outfits in Fortnite which consists of black military suit costume with a white skeleton painted over it. The outfit gets completed with a skeleton face makeup. To create the look of this Fortnite skin we recommend you to head over to our costume section & buy a skeleton skin suit along with black makeup, long boots, black gloves to complete your Skull Trooper DIY Fortnite costume.

Make your own Bandolier Fortnite Halloween Costumes

Bandolier Costumes - Oya Costumes

Got a ripped body? And love to flaunt it without a shirt? Then Bandolier Fornite Halloween costumes might be right for you! Get a Men’s Paratrooper costume from our Adult’s section and just put on the trousers. Now, your real life Fornite costume needs to be complemented with the Molded Bullet Belt from our belt section. A pair of black Anakin Gloves and Police Mirrored Glasses will complete your DIY Fortnite costume. And of course, don’t forget a green bandana for your forehead and arms.

Wear a Rabbit Raider Fortnite Costume

Rabbit Raider Costume - Oya Costumes

                                   White Male Mask

In Fortnite, you can dress up with the Rabbit Raider skin to show your celebrations for Easter. Although the bright Pastel colors make it easy to spot you from a distance, it makes for a great costume! To make a real life Fortnite costume that looks like the Rabbit Raider, all you need to do is buy the pink Bunny suit from our shop & pair it with a white mask to look just like this colourful character skin from Fortnite.

Get your Tower Recon Specialist DIY Fortnite Costume

Tower Recon Specialist Costume - Oya Costumes

Pretty Paratrooper Costume           Fingerless Motorcycle Gloves             Splendor Boot Black              Tommy Gun Black

Tower Recon Specialist is an uncommon skin in Fortnite Battle Royale. To achieve this look, start by buying the paratrooper costume from the Oya Costumes shop, along with fingerless motorcycle gloves, high heel black boots & our favorite machine gun for gangsta costumes. You’ll surely feel like a master player in your real life Fortnite cosutme!

Dress as a Fortnite Mission Specialist this Halloween

Mission Specialist Costume - Oya Costumes

Astronaut Costumes are never out of vogue as Halloween costumes, which makes this Astronaut-themed Fortnite costume even better. This skin was an epic level skin only obtainable through the season three battle pass. To look just like the Mission Specialist, all you need to do is head on to our Shop and get the Astronaut Orange Costume. Pair it with a white backpack & a pair of white gloves. If you happen to have a helmet, you’re good to go! Set off for Space in your brand new DIY Fortnite costume!

Make your own Codename Elf DIY Fortnite Costume

Codename Elf Costume - Oya Costumes

Codename Elf is a rare holiday skin that one can purchase from the item shop during the Christmas season. This skin can be described in three words: Elusive. Lethal. Festive. To start with, obtain an Elf Costume which includes the Tunic, belt & the hat. Wear it with a pair of white gloves, a pair of long black boots & a blonde hair Elf wig you’re ready to spread some festive cheer in this cool real life Fortnite costume!