Witches, Jack-O-Lanterns, Goblins & Ghosts, oh no! It seems that this sudden reappearance of these spooky characters everywhere can only mean one thing – Halloween is almost here! And although most people really only celebrate Halloween’s Eve on October 31st, there’s no reason it should be that way. It’s time we all start dedicating weeks to celebrating this spooky, mysterious day, and not just by watching those scary movies, but by decorating with eerie & stylish, Halloween-inspired decor as well. Here, at OyaCostumes we have a huge range of Halloween Home Decor accessories for the big Halloween month of October. Then, why not pick up some sophisticated accessories that will look great at a Halloween party and as decorations of your home leading up to the big day?
Take a look at some of our favorite Halloween Home Decor Props that will surely scare your friends & neighbors –

Skull Spider Light Up Eyes

All eyes will be on the evil eyes glaring at you from this ghostly skull & spider melange. This LED Skull embedded in the spider helps create a creepy scene at your Halloween party or haunted ghost house. Use this scary spider skull as a Halloween prop for all your Halloween events. Keep it on to scare guests with the glowing red eyes, arrange amongst numerous plastic spiders.

Skull Spider Light up eyes - OyaCostumes

Pumpkin Glow-In-The-Dark Fangs

Make your pumpkin extra scary on Halloween by decorating it with these scary Glow-in-the-Dark Pumpkin Fangs! The plastic fangs come in varied sizes and glow in the dark. You just have to simply screw the plastic fangs into the mouth of your pumpkin Jack-O-Lantern and watch it glow at night. Trick-or-treaters will surely be terrified when they arrive at your house and see your pumpkin decorated with these scary Glow-in-the-Dark Pumpkin Fangs! The pack contains 7 fangs.

Pumpkin Glow-In-The-Dark Fangs - OyaCostumes

Super Stretch Web

As we know, Cobwebs are creepy! Therefore, this Halloween cover your home indoors and out with over 200 square feet of the super stretchy white spider web – now that’s spooky! This Super Stretch Web is perfect to lend an eerie makeover to your Halloween party decor. Embellish this decorative spider web with tiny faux spiders for a spooky look. Friends & Family visiting your place for Halloween will surely get a scare of their lifetime.

Super Stretch Web - OyaCostumes

Garage Guillotine Decor

Oh-no! Has some zombie crashed onto your garage door again? It looks like it has. Or maybe that is the Garage Guillotine Decor. It comes with a stuffable body that’s cut at the torso and two bloody handprint clings to place on the door. This headless body features a shirt, blue pants, and shoes. Stuff the body with rags or leaves to spook the passersby on Halloween night.

Garage Guillotine Decor - OyaCostumes