Hurray! The day has finally arrived! Happy Halloween everyone. Here at the Oya warehouse, we are wiping our brows and counting our inventory now that our positively gigantic Halloween rush is calming down. In fact, we even had time to do a little of research into what celebrities are wearing this year. The paparazzi has spoken: the stars seem to be loving the same costumes as us…check it out!



Bacon and Eggs

Egg Costume!














Oh, Gwen Stefani. What a total fashion icon she is: of the 90’s, early 2000’s and today. So much so that she can pull off virtually anything and make it look absolutely fashionable. Take this egg, for example. Not exactly the most form-fitting item we have, but on Gwen, it looks positively fantastic!












Clownin Around

Pink Clown Costume



















No need to be scared of this clown kids! She is positively sweet-looking. Pink is another lady of song whose totally unique style sticks in the mind, and evolves fluidly over the years. True to her name, she has chosen our bright and colorful Clownin Around Costume, and she makes it look friendly, funny and cute!











Toy Story Jessie

Sandra Bullock as Jessie!
















Round ’em up, supermom! Sandra Bullock is a pro at many things: acting, mommying…and dressing up! In this sweet Jessie costume, she makes a perfect sidekick to her sweet little Buzz Lightyear: her son, Louis!

Incredibles Family




Mrs Incredible Costume















Ladies and gentlemen may I present to you, The Incredibles!…otherwise known as Jessica Alba and her adorable family. With these super fun matching bright red costumes, they’ll be able to pick each other out in any trick-or-treating crowd – no magic powers needed!







Kardashian Cougar

Cougar Costume














Last, but certainly not least, we have what some would consider the new celebrity queen of Halloween. Every year, Kim Kardashian has a multitude of Halloween costumes for what seems to be her favorite holiday. We chose one of her more modest ones for our blog: a cute, simple cougar onesie that hugs Kim’s fantastic curves!