Hey folks! We here at Oya have switched gears. We have launched ourselves fully and completely into the holiday season, and we truly believe that Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year! To prove it, we compiled a small sample of our vast array of jolly ole Saint Nick costumes. We want YOU to love the holidays as much as we do. Have a peek! And don’t forget to check out the rest of our fun Christmas supplies!




Welcome to Christmas, small one! In this adorable Santa Bunting Costume, your little bundle of joy will undoubtedly chuckle his whole day away. You’ll be lucky if you can get him out of it long enough to clean it!UD25849Z





Jolly Santa with mid length coat


In this imitation crushed velvet Jolly Ole St Nick Costume, you will swank up even the fanciest parties. The jacket with attached cape has a long, old-fashioned feel and beautiful embroidery on the front, along with the classic faux fur trim. Add a little bell and you will be ho-ho-ho-ing all through December!


Deluxe Plush Santa Suit





The classic look: short jacket, fluffy trim, big black belt and boots. All you are missing is a big ole sack full of toy drums and nut-crackers and rag dolls and boom! Saint Nick is back, the holiday season is in full swing! Yahoo!







Deluxe Grinch CostumeHave you noticed that, contrary to the swelling most people feel in their hearts at this time of the year, yours seems to inexplicably shrink? Do you feel a little green when you think of Christmas cheer? Well, we have the perfect Santa suit for you, Grinchy. Just stay away from Cindy Lu, or she will start to warm your ice cold heart!







Santa Claus Morph Suit



Okay, we are all for anonymity. We get it, Santa. You are a pretty famous guy, and you need your privacy every so often. For days like those, we recommend: the Santa Claus Second Skin Suit. Perfectly snug, perfectly festive and, most importantly, perfectly anonymous.








Economy Santa Suit

For a quick and easy Santa fix, look no further than our Economy Santa Suit. It comes fully equipped with a zip-up red jacket, matching elastic waist pants(for any extra snacking needs) and a red hat. Throw on your black belt and black boot covers and you are ready to rock! Why not check out our Economy Wig and Beard Set while you are at it for a truly  rockin’ Santy Claus time!






Santa Claus Regency Crimson




Our last good ole jolly Saint Nick is a lovely, simple suit that we like to call El Classico. This sweet old guy is guaranteed to make any child shout with joy and holiday cheer just by smiling at them. Throw a handy sack over your shoulder, and by golly, you can call it all Christmas!