The Super Kiss

The Super Kiss by Alex Erde

We’ve got cosplay fever these days! With Toronto’s Fan Expo on the horizon for next month and Montreal’s Comiccon coming up in September, we’re having fun speculating about popular heroes (and villains!) we’ll cross paths with this summer. One thing we know from past experience, no matter what the film of the moment is, or which character the latest buzz is about, cosplay often has little to do with being predictable and everything to do with deliciously unexpected surprises. If you don’t know what we mean, take a look at some of our favourite cosplay moments captured in the photos below:

Red Shirt Massacre by Alex Erde

Red Shirt Massacre by Alex Erde

Gender Bent Justice League! by Pat Loika

Gender Bent Justice League! by Pat Loika

The Avengers

The Avengers by Pat Loika

Comic-Con 2013 by Pat Loika

Comic-Con 2013 by Pat Loika


Our 2014 Summer Cosplay Recommendations



Captain America

After the resounding success of the 2014 spring release of Captain America: Winter Soldier, is it any wonder that the all-American superhero has inspired one of this summer’s hottest cosplay outfits? Keep it interesting – and stay cool in the summer heat – with this gender-bending version of Cap’s red, white & blue costume for women.














Perennial favourite, Spider-man, continues to put in a strong showing at fan conventions and special events. Go for a beefed-up, muscle-bound version of Spidey’s outfit, like the one pictured at right, or choose a sleeker bodysuit option (coming soon). We even have a Spider-man tank dress for all you web-slinging Spider-women out there!









The Flash

No need to bother with getting a babysitter! Many Comic-con events and fan conventions offer free registration to children accompanied by a paying adult. If you’re bringing your favourite little superhero to the convention this year why not dress them up as well? After all, costumes aren’t just for adults! We’ve got tons of great children’s costumes to choose from. We especially love this Flash costume for little guys and gals that we think would make an excellent half of a father-child or mother-child matching costume ensemble.









All aboard the USS Enterprise!

When it comes to fan convention attire, somehow nothing says, “I’m an ultimate geek” like wearing a Star Trek costume. After all, what better outfit is there to wear when meeting your favourite Star Trek celebrity? As an added bonus, it’s a easy choice for group attendees – every group of friends has a serious and analytical Mr. Spock, a plucky and dependable Scotty, and a devil-may-care James Tiberius Kirk.