Most national holidays only get celebrated in their respective countries. My American friends definitely do not know when Canada Day is, or what traditions – barbecue, anyone? –  we have to celebrate it. Similarly, though I do know that the Journée de la Bastille in France is July 14th, I have zero idea how they celebrate. It is very normal for a national holiday to be an insular phenomenon. So why is Saint Patrick’s Day so widely celebrated? Why is it that, come March, people who have their own national pride all year long suddenly wear “Irish For The Day” badges and drink green beer and plaster shamrocks all over their windows? Obviously this holiday has some contagious element to it. In order for you to properly celebrate(no matter your heritage!) I have put together an excellent list of green costumes to help you adequately celebrate the luckiest day of the year. And if none of these outfits feel lucky enough, find way more on our St Patrick’s Day Feature page!     Gentleman's Kilt






Often asked what is underneath, gentlemen in kilts get wild amounts of attention from both ladies and guys. Truth is, no one ever really needs to know: but lifting up your hem will definitely get the Irish party going, that’s for sure. Don’t catch a cold!





Become the leprechaun any group of college boys wishes to find at the end of a rainbow – and no, I do not think they will be disappointed by the lack of pot of gold. In this adorable greenleprechaun dress/jacket combo and hat, you’ll charm any shamrock-sporting lads right into your pocket.

        Kiss Me Cutie Irish Costume



Overwhelmed by the sea of green happening around you? Be the splash of white that everyone will happily welcome in this flirty little Kiss Me Cutie costume. With its off-the-shoulder sleeves and white gloves, you’ll be the talk of the town – and the belle of Belfast city.





Leprechaun Parade Pleaser Costume




I present you with the absolute sexiest of all St Paddy’s day costumes. This larger than life Leprechaun Parade Teaser comes with everything depicted, minus the pipe and buckle shoes. Throw it on and you will not be able to to keep the kiddies away. They’ll be scratching at your big ears in hopes that you may be hiding gold in them!




Shamrock Sweetheart




Wanna be the cutest shamrock in the grass? In this Shamrock Sweetie outfit you will turn heads, steal hearts and make all the other ladies in the room green with envy! You can rock it for any St Patrick’s day celebration – but maybe you’ll wanna select a different outfit for the parade…











Green Skinsuit






 Okay, so he doesn’t necessarily look all that irish…or does he? We don’t actually know WHAT is hiding underneath this ridiculous green costume. Putting skin suits, or morph suits as some call them, on the right partygoer is the most sure fire way to make a totally tame party into a madhouse!

        Mr. Leprechaun Costume Leprechaun Pet Costume









Staring at these two dudes, I couldn’t help but notice an uncanny resemblance between them…perhaps they’re related? In all honesty though, this could be the cutest couple costume of the year. The beard gets me every time. #smitten