Ninja costumes are some the coolest costumes out there! Get ready this Halloween to be a secret agent and sneak around your neighborhood in your very own Kids Ninja costumes! If you accept this task you must make sure you stay hidden and stick to the shadows. You must be sneaky and silent making sure none of the civilians hear you. And of course your biggest task will be: to be prepared for anything. So expect the unexpected and make your neighborhood yours for the night with your Kids Ninja costumes! At Oya Costumes Canada, we stock a huge selection of both Boys Ninja Costumes and Girls Ninja Costumes. So don’t fret, Everyone can join in on the sneaky and cheeky fun!

To start out on your journey to become a ninja you must first decide on which ninja costume you want to be. You can go traditional and dress in an all black ninja costume or you can be adventurous and choose something a little more wild such as a camouflaged ninja costume or a bright colored ninja costume. You can even choose to wear armor with your ninja costume and bring along weapons or become one of your favorite ninja movie or TV characters like a LEGO Ninjago character. There are limitless possibilities for Boys Ninja Costumes and Girls Ninja Costumes. All you have to do is let your imagination go wild and choose from there!

Now, if you accept your task, choose your costume and join the ninjas because here at Oya Costumes you can find anything you’re looking for to become a ninja. So here are some of our suggestions for Boys Ninja Costumes and Girls Ninja Costumes.

Silver Mirror Ninja Costume – Boys Ninja Costumes


Sure ninjas need stealth and agility, but they also need a great outfit to successfully complete their mission. When your child wears this Silver Mirror Ninja Costume, he will sure be ready for the fight! This getup features a black top, a pair of matching pants, a matching tunic, shiny pairs of silver ankle and wrist guards, black gloves, and a coordinating hood with a mirror mask. The tunic is designed with silver trim, shiny black and silver belt, and a large Asian dragon print on the left chest. Get this with a matching ninja sword to complete your costume!

Stealthy Blue Ninja Costume – Kids Ninja Costumes


Want to be a little wilder and try something different? Want to feel like one of the most famous assassins in history? Then dress up in this Stealthy Blue Ninja Costume!  It comes in a bright blue jumpsuit complemented with black trimmings. The look is completed with the hood that covers most of your face, black ties . and the belt with foam shurikens. Just add some other ninja weapons like a katana or nunchucks to fully play the part.

Black Armored Ninja Costume – Boys Ninja Costumes


Beware of the shadows this evening as they may conceal a treacherous threat that might not kill you, but will scare you.  Give you child this Armored Ninja Costume and let them become an evil martial arts specialist. The jet black jumpsuit comes with an attached padded tunic and apron that has a plated print which give off the impression of armor. The matching black hood comes with a metal imitation mouth piece which increases assassin allure.

Kigurumi Ninja Costume – Girls Ninja Costumes


Cute and comfy, this is the perfect Ninja Costume for any little girl that wants to join the other ninjas in the night! So do not let this lovely yet dangerous Ninja deceived you with her looks! She may be adorable but she can fight just as strong as any other ninja. The Ninja Kigarumi Costume is a black jumpsuit with attached red wrap around straps and a velcro Foam ninja Sword. Be ready for a fight at all times!

Kimono Dragon Ninja Costume – Kids Ninja Costumes

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Do not let this lovely yet dangerous Ninja deceive you with her looks! The Kimono Dragon Ninja Costume includes a black dragon printed robe with fuchsia pink trimmings and an attached pink obi sash, black belt, black velveteen pants, and silver and pink glovelettes. Look fierce yet cute with this Kimono Dragon Ninja Costume! And get ready for a fight this Halloween!

Lloyd Deluxe Lego Ninjago Costume


Defeat the Dark Lord and fulfill your destiny! Fans of Lloyd, the Green leader of the Ninjago Ninja Team will leap at the chance to become the Ultimate Spinjitzu Master in this spot-on mini-figure costume. The matching tunic and pants, mini-figure “hands”, and signature green helmet will harness Lloyd’s energy element! Ninja-Go!

Red LEGO Ninjago Costume – Boys Ninja Costumes


Is your child a big fan of the LEGO Ninjago series? Then let him become one of his favorite Ninjago characters in this Red LEGO Ninjago Costume! Features a long-sleeved red ninja shirt, a black waist sash and a black body sash with an animal head embellishment. It also includes a pair of matching pants, a red hood and a mask. Put this on to your little kid and let him protect your home from bad guys this coming Halloween!