Get ready to take this Halloween by storm with one of our Kids Pirate Costumes! We have a huge selection of Boy Pirate Costumes and Girl Pirate Costumes for all your pirate needs. So your child can live out their high sea adventure stories during playtime, Halloween or at a costume party!

Think of a kids pirate costume as more than just an ordinary Halloween costume. It is a door to a child’s imagination. Once they get into their Boy Pirate Costumes or Girl Pirate Costumes, they get to set off into their dreams of pirate adventure, fighting and treasure finding. They get to enjoy the fresh air with their lovable animal side kicks. Wonder around and explore the lands of their home and even make new friends. With so many different pirate styles to choose from they get to become anything they desire. Like a classic Tattered Pirate, a Buccaneer, a Cutthroat, a Captain, a Pirate Princess, anything they want to take over the seas. Even a famous pirate like Captain Jack Sparrow or Blackbeard.

There are also so many fun accessories to add to your Kids Pirate Costumes! Like an eye patch, gold earrings, fake parrots, hats, peg legs and so many more. And what would an official pirate be if they didn’t have a weapon? There are so many different styles of weapons to choose from that pirates used to fight with: daggers, swords, cutlass’s, pistols, muskets. The possibilities are endless when it comes to a kids pirate costume! Plus Pirates never go out of fashion and always look good on anyone. Especially since the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie came out, pirates have been all the rage this year!

It’s an obvious Halloween choice for not only your kids but yourselves too! Have the whole family join in and create your own crew to takeover your neighborhood and then the seas! You can even help your kids bring back some treasure to their home this Hallowen. And by treasure we definitely mean all of the Halloween candy your child will collect because of how adorable kids pirate costumes are. So get set for a daring journey and many hours of high sea adventures for treasure this Halloween! Check out our Boy Pirate Costumes and Girl Pirate Costumes down below and at Oya Costumes Canada!

Pirate Captain – Boy Pirate Costumes



Bring together a crew and rule the seas as their captain with your very own Pirate Captain Costume! Just add a sword or gun, and a pirates hat and you’re good to take over your neighborhood and collect all of your treasured candy!

Fierce Cutlass Captain – Girl Pirate Costumes


Who says only a Boy can look fierce, fight and be a pirate captain. Your daughter can too with her own Cutlass Captain Girl Pirate Costume! Just add some pirate boots and weapons and she will show everyone who’s the strongest and best captain the seas have ever seen!

Pirate Princess – Girl Pirate Costumes


Does your daughter want to be a pirate but wants to look cute, regal and not untidy? She will love this Adorable Pirate Princess Costume! She will wow and amaze everyone she sees. All will bow down to her highness and her princess costume! Whether she chooses to have a weapon or not.

Ahoy Matey! – Kids Pirate Costumes


Bring your toddler treasuring hunting in his own Matey Boys Pirate Costume! All he needs is a sword, some shoes and an eye patch and he will be able to get all the treasure he’s ever wanted.

Sea Princess Baby – Kids Pirate Costumes


Let your Toddler rule your crew in her own Sea Princess Pirate Costume! Wearing the traditional Red, White and Black colors of a pirate will make sure all the other pirates and commoners recognize her authority and help the pirate princess in whatever way she needs.