The time has come. The kids have gone to bed, the babysitter has arrived. You are officially off the clock and you are heading to the real party. Sure, you can dress as a witch, a zombie, a pirate, a princess…but if everyone is doing something tame like that, why not stand out? Why not make everyone around you laugh until they’re out of breath? We have compiled a short selection of some of our most ridiculous costumes, our most scandalous costumes – heck, these are some of the most daring costumes on our website. And if these don’t make you blush til the roots of your hair, we are most certain that we can find something else that will





Tassle Twirling Tessie Costume




Oh Tessie, you tassle twirling tease. What in the world were you thinking, coming to the party dressed like that? It’s October, you will freeze! You simply cannot keep forfeiting practicality for fashion! Though, we must admit, red is truly your color…



Petting Zoo Adult Costume


Oh no! Someone has let Larry the Loopy Llama out of his pen! We don’t mean to alarm you …but Larry got his nickname because he spits like crazy. What a mess! So watch out ladies, he’s a wild on

Wet T-Shirt Winner Adult






On your marks, get set, SPLASH! The lady(or, in this case it could easily be a gentleman, as per this photograph) with the most outrageous wet t-shirt, wins! Whoever earns the title will get this fabulous blue ribbon, prestigious pride and glory(what an achievement!) and…uh…respect from your peers?







Harry Banana HammockHey there, ladies. My name is Harry, and I am here to show you how to have a good time. I like long walks around the trailer park, my mom’s tanning bed, my spandex socks and cold beers with hot sauce in ’em. Gives my life a little extra spice. Interested? I thought so. Call me, my mom won’t mind. She may even cook us dinner.



Banana Flasher







Okay. This guy may look innocent among all these other clearly loopy individuals. He would be…except his name is Banana Flasher. Gentlemen, keep him away from your ladies, or he will snatch them up…and, in true form, make like a banana and SPLIT!




Tough S#!t


Ah, voil√†. The one we have all been waiting for. Allow us to introduce to you Tough S#!t. This is the turd who knows the good word, the poo who knows what to do, the manure who’s cool for sure…this is one tough poop. That’s all.








And if you think this sort of humour belongs down the drain, you can flush away the competition with this Toilet Adult Costume. I`ll let that sink in: the funniest costume out there might just be a bathroom appliance.