Lalaloopsy Costumes

I bet your little girls do! They “were once rag dolls who magically came to life when their very last stitch was sewn.”  You can enter their world with lalaloopsy costumes.

People had been asking for Lalaloopsy costumes so this year we ordered them for your little girls!

Meet Mittens Fluff N Stuff.  Mittens was “made from pieces of an Eskimo’s scarf. She loves hot cocoa, snow fights, and snuggling by the fire. She has her own pet polar bear.”  She was born on the first day of winter.  Does your daughter know what day that is?  Get her to check out the Lalaloopsy site to find out!

Mittens Fluff and Stuff

Meet Pillow Featherbed.  She was “made from pieces of a baby’s blankie. She loves good stories, long naps, and her favorite snack is milk and cookies. She has her own pet sheep.”  She was born on the Festival of Sleep day.  Find her on their website to see what day that is!


Pillow Featherbed

I know, I know… your daughter can’t decide which one to be.  Well it’s easy- does she prefer snow balls or pillow fights?  Get her best friend to join her for a lot more fun and don’t forget to bring along a little polar bear and pet sheep.

What- they don’t have a polar bear or sheep!?  Well, they can bring two little friends along… this cutie for Mittens and a lamb for Pillow.

And just before they go out Trick or Treating, have them watch Mittens’ Webisode right here and Pillow’s Webisode here.  A real treat to get them excited and really play the part!

Don’t wait too long, Mittens and Pillow are selling fast and they want to meet your little girls!