Alright, that’s it. The leaves have almost all fallen, you can see your breath in the air, and you are starting to think about heading to the garage to put on those dreaded, heavy winter tires.¬†Nobody really wants to think about winter, we all just do. So before you let the crisp fall air drag you down, remember that laughter cures all woes. If we are going to face winter, we will do it with a gigantic, stubborn smile. Here at Oya, we want to make your winter as palatable as possible. This means starting it off with a big smile! And what better way to do that than to find the most hilarious, cackle-inducing costume you possibly could! Here are some pretty silly ideas. Don’t like ’em? Check out our web page for other hilarious costume ideas!


Wolf Granny Costume






“My, Grandma, what big hands you have!” We all remember the big bad wolf, with his flowered nightgown, nightcap, and downright selfish attitude. With this costume, you can spook little and big kids alike and make them all chuckle at the same time. While you’re at it, why not stop off in the kitchen and see what Grandma is cooking today…






Gorilla In The Midst



EEP! Help, I have mysteriously gotten myself caught inside the hand of a gigantic Gorilla and I can’t get out! In this silly, outrageous and expertly designed costume, you can look flirty and feminine while making people giggle. It isn’t every day that people see a maiden in captivity…at a party…but in captivity. Confused? Us too.



Hot Dog Adult Costume





Hot diggidy dog! You may be a wiener to some, darling, but you’re a winner to me. In this totally ridiculous Hot Dog costume, you will be the hot topic of the main course at any dinner party. Who knows, maybe you’ll be a nice reminder of summer barbecues and poolside afternoons for all the folks clowning around in costumes. You’ll be the most inspirational hot dog that ever walked!

…or the only hot dog that ever walked.




Rasta Mon Parade Pleaser







Embrace the sweet summer waves and let the sun shine down on this larger than life Rasta Mon Parade Pleaser Costume. With his hilariously oversized beanie and his big chunky black dreadlocks, it is virtually impossible to avoid loving this big friendly dude, mon


Cry Baby Adult Costume





“Who the heck do you think you’re calling a cry baby? Not me, that’s for sure!” Whine, kick, scream, yell, do whatever you want in this zany oversized adult baby costume! Be as wacky as you like this Halloween, let your inner baby shine through. It is your party, you cry if you want to!

Flamingo Costume






We can’t guarantee that you will look as graceful as a real-life flamingo in this bright pink costume. We can, however, guarantee that people will be asking you to stand on one leg all night! What an addition to the party you will make, you wild, beautiful, sassy, tall pink creature! Go get ’em!