Vampire costumes are a popular choice for Halloween and have been for years. Starting with Dracula’s story, vampires have been sparking the public’s interest for years. So this year, indulge in the fantasy by becoming a vampire for Halloween. A vampire costume is perfect for all ages! Vampire costumes are classic costumes that never go out of style making it easy to find Men Vampire Costumes or Women Vampire Costumes.

Indeed, from Dracula to Dark Shadows to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and even Twilight and Vampire Diaries, vampires are everywhere in popular culture. The classic vampire costume is constantly being reinvented as different books and movies go in and out of fashion. Because of this, there is a myriad of different men vampire costumes or women vampire costumes you can choose from. Look at our selection below and find a vampire costume that just screams “you”!

Do you want to know more about where your vampire costume comes from? While the vampire craze may seem recent, men and women have actually been telling tales of vampiric creatures  for thousands and thousands of years. The Mesopotamians and the Ancient Greeks and Romans already had stories of vampire-like creatures, and there have been mentions of vampires in folklore tales and legend from all over the world, from 12th century England to China and India. Some of the most well known legends about vampires, such  as the story of Vlad the Impaler, who inspired Dracula, originate from Slavic countries. Intrigued? Check out this National Geographic article for more information on vampire legends and other facts, such as the origin of the cloak, a traditional part of the vampire costume.

Whether you are a fan of Twilight, enjoy Dracula movies or read Anne Rice novels, there are ample reasons to find vampire costumes intriguing. There is no better time to explore a bit of fantasy world than Halloween. So, why not become your favorite character by dressing up with women vampire costumes or mens vampire costumes this Halloween? It is the perfect scary costume for people of all ages and genders! Look down below to see our suggestions of vampire costumes for you and your family.

Women Vampire Costumes


Female vampires are often portrayed as seductresses. This beautiful, classic Blood Thirsty Beauty Vampire Costume will be perfect for you this Halloween! You will look absolutely stunning in one of these women vampire costumes. Don’t hesitate to pair it with accessories and makeup! For instance, a touch of theatrical blood on the corner of the lip will add a great, spooky touch.


Men Vampire Costumes


Another classic, this Bloody Handsome vampire costume will be perfect for Halloween. Practice your demented laughter and dress up as an evil vampire, or brush up on your gentleman’s etiquette and become a more classy, refined vampire. The choice is yours!

Boys Vampire Costumes


Your little boy will love dressing up as a vampire with this stunning Prince of Darkness Costume! It features a cool bat print on the shirt for an unmistakable vampire vibe. Get him some vampire accessories to complete the costume!

Vampire Accessory for adults and children – Blood Spray

FNA66213ZDon’t forget the final touch! This theatrical blood spray will be perfect for you or your child’s costume. Add some to the corner of your lips or on your neck for full effect! This makeup is very easy to take off so you won’t have to worry about making a mess when taking it off.

We also have a full selection of accessories for vampire costumes. You can get some vampire teeth, black nail polish, wigs and gothic jewelry. Imagine how scary you will look with a full ensemble. Make sure to act the part too and practice your scary face to get it down perfectly. But keep in mind, kids will want to get some candy from the neighbors so don’t go overboard!

Men and women, boys and girls can all get into the vampire craze with vampire costumes. Find the best vampire costume for you and have some fun this Halloween and don’t forget the accessories too that add those special little touches.