Steve Carrell and his minions are back with Despicable Me 3 (Despicable M3)! With it, minion costumes and other Despicable Me Costumes are making a huge comeback this fall and here at Oya Costumes, we carry everything you need and more. This time, the former villain found out that he has a long-lost twin named Dru. His better-looking brother wants to follow in his footsteps and become a villain himself. Gru gets the chance to rediscover the thrills of criminality when he has to steal a diamond from a certain Balthazar Bratt in order to get his job back at the Anti-Villain League. Will he succeed? Can he trust his brother? Will his minions stay faithful to Gru? To find out the answers, check out Despicable Me 3, in theatres already. In case you can’t wait, here’s the trailer.

While jamming out to Pharrell’s new music video, be sure to check out our selection minion costumes and despicable me costumes. This theme never gets old. If anything,  3rd times’ a charm! The third instalment of Despicable Me is the third highest grossing film of 2017 and the 6th highest grossing animated film of all time! It’s Bananas! This Halloween season, channel the funnest, most despicable movie of the summer with these minion costumes.

Minion Costumes Boys

minion costumes

This fun costume is the perfect minion costume for boys. It features an inflatable jumpsuit, with the signature blue overalls, yellow arms with gloved hands with three fingers, as well as a smiling Minion face and a see-through mesh opening in the eye. The jumpsuit includes a battery-operated fan. No costume could be closer to the real thing!


Minion Costumes Girls

minion costumes

Your little daughter will be the cutest minion ever to exist on the planet when she wears this Female Minion Child Costume. This fun outfit features a knee-length dress that makes your kid look like she’s wearing a yellow long sleeved shirt and a denim jumper skirt. This Female Minion Child Costume also comes with a pair of matching knee socks, gloves, and silver goggles. It’s bananas!


Minion Costumes Pets

minion costumes

Don’t leave your pet out of the fun! This delightful outfit features a one-piece romper with yellow sleeved shirt that is topped with attached blue jumper. This Minion Pet Costume also includes a matching headpiece with charming eyes ringed by silver goggles. This is a soft and warm outfit that is great for a cold Halloween night and trick-or-treating with the whole family.


Minion Costumes Adult

minion costumes

Last but certainly not least, immerse yourself in the world of Despicable Me by dressing up as Dave Minion. This is a plus sized costume, so your from doesn’t determine what you can and cannot wear. It includes the jumpsuit, goggles, gloves and headpiece for a complete Minion look!

Despicable Me Costumes Balthazar


Loved Despicable Me 3? You’ll love this officially licensed Balthazar Bratt costume! Dress up as the 80’s obsessed villain with this costume featuring Balthazar’s purple jumpsuit with over-the-top pointy shoulder pads, puffy pants, and a white shirt, as well as a black headpiece which will enable you to recreate his crazy hairstyle, black fingerless gloves, and his black mustache and eyebrows.