Never underestimate Star Wars. It will manage to outlive many of us. Now every year or two we are going to see a new Star Wars movie being made. Especially since Disney has the rights to Star Wars. Now 8 years after the last Star Wars movie came out, Disney took creative control and produced a new movie. The beginning of a new Star Wars Trilogy. Expect to see all of the 2017 Star Wars Costumes: Kylo Ren Costumes, Rey Costumes, Stormtrooper Costumes this Halloween. And of course the classic Darth Vader Costumes.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is set 30 years after Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. The Republic has fallen, there’s a new enemy called The First Order bent on destroying the remains and Luke Skywalker has disappeared. Now a new hero emerges from a desert land: Rey, a young woman who starts to feel the force awaken within her. What is her purpose; to find the missing Luke Skywalker.

What’s great about this film is it features new and old characters alike. So there are many opportunities to dress up as old and new Characters! The creators also decided to use the original actors of the Star Wars films.  The old actors of Princess Leia, Han Solo, and Luke Skywalker will reprise their characters as their older versions. It even features the old loveable side kicks: Chewbacca and C3PO.

However, they’ve also added new characters to make up for the missing older characters. For instance, Kylo Ren has now “replaced” Darth Vader. Kylo is quite the fanboy of Darth Vader using several of his techniques with the Force. Kylo is also hell bent on destroying the Resistance: the last remains of the Republic. Of which his mother, Princess Leia, is running. Kylo gives you the oppurtunity to dress up as a new villain in Kylo Ren Costumes or even bring back the old Darth Vader costumes!

Luke Skywalker is now “replaced” by the main character Rey. Rey gradually throughout the film grows into her powers of the force as she doesn’t understand them at the beginning. She also has a cool “sidekick” in the ex-stormtrooper: Finn. Finn used to work with Kylo until he couldn’t take the treatment of stormtroopers anymore. We also have a new adorable droid called BB8 who has “replaced” the lovable R2D2! He runs fast, is extremely cute and was an immediate fan favorite.

Disney also released another new Star Wars film 2 years after the Force Awakens. Disney has stated that Rogue One is a standalone Star Wars film. In actuality it occurs after episode 3 and is a prequel to the originals. The main characters you’ve known and loved before are not a huge part of this story anymore. This time it’s about the head engineer of the Death Stars daughter, Jyn Erso. Jyn Erso knows that her father must have put in place a way to defeat the Death Star. So she embarks with a band of resistance fighters including K2SO and Cassian to steal the plans of the Death Star to give to the Rebel Alliance. This movie also features some of the old characters like Princess Leia and Darth Vader. It gives you the oppurtunity to bring back the classics with Darth Vader Costumes and other Star Wars Costumes!

At Oya Costumes Canada you can find all of the Star Wars Costumes you could possibly want! From Rey Costumes, Kylo Ren Costumes and BB8 Costumes. To the classic Darth Vader Costumes and Stormtrooper Costumes. We even have the New Star Wars Costumes: Jyn Erso Costumes, Cassian Costumes and K2SO Costumes! Check out our Top 10 Favorite Star Wars Costumes down below. As well as some information on an extremely cool Traveling Star Wars exhibition called Star Wars Identities Exhibition!

Pick #10: Jyn Erso Girls Star Wars Costumes


Did your little girl love Rogue One: A Star Wars Story? She can dress up as the brave Jyn Erso in this officially licensed costume! Features a green and brown jacket with decorative zippers and pockets. The ends of the sleeves are brown and feature thumb loops, and the jacket comes with an attached light blue top. The costume also features dark green pants with blue bands below the knees and Jyn Erso’s belt. Help the Resistance fight against the Death Star as Jyn!

Pick #9: Stormtrooper Costumes


Follow Kylo Ren or Darth Vader into battle and serve the dark side! Stormtroopers are, after all, the most elite soldiers of the Galactic Empire. This Stormtrooper Costume includes: a Jumpsuit with foam armor detail, attached boot tops, a Cape, a Belt and a 2 piece mask. Be prepared to spread darkness and takeover the galaxy in your own stormtrooper costumes!

Pick #8: Rey Costumes


This costume is perfect for any Star Wars fan girl who wants to save the galaxy. This feisty ensemble features a jump suit, detailed belt, arm warmers and a detailed cuff. Perfect for any energetic little girl wanting to dress up and awaken the force. May the force be with you! This outfit does NOT include boots or lightsabers.

Pick #7: Kylo Ren Costumes


Join the First Order and show everyone why Kylo Ren is better than Darth Vader! The costume includes: a Robe with a hooded cape, a Belt and Kylo Rens helmet.  The Helmet even has faux battle damage which represents a pivotal moment in the movie! Just add Kylo Rens red lightsaber and no one will mess with you this Halloween. Plus with the force on your side you could get all the candy you want!

Pick #6: K2SO Star Wars Costumes


If K-2SO is your favourite character from Rogue One :A Star Wars Story dress up as him! We have a perfect K2SO costume to let you dress up as the sassy robot. It features a detailed, foam padded jumpsuit with an exact fabric replica of K-2SO’s grey exterior, padded robotic hand covers, and a half K-2SO mask. Now you can help Rey and the Resistance fight the dark side!

Pick #5: Deluxe Kylo Ren Costumes


Join the Dark Side and fight for the First Order with this officially licensed Deluxe Kylo Ren costume! If you loved Star Wars: The Force Awakens, you’ll love this costume! It features a black hooded cape, a black robe with Kylo’s attached black apron, a large black belt, and Kylo Ren’s signature black-and-silver mask with a see through mesh opening. Add a red cross lightsaber to fully transform into the Sith Lord.

Pick #4: Toddler Bb8 Star Wars Costumes


Bb8 shocked everyone with how adorable his design was. He was instantly a fan favorite. Your toddler will be too with his own Bb8 costume! So dress up your little one in this cute, officially licensed, BB-8 Baby costume. It features a BB-8 headpiece depicting the robot’s head and a round white-and-orange BB-8 romper.

Pick #3: Deluxe Boys Darth Vader Costumes


You can almost hear the Imperial March when you see this beautifully detailed Darth Vader Boy’s costume. Your child will love this officially licensed Star Wars costume which features a photo real padded Vader jumpsuit with attached black shoe covers, an attached black cape that will flow behind your child as they walk, a molded light-up belt, a molded light-up chest box and a two piece Vader mask. Now let your son join the dark side and have fun this Halloween!

Pick #2: Grand Heritage Rey Costumes


Use the Force and fight for the Rebellion with out Heritage Rey costumes! Perfect for Jakku’s climate and ours, this officially licensed costume features a beige top with a matching attached sash, beige pants that go down just below the knee, a brown belt with a pouch, a matching brown cuff, beige arm warmers, brown boot covers, a beige headpiece and a light brown eyemask. Look amazing and authentic this Halloween in this Heritage Rey Costume!

Pick #1: Supreme Edition Stormtrooper Costumes


Hands down the greatest costume you could buy for your Star Wars Costumes collection. It’s worth every cent. No other Stormtrooper Costumes look this authentic and majestic. I mean it looks like it came directly from the movies! The costume includes: a Jumpsuit with molded armor pieces (Chest, Back & lower back pieces, codpiece, belt, shoulder & bicep pieces, gauntlets, thigh, knee & shin pieces). It also includes Gloves and a Collector’s Edition Mask/Helmet. Buy this if you want a complete stormtrooper kit with an authetic look!



Also if you haven’t heard about it before, here about it now! The coolest edition to our world from Star Wars is the Traveling Star Wars Identities Exhibition! Montreal was the very first to host this vast collection of Star Wars props, costumes, models, and other interesting memorabilia from the movies. They travel all over the world with all of these props and costumes to bring everyone in the world their favorite saga. It includes a stunning collection of Star Wars costumes, models, props, and artwork allowing you to see the Skywalkers and all the other unforgettable characters of Star Wars in a whole new way. At the same time, a unique interactive identity quest will allow you to design your own Star Wars Hero, putting you in the center of the action, and asking…

What forces shape YOU?

Currently the Exhibition is in London and will be traveling to the Netherlands on September 30th for the next year. Check them out on their site!