Cheap Halloween Costumes

You may be wondering what people in the Halloween Costumes business are doing in early summer. Well, we are very busy preparing so that we can offer the best costumes for Halloween 2012 and you would be surprised the lengths that we go to. Aside from showroom visits, trade show conventions, this means looking through literally thousands of costumes and pouring over the catalogs from over 20 of our existing suppliers as well as new ones. Now that it is almost June, we can say for sure that we are pretty much done with the major decisions on what costumes to carry for Halloween 2012. Of course, things change and we will definitely be adding more items right into September, but so far it looks like we will be adding over 1,000 new items to Oya Costumes this year.

So what do we think will be the popular costumes for Halloween 2012? Definitely one of the strongest themes will be the superhero characters. Since the release of the Avengers movie earlier this year, there has been a steady stream of phone calls of fans desperate to dress up as their favorite superhero from the Avengers.

And let’s not forget about Batman. After a long eight year break, Christian Bale returns this summer in this Batman costume for one of the most awaited 2012 films “The Dark Knight Rises”. This time Batman is taking on a new terrorist leader, Bane and Batman will be wearing the Dark Knight Batman costume which is already a Halloween costume classic. Batman has always been a really popular Halloween costume and the film will definitely mean that you’ll be seeing more of the caped crusader in your neighborhood this year.

And then there is Spiderman. This film starring Andrew Garfield is going to be blockbuster I am sure and generate a lot of chatter because of the choice of Garfield. What’s amazing is that these three movies releases are happening within a month of each other in the case of Batman and Spiderman and hard of the heels of Avengers. So, just as a quick recap of the Avengers superheroes includes costume figures Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Captain America, Black Widow which gives you at least six different superhero costumes for 2012 when add Batman and Spiderman in the mix. Sounds like a Superhero party in the making doesn’t it?

Movie costumes

Maybe you love the movies, but are not a superhero fan. Well there a number of great movie release that work in some costumes from classical themes. Snow White and the Huntsman starring Kristen Stewart is a case in point. In the remake of this classical tale, the period costumes bring the story to life and provide that all-import credibility for the filmmakers.

As a Halloween Costume company, every year we have to ask “So what is Johnny Depp doing this year?” However odd his roles are from Edward Scissorhands to Captain Jack Sparrow to the Mad Hatter, Johnny Depp just seems to produce characters that fit like a hand-in-glove for Halloween Costumes. This time around for Johnny Depp, he is a vampire from remake of the 70’s classic Dark Shadows. Although most of the classical or gothic vampire costumes have given way to the Edward Cullen or more recently the Vampire Diaries, there is no doubt that the classic fangs and blood are going to be popular this year.