Wizard of Oz Costumes

Tired of looking lame at a costume party? Get into the mood and shoes that will keep you on the top. Wizard of OZ costumes are especially made to make you feel at bliss. Read through the characters and find out whose qualities match your own personality. Find Wizard of Oz costumes that will take you to a wonderful world of fantasy realm.

Dorothy Toto Glinda and other Wizard of OZ characters

Costume parties are the all time favorites that rekindle the passion for fantasy worlds. It is true for kids of all ages and their parents as well. That is why costume parties are popular as a family “fun” affair and as a time to cherish.

For a family costume party, the current trend is to choose theme that can be used by every family member. The wizards of oz costumes are just perfect for this purpose!

Wizard of oz costumes come in all sizes and shapes to suit kids, young adults and adults of all ages. Your fantasies of being your favorite character can easily become a reality.

Wizard of Oz Costumes Character

Dorothy costumes represent the heroine in the story.

The tin man costume is a popular choice among boys of all ages. His lovable and compassionate character in the movie makes him a favorite of all times. The silvery costume and the axe in air position is what distinguish the tin man.

The scarecrow costume is another all time favorite from the wizard of oz costume collection. It is especially popular among the younger age groups and is well suited for young adults and kids.

However, adult males love the wizard munchkin Oz himself. The Lion is also a popular choice!

Want something a bit more original? Try a couple costume with a Wicked Witch and a Flying Monkey, or team up with your best friend as Elphaba and Glinda.

Put on that hat or get in to that dress which gives you magical powers and lets you take over the world with wizard of oz costumes!