Grinch Costume

Terrific for all kinds of events and fun, the Grinch as become part of the Christmas traditions. For over 40 years now, kids have gatherer around every Christmas to watch the classic animated film the Grinch who stole Christmas. Of course there has been a Grinch movie since, then but all are closely based on that same Grinch Costume created by Dr. Seuss. For you lovers of that infamous Christmas character, we have you covered. The Grinch costume and the Grinch mask are both incredible and will transform you instantly. Nobody would mistake it for a Santa Claus, even precios little Wendy Woo.

Grinch Costume

Christmas Santa Costumes

Our sleighs carrying our latest Christmas costumes are here at Oya Costumes!  With Christmas just around the corner, there is no better way to get in the spirit for the holidays but with costumes as festive and merry as Christmas itself. Get ready for family gathering, great food, lots of pleasant memories and plenty of caroling. You can take the celebrations to a whole other level with our collection of Christmas costumes. You can dress as Santa yourself (as you carry out your management duties on December 25th!) with our professional Santa Claus costume. Get your whole family involved and recruit your very own team of Santa’s Helpers, snowmen and reindeer!

Santa Suits and Christmas Costumes

Christmas Costumes

This year you will be able to get not only popular favorites like Santa suits but also some very inventive Christmas-themed costumes like the slinky Santa’s Helper costume as well as the irresistible Elf costumes.  While there are plenty of wholesome Santa’s Helper costumes available, you can increase the naughty factor with the sexy cheek of the many Elf costumes.  The velvet dresses, long hats and thigh high stockings are so attractive that Santa is probably going to get more helpers than he has the need for! One of our most fun costumes is our Christmas tree costume- which comes complete with Gift boxes as the shoes. Other popular costumes include the Miss Santa and Toy Soldier Christmas costumes. And, of course the evergreen Santa suit comes with all the essentials- from the distinctive beard to the signature boots. In fact, we carry all the Christmas accessories that you could possibly want: Belts, boots, beards, glasses, gloves, wigs- you name it! With our wide collection of Santa Claus mascots, we have your Christmas costumes needs totally covered.

One of the best aspects of our new Christmas collection is the huge number of options for kids. Your children are going to love the Santa’s Helpers costumes as well as the junior Santa costume. Thanks to the wide variety of Christmas costumes available, the entire family can show their enthusiasm for the Christmas spirit- whether it’s through becoming a snowman, an elf, a gingerbread man, a reindeer or even Santa himself.