Scooby Doo Halloween Costumes

 Halloween is the crux of supernatural activity- and it is up to you to find out the truth behind the ghostly and the ghastly. For the ultimate mystery-solving experience, there’s nothing better than getting dressed up as one of the distinctive characters from Mystery Inc. – the detective team from the hugely popular Scooby Doo cartoon series. All of us grew up loving the show and new generations of kids discover its charms everyda. With our Scooby Doo halloween costumes  collection you can become a part of Mystery Inc. yourself this October.

Scooby Doo Costumes

First up is, of course, the Scooby costume– Scooby is probably the most easily recognizable dog on Earth and our Scooby Doo costume helps you get totally in character. From the Scooby headpiece hood to the blue collar and brown color, there will be no mistaking which famous dog hero you are playing. While the Scooby Doo child costume is perfect for any little boy, adults can also indulge their inner child with the Scooby Doo Adult Costume.

A great way to really play up the Scooby theme is to go as the dynamic duo: you can dress up as Scooby and a friend or family member can play Shaggy with our range of Scooby and Shaggy costumes. While Halloween would probably scare Scooby and Shaggy senseless, there’s no doubt that they make a great team and you and your friend will have a lot of fun dressing up as the twosome.

Scooby and Shaggy make for a great combination but it’s not the only one possible. One of the most popular Halloween costumes trends is to gather a couple of your friends and go as the entire gang. The Daphne costume comes complete with the orange hair, lime green scarf and the purple dress. The Velma costume includes Velma’s signature Orange shirt, red skirt, her 70s bob and those smarty glasses. Even if you don’t own a ‘Mystery Van’, you and your friends are sure to get into many adventures together!