Why wear an Adult Ninja Costume this Halloween? The question is why would you not! You get to take on the identity of a spy. Wonder through the darkness without being seen. Sneak up on your friends and scare them. You even get to play with weapons. What more could you ask for? How could you not choose to wear Adult Ninja Costumes or Womens Ninja Costumes this Halloween?

Still not entirely sure? How about the fact you get to wear all black or a full costume of your favorite color. You can also wear full body armor or play with dangerous weapons. You could even possibly gain supernatural magic and abilities that ninjas were rumored to have. As well, Halloween is the perfect time for Womens Ninja Costumes were you get to choose your destiny. You can be a sexy sensei, a dragon warrior anything you want. The beauty of being a ninja is that everyone can do it. A ninja is just an ordinary person with extraordinary passion and resilience.

Do you still need more reasons to wear an Adult Ninja Costume? How about getting the kids involved with their own Kids Ninja Costumes! That way it’s for the kids, not just you! Get your whole family involved and set up missions and tasks for ninjas that you can all do together in your Adult Ninja Costumes and Kids Ninja Costumes! You can imitate ninja fights, set up spying missions or ways to get the most Candy. You can even learn the ancient ninja techniques of water, fire, earth and wind. This is why you need to be a Ninja this Halloween.

So buy an Adult Ninja Costume, or a Kids Ninja Costume or both! Buy one for everyone in your family! We have a wide selection of Ninja Costumes to look through at Oya Costumes.

Classic Black & Red Ninja – Womens Ninja Costumes


Look amazing this Halloween in this Classic Black & Red Adult Ninja Costume! Helps you blend into the night and sneak around your neighborhood to get all of the candy you want! You’ll knock ‘em dead in this flirty take on the classic ninja garb. The black suit features a short-sleeved top, matching pants and red sash detailed with faux “throwing star.” Opera-length finger-less gloves add a dash of drama to this sexy assassin’s disguise. Just add shoes, weapons and a mask if you want to complete the costume!

Classic Black Ninja – Adult Ninja Costumes


Become the stealth warrior that you have always desired to be. Why not even learn a couple of moves and proudly display them with the Ninja Master Costume? The costume will give the dark and mysterious ninja allure that you desire so much and it will definitely be of aid when you want to banish any party crashers. The costume is fully black and has red accents to add a fierce and intimidating look to scare of your enemies from messing with you.

Sub-Zero Armored Ninja Costume – Adult Ninja Costumes


Play the role of the fierce ninja wearing this Mortal Combat Sub-zero Adult Costume. You can take on any of your foes with this nearly full armor Ninja garb. As well maybe you could harness some of sub-zeros ice powers to freeze out the competition. The black jumpsuit with attached blue tabard and the mask give the costume a stealthy look and make you look like you are ready to take on any enemy. The molded armor pieces and belt round out the kit and make the Mortal Combat Sub-zero Ninja Costume complete.

Classic Ninja Onesie – Kids Ninja Costumes


Cute and comfy, this is the perfect Ninja Costume for any little girl that wants to join the other ninjas in the night! So do not let this lovely yet dangerous Ninja deceived you with her looks! She may be adorable but she can fight just as strong as any other ninja. The Ninja Kigarumi Costume is a black jumpsuit with attached red wrap around straps and a velcro Foam ninja Sword. Be ready for a fight at all times!

Cobra Ninja – Kids Ninja Costumes


Want to be a ninja with a fiercer than normal outfit to match your strong and dangerous personality? Then you will look absolutely fantastic in this black and gold Cobra Ninja Costume. This toddler costume features a black jumpsuit detailed with gold patterns that resembles the cobra skin. It comes with a detachable hood with cobra eyes, tongue and fangs, plus a fabric face mask for a great ninja disguise. Just add weapons and you will own the ninjas.