Skinsuits and Catsuits for Sale

Yeah- Skinsuits and catsuits on sale are back!!! And this collection is the coolest one yet.

Check out the X-Ray Skinsuit:

X-Ray Skinsuit

A black x-ray pattern skin suit with concealed fly and mindblowing detail! You can learn more about the costume here.

Become a live biology lesson with the Anatomy Man Skinsuit. The stunning bodysuit is a precise representation of the human muscular system.  You will become a walking model!

Anatomy Man Skinsuit

The spectacular Anatomy Man Skinsuit includes both the muscular system bodysuit and matching mask which follows the design of the suit and displays a scary tortured expression.

Don’t want to show off your muscles!?  Then the Ninja Bodysuit is a better option. Hide in the dark of night and take your enemies by surprise. Add few Ninja accessories to complete the look.

Ninja Bodysuit

Have you felt out of place lately?  Like … from another planet?  Then here’s your chance to say it loud and clear- “Yes, I’m an Alien!”

Alien Skinsuit

Be your true self in the Alien Skinsuit. The electric green skin suit with concealed fly is comfortable and easy to wear. The alien mask follows the classic design of the big eyed alien with small nose. The hands add a slimy touch to your extraterrestrial being while the bumbag and the eyebrows adds a comical note to the outfit.

We hope everyone’s Halloween preparations are going well! Only two more weeks until the big night!