Looking for a Supergirl costume? No need to go all the way to National City, we’ve got a great selection of Supergirl costumes for you! Have you watched CBS’ new series Supergirl yet? Whether you’re intrigued because you’re a feminist or because you love superhero comics, you really should! While traditional superhero movies will always have a place in our hearts here at Oya Costumes, this movie adaptation of the comics had all of us captivated. In the past decades, despite trying the modernize the plot lines, superhero movies have had the tendency to fall into the repetitive pattern of a masculine, inhumanly buff guy saving the world as well as his gorgeous love interest. While the female characters have become smarter and more independent over the years, they has never taken centre stage in major heroic films.

This new series by CBS on the other hand has all the traditional elements of a superhero story while dealing with real feminist questions. In fact, all of Supergirl’s female characters are strong, intelligent, and inspiring women. From Supergirl herself (aka Kara Denvers or Kara Zor-El) to her adoptive sister Alex Denvers (played by Grey’s Anatomy Chyler Leigh) to Lena Luther to Kara’s boss Cat Grant (who owns and masterfully leads a worldwide media company), all the women in Supergirl are heroines young girls can look up to. And what better way to become a heroine than to don a Supergirl Costume this Halloween? Become one of DC comics‘ most iconic superheroes!

Supergirl marks the beginning of a new superhero movie era, one where female heroes are front and center. Supergirl, Alex, Lena Luther, and Cat Grant are fiercely independent and make excellent role models for young children. If you loved Wonder Woman or can’t wait to see Elastigirl in action in Incredibles 2, you need to watch Supergirl–and get yourself a Supergirl costume!

Fun fact: did you know that Supergirl was Superman’s cousin, originally sent to Earth to protect him? In fact, some argue that she may well be stronger than the Man of Steel himself. Talk about girl power! Look at some more interesting Supergirl facts here.

Not convinced you should watch the show or put on a Supergirl Costume? Here’s a cool quote for you:

Shouldn’t she be called superwoman?

What do you think is so bad about girl? I’m a girl and your boss and powerful and rich and hot and smart. So if you perceive SuperGirl as anything else than excellent then isn’t the real problem you?


Supergirl costume: Classic Comics Costume

supergirl costume

The level of girl power is through the roof with the trailer alone. Its a good reminder to the general audience that women are too often unjustly categorized and stereotyped. The series brought a breath of fresh air to an often male dominated genre. Be sure to check out this Supergirl Costume to be ahead of the pack. They’re available in multiple versions for every age group, so any girl of any age can channel their girl power this Halloween. This particular costume is inspired from the classic Supergirl outfit from the comics. Don’t forget to complete it with a blonde wig!

Supergirl Costume: TV Show Supergirl

supergirl costume 2In the eyes of the public, she’s an assistant at CatCo Worlwide Media. In reality, she’s an alien superhero working to protect National City. You guessed, it, you can dress up as Supergirl with this Supergirl TV Series Women’s Costume. In this officially licensed costume featuring a dress with a shiny blue top emblazoned with the famous red S—the symbol of the House of El—and a shiny red skirt, as well as a red cape and a golden belt, you can be a true superhero and work alongside the DEO to protect your city from evil aliens. Straight from the CBS TV show,  we guarantee you’ll love this amazing Supergirl costume!

Supergirl Costume: Toddler Supergirl

supergirl costume toddlerYour daughter can come save the world alongside you thanks to this Supergirl toddler costume! She can become the “Girl of Steel” with the Supergirl Costume, but her weakness will not be kryptonite, but treats. This supergirl costume costume features a red and blue jumpsuit with the emblematic character “S” print, adorned by an attached ruffled red skirt with a yellow belt, and topped off by the superhero long red cape. Teach your child that women superheroes are just as strong and cool as men superheroes!

Supergirl costumes: Pink supergirl

pink supergirl costume

It is not a bird nor a plane! It is Supergirl! Who said pink can’t be powerful? A twist on classic Supergirl costumes, this pink, sparkly superhero costume just screams “girl power”. Your little one will love it! And now, she can go save the world in style.


Supergirl Costumes: Supergirl tank dress

Are you looking for  DIY Supergirl costumes? This Supergirl tank dress is a good alternative: it’s easy to put on and perfect for casual wear and for costume parties! Pair it with red shoes and you’ll have an easy, iconic Supergirl costume.

Supergirl Costume for Pets

supergirl costume dogDid you know there was such a thing as the League of Super Pets? Super-powered animals such as Superboy’s faithful companion Krypto, Comet the Superhorse, or Supergirl’s pet Streaky the Supercat fight crime in this impurrsive league of superheroes. They all have interesting origin stories too: while Krypto was originally young Kal El’s (Superman) pet dog on Krypton, Streaky was Supergirl’s very ordinary Earth cat who got exposed to kryptonite radiation and consequently developed superpowers. Thanks to this great Supergirl costume for dogs, your dog can join the League of Super Pets too and fight crime alongside you!